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All the nature fairies and tinker fairies will play with your kids while they color the free printable Tinkerbell coloring pages. Lumiere is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.
Lumiere (which translates from French as "light") is a man who was turned into a candelabra, featured as a supporting character in Disney's 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast.
After the castle was overtaken by a curse placed by a powerful enchantress, Lumiere was turned into a candelabra, while the other servants suffered similar fates, also becoming household objects. He is also depicted as a lady's man, as Beast often goes to him for love advice dealing with his feelings for Belle. In the Special Edition song "Human Again", Lumiere's character is slightly expanded on, revealing that he as a human had "a mademoiselle on each arm" and that he was a courter.
Under the curse, Lumiere was a three-armed golden candelabra with leaf-shaped accents, with features sculpted in the middle and tallest candle and a drop of wax resembling a lock of hair. As a human, he has fair skin, is lanky, has a prominent chin, auburn hair tied back into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, yellow cravat, brown vest, cream shirt with long puffy sleeves and ochre leaf-patterned cuffs, ochre culottes (knee-length breeches), cream stockings, brown shoes.
After that fateful day when his master refused to let a beggar woman into the castle (who was really an enchantress in disguise), Lumiere and the other servants in the castle were turned into household objects. The winter hits and Lumiere notices Beast has feelings for Belle and she may possibly feel the same way.
Afterwards, having presumably been tipped off by Maurice, he rushes to the West Wing with Cogsworth and Mrs.
Taking place after the events of the first film, a Christmas party is being held at the castle. As the flashback goes, Lumiere was rebellious against an anti-Christmas and wished to celebrate with or without the Beast. When Forte, the castle's musician becomes evil believing the Beast will lose attention after becoming human by Belle, he begins to tear them apart with no true avail, until the climax, where Forte uses all his power to destroy the castle and everyone in it.
Lumiere celebrates alongside the rest of the castle when the Beast puts an end to his hatred for Christmas. To get back at Lumiere, Fifi attempts to seduce Cogsworth, who is apparently not interested. Lumiere appears in the fifteenth episode of the third season of Once Upon a Time played by Henri Lubatti. He plays a minor role in both of the games, but his role in Kingdom Hearts II is considerably more prominent, taking place after his world was restored from darkness. Lumiere serves as Belle's leading assistant in this game, where the Beast's castle is overrun by strange creatures, calling for a heroine (given magic by the Fairy Godmother) to journey into the home and rescue the inhabitants. Like other iconic Disney characters, Lumiere is kidnapped and taken to the Wasteland as part of an evil witch's plot to dominate the "Toon World". In the stage version, Lumiere plays a role identical to that of the original film, serving mostly as comic relief; considerably more so than the other servants. The role of Lumiere was originated by Gary Beach, while the final performances were performed by David DeVries.
Though his role is generally identical, a notable scene involving Lumiere and Cogsworth took place during Belle's arrival at the castle, where the living candle revealed his increasing concerns over the curse and the consequences that come with it, including the eventual permanent loss of humanity, that would inevitably result in his own death through the uncontrollable melting of his wax. Lumiere and Fifi (named Babette in the stage version) are also said to openly engage in various affairs, apparently using said encounters to make the other jealous. I've also attached 5 printables that include packing tips, facts you should know about the parks, and advice to take with you.
Also be sure to check out the Universal Orlando Resort interactive planning map online ? you can use this map to pre-plan most of your trip, and it is great for the kids to help them explore prior to arriving at the resort. Stay on-site and get Universal Express Access to most rides and attractions, which allows you to skip to the front of the line. Go to the back of the park first to try and miss the rush; guests tend to work around the park in a circle, making it to the back of the park later in the day. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is the most popular ride at the park and lines can last up to 75 minutes!  Ride this ride at 8am or after 4pm. 13.  When and Where is the best place to get butterbeer the lines can get really long? 16.  For those that want to eat at your award winning restaurant Mythos, when would be the best time?
There is a cool down misting station right across from The Incredible Hulk Coaster in Marvel Super Hero Island. The best places for toddlers to run around and get wet are If I Ran the Zoo in Seuss Landing and Me Ship The Olive in Toon Lagoon. Are you still wanting more?!?  Then check out these amazing video recaps - they're so much fun and worth a few minutes to get your family geared up for their vacation! One other noteworthy tip - the bartender at one of the places you could buy a cold beer had no problem selling us cups of strawberry slush (used in frozen margaritas) for the kids. Having a little spiral notebook in a backpack with a sharpie marker is a must to collect autographs of the superheros and cat in the hat characters! Really wish I would have read this prior to our spring break trip-bottom line, the kids loved it, but we were stressed and felt it wasn't quite worth it.
Met dank aan Claudia, die zelfs aangenomen zou worden als ze haar sollicitatiebrief op een bierviltje zou schrijven.

Tinker fairies help the nature fairies in preparing for their wonders to bring the different seasons and natures’ seasonal beauty. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute.
He served as the castle's maitre'd, and is interestingly one of the few inhabitants to actually speak with a (albeit, considerably exaggerated) French accent.
Incredibly social and hospitable towards all of whom he meets, Lumiere has a habit of disobeying the firm rules of his antisocial master, frequently resulting in controversy.
In addition to this, he can be rather flirtatious and often speaks in a suave, smooth tone. Potts the castle's head of the maids speaks with Beast about the spell being broken and tries their best to calm his temper.
Potts to aid Beast against Gaston, but arrives too late, just as Gaston stabs Beast fatally and falls to his death. In during which, Lumiere and the servants reminisce the December in which Belle restored Chrismas to the castle, which had previously been prohibited by orders of the Beast.
The events occurred after Belle's encounter with the wolves, but before the night of ballroom dance in which she and the Beast fell in love. Under Belle's leadership, Lumiere and the other servants established an underground Christmas celebration, convincing Cogsworth by enticing him with all the food that'd be present at the Christmas feast. Back present day, he and Cogsworth eventually come to the consensus that it was Belle who ultimately saved Christmas at the castle.
On the fifth anniversary of Lumiere's first date with Fifi, Lumiere grows so nervous to the point that he cleans himself excessively and turns to Belle for advice, by walking with her in the garden and reciting what he plans to say to Fifi to her. In the end, things are cleared up and Lumiere and Fifi go for the ride, but the pot they are sitting in slips off the edge of the balcony and hangs over the moat (the same chasm that Gaston will eventually meet his som).
His most notable role in the show is in "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner" in which he arrives as a restaurant critic, but none of the employees know this until the end, due to the sneaky Mortimer Mouse tricking them into believing he's the critic. In this show, Lumiere was punished by Zelena the Wicked Witch and turned into an inanimate candelabra where he communicates through a projection of his human face from the candle's flames. The Beast locks his servants in the Dungeon after Xaldin came and tried to turn him into a Heartless. Unlike Enchanted Journey, Lumiere isn't reduced to a minor character, and he is accompanied by Cogsworth in the game.
He can be found in the Never Land jungles after Beast (who's also been kidnapped) asks Mickey to find him.
A total of nine performers portrayed the role of Lumiere over the lifespan of the production.
Universal?s Islands of Adventure theme park offers some of the most technologically advanced attractions and thrill rides ever created as well as something for every member of the family and every age. If not staying on-site, you can also buy a Universal Express Access upgrade to your ticket when you arrive at the park. There are meet and greets with various characters throughout the day ? including Seuss characters, Marvel Super Heroes and Spider-Man. Most guest generally arrive to the park in the morning, so those restaurants further back in the park will be busier at lunch as guests make their way around the park. Mythos {located in the Lost Continent} is a sit down experience and planning for an hour and a half is a good idea in order to really enjoy it. I thought that was so well thought out and the perfect ?cool down? and ?happy toddler place?. The kids will learn and embrace nature’s beauty and the creators through these coloring pages. For the following decade, Lumiere would remain hopeful that the curse would eventually break, restoring the humanity of himself and his allies.
Nevertheless, after Belle, he is arguably the Beast's closest friend, as the Beast often turns to Lumiere for advice. Potts in the same song about his actions "certainly causing husbands alarm" implies that he also was not above at the very least courting married women. Belle returns home to tend to her father leaving Lumiere crushed, believing the spell will never be broken. After Belle confesses her love the spell is broken and Lumiere and the other servants become human. Lumiere claims he was the one who saved Christmas, though Cogsworh prefers to take the credit, himself.
Fifi overhears this, and believes that Lumiere and Belle are having an affair behind her back. He aids in deceiving Belle and Rumpelstiltskin's son Neal into resurrecting Rumplestiltskin so that Zelena can break his curse. Remember the amazing Universal Orlando Resort giveaway I hosted a few weeks ago?  Well, my family was able to check out the hotels and parks first-hand and I have some incredible insider tips that you'll want to know about before you plan your family vacation this summer to Universal Orlando Resort.
The areas of the park for younger children are going to be less busy when younger children are less active, e.g.
So, pick the Island that your family is the most interested in ? for example, if you have preschoolers, go to Seuss Landing. Overall, ride wait times are always different at different times of year and fluctuate from minute to minute, so there is no specific time we can provide detailing when the rides are less busy.

It is best for each parent to determine what their child can take, but generally it is more appropriate for older children.
It is generally recommended to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter later in the day ? mid to late afternoon. You can purchase Hero Wands (replica wands of those owned by Harry and his friends), collectible wand sets and ?practice? wands for younger wizards. Also, any restaurant appealing to children will be busier right around those times of the day that they generally eat lunch at home or school. Generally most restaurants will be busy right at lunch and right at dinner, try eating off hours (2-5 pm generally) for a quieter experience. Now they will get to interact with her in their imagination while they color these coloring pages. Well-liked and respected amongst his peers, Lumiere is a prominent member of the prince's unofficial council of confidantes. This hinged on whether or not the Beast could learn to love another, and earn their love in return. His free-spirited and rebellious personality often puts a severe strain on his friendship with Cogsworth, whom prefers to abide strictly by his master's rules as to avoid any trouble.
On the day of Christmas, Lumiere and the others visited her and procliamed that they can celebrate Christmas without the extra accessories (such as mistletoes and a tree), which led to "A Cut Above the Rest", a bantering showtune between himself and Cogsworth. In reality, Lumiere has planned a surprise snow ride around the castle gardens with Babette. Before they can fall, Belle, Cogsworth, and a few more servants arrive and get them back to safety. At the end of that same episode, the advertisement Lumiere's Dining By Candlelight was seen on screen. Once the Dark One is recreated, Neal is injured in the process, prompting Rumpelstiltskin to take Neal into his body to save his life, which causes Rumpelstiltskin severe mental trauma as Zelena forces him to kill Belle. Park maps are available at the front of the park and in various retail and restaurant locations.
Reservations are not available for Ollivander?s in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter {to watch the wand-choosing ceremony} and lines fluctuate based on time of year and weather. For instance, we at lunch on Friday at 12:30 at the restaurant in the front of the park and we only had to wait 10 minutes for a lovely air conditioned table.
The activity will grow their interest in her fairy tale and as Einstein had wisely said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. This will keep them busy with some fun activities that also help nurture their brain development. He also has a notable relationship with one of the castle's many maids, Fifi—a relationship that had been in bloom for a significant number of years, prior to the events of the film.
As shown many times in the film series, however, Lumiere values Cogsworth like a brother, and vice versa.
Even so, there were instances in which he didn't seem to understand the circumstances of the curse, questioning how much he truly understands love. Just as Rumpelstiltskin recovers, Lumiere, feeling guilty, briefly binds Zelena in flames, preventing her from announcing further commands as he warns Belle to run while she still has the chance. It is assumed that after Sora defeated Xemnas at The World That Never Was, Lumiere reclaimed his human form (considering that the Beast recovered his human form).
Also, most people tend to travel on Sunday, therefore Sunday's are not as crowded and a great day to play at the parks. For example, the evening in which Belle became a prisoner within the castle, Lumiere's excitement was unquestionable, due to the fact that he believed Belle and the Beast could fall in love by midnight of that night. At one point, he is almost killed by Gaston's right-hand man, LeFou, but is saved by Cogsworth. For some reason, they are all candles, which makes no sense since he never was a candle to begin with. The Stories You?ll Hear? inside Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous in Seuss Landing at various times throughout the day ? this includes many Seuss characters in a re-telling of beloved Seuss stories. He soon after rescues his girlfriend Fifi from a mobster, and is eventually successful in driving the mob out along with his allies. In "The Stolen Cartoons", he complained about the current service as the club was briefly being controlled by Donald Duck. Potts that had to explain the delicacy of two individuals falling in love, reminding Lumiere that it will take time.
Belle trades places to save her sick father and Lumiere gives advice to the master as he shows her to her room. After the Beast eventually does falls in love with Belle and releases her because of this, Lumiere again assumed that the spell would be broken, prompting Mrs.
Potts to chime in once more, explaining that the romantic affection must be mutual in order for the curse to be lifted.

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