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August 28, 2013 8 CommentsYou know that feeling when you read a book and you like it more than your friends did and then you feel all weird because you genuinely enjoyed something they all seemed to dislike? Given that I have lived with a male for the past five years and that for one semester in college I left my studio apartment to live in a three bedroom with two male roommates, I feel like I have pretty special insight into how boys think.
Where The Beginning Of Everything? by Robyn Schneider shone to me was in the writing style.?I thought this book was beautifully written.
I seriously started getting upset with about the dog on my dinner date tonight while I was explaining this book. You (and the others who have reviewed this) have succeeded in making me very curious about this book! I may have to read this book if for nothing else to understand your different takes on Ezra and Cassidy. I actually really liked this book and at the end Cassidy really became an after thought for me.
Ezra struck me as a realistic guy too, even if I do not have your vast wealth of experience. Enter your email address to subscribe to Good Books And Good Wine and receive notifications of new posts by email. My son spent a preschool year obsessed with dinosaurs and we read nothing by dinosaur books for an entire year. This is not a series (yet, I hope) but it IS a short chapter book that is illustrated in a fun New Yorker cartoon-y kind of way. Freddie Ramos get a mysterious present — a pair of winged sneakers that allow him to run lightning fast.
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My middle daughter liked the Go Girl series and my son loves alien books in general and finds Julian Rodriguez to be very funny though I have to stop to check to see if he understands the vocab.
My daughter is not quite to the reading chapter books stage but as a reader myself, I can’t wait to see what little kid books she gets into. When the Lil Divas started to learn how to read I scoured the internet, book stores and the library for books for them.
Biscuit (My First I Can Read) Series  - As dog lovers both of the Lil Divas enjoyed these books and found Biscuit very endearing as a character. Bob Books Collection - Bob Books were the very first books that the Lil Divas read on their own. Mittens Books (My First I Can Read Books) - Mittens is an adorable kitten and the star behind a collection of easy readers. Hello Reader Level 1 - Yes, even more easy readers if you need any more after going through this list. I hope you find this list useful as you search for books for your new or budding reader(s).
Remember that while the journey may be a hard one at times for both you and your child as they become readers, it is also one of the greatest adventures you will embark on.
Here on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas you will find mom talk, family fun, learning ideas & resources, creative crafts, playtime fun, product reviews and giveaways and plenty of Lil Diva antics!Being a mom is its own unique kind of adventure! There are very few beginning band methods on the market written specifically for the elementary student. As an elementary director, I became frustrated with the fast pace and small print in the popular method books written by the big publishers.
Additional books quickly followed with The Intermediate Band Fun Book, The Real Book for  Beginning Elementary Band Students, FUNsembles: Book of Easy Duets for Beginning Band Students, Fifty Famous Classical Themes, Thirty Famous Patriotic Songs and The Politically Correct Book of Holiday Songs.
Additionally, we have an entire collection of string books for students as young as Kindergarten. This book is comprised of more than thirty patriotic themes for clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, violin and guitar.  Chord changes are included in all books. According to FTC guidelines, The Best Books Ever is required to note all books that are given to our site in exchange for a review. So, I feel pretty legit when I say that I thought Ezra was an accurate male representation. There are pages where I just wanted to fold the corner over and highlight and share with the world.

I think this book is SO interesting just because people are so divided on it and I can’t figure out why. It seems a lot more John Green-esque than I initially thought, which can make me skeptical. I mean when I reviewed this book, I actually forgot to really talk about her because I was interested in other aspects of the novel.
Bahahaha, pretty sure you just described my close male friends in college: philosophy and Magic. She’s got the humor and wit of John Green with the deep thoughts and I LOVE that stuff.
When I read the premise, the main character is a drop of water, that floats around the world (and back in time) , I was dubious. The story is very sweet — Eleanor who is going into third grade is missing her nanny-who-raised-her-since-she-was-a-baby because she had to move to another state to take care of her father. Both are very popular series that boys AND girls enjoy … and it’s almost a rite of passage requirement to read them! You forgot the Magic Tree House series, which combines action and suspense with geography and history. While most of my children are teens and pre-teens now, my youngest is a 3rd grader who really isn’t interested in chapter books at all. We needed books that had simple sentences and would boost their reading confidence but I also wanted books that would pique their interest and motivate them to read. I am going to share the few gems we found that were hits with the Lil Divas and approved by both the mom and teacher in me. The books utilize simple sentence structure, repetitive words, contextual clues and large illustrations making them great for the beginning reader. They have a simple plot with short sentences utilizing sight words and lots of repetitive words.
The good thing about these books is that as children master this level, they can move on to books in the next level.
They utilize the same simple sentences and plots and repetitive words and offer lots of different books and topics for children to read.
Remember to keep it fun and engaging - let your child read to you, a younger sibling or another family member. Easy to read over-sized notation includes two versions of each song – one with letters inside the note-heads and one with regular musical notation. Ezra believes that every person will experience a tragedy that will ultimately change them and their life course, like his former best friend Toby who, on his twelfth birthday happened to be so unlucky as to catch the severed head of a kid while on Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. I mean, okay there’s some things about him that make him better than the average male, namely that he reads books and thinks these deep philosophical things without being an insufferable douchebag. There’s all these literary and music references and reading them and understanding them made me feel like I was in on something.
But I will agree and see that I liked the writing, and I’m thinking of some of the plot would have been stripped away I would have had a better time connecting. Also, the talk of cerebral-ness makes me feel like I have to read it in order to prove I have a couple brain cells XD usually dog deaths are an automatic blacklist for me though, so we’ll see. Other characters including Horrible Harry (who isn’t that bad of a kid) are compilations of kids she taught. Though this nanny can never be replaced, the new babysitter understands that she will never be Bibi but she will be best Natalie-the-babysitter-after-Bibi that she can be.
Ever since his father died while serving for his country, his mother has struggled to make ends meet. Ivy and Bean are great friends and get into slightly sticky situations that are not always totally their fault. The books in the series build on each other, adding a few more words in each new book making reading a successful endeavor for children. Now there are also My First Readers in the collection and new ones are being published quite often. These books are like comics in their style and the illustrations are wacky, exaggerated and completely engaging. Like, the dudes I knew who were into that stuff were insufferable douches — like the guys who were in philosophy club and would come to our apartment to drink with my weird roommate and play magic, LOL.

But, I thought Cassidy was often ridiculous and selfish and really needed to learn how communication works. This series makes history and science come alive, all seen through Munford, a drop of water who can transform, naturally!, into rain, snow, sleet or steam.
As an author who visits schools, Suzy talks about story seeds, a word or a two that she jots down in an ever present notebook that become the basis of her books.
The text on the page is broken up into very short lines to resemble poetry so it is especially easy to read and there are lots and lots of charming  illustrations. She ended up taking classes to get a new position as a medical secretary so things are much better now. Many books were either too hard for them at that stage or too simplistic with absolutely no plot and simply didn't interest them. These books have very simple illustrations and lack color which some children may not enjoy but we never had any issues with that. The plot is limited but these are great for readers that are just starting to read - they are great confidence builders. The plots are always funny and the friendship between Buzz and his pet fly is endearing to say the least. The process never ceases to amaze me and it is one of the things I enjoy most about being a teacher to children this age. If not, no hard feelings it’s definitely not the book for everyone and I think that this will work for a certain type of reader. In this book, Munford becomes part of  snot, gunpowder, part of a cloud, rain, poop and more. Pencil stub, yellow scarf, purple hanger, June Box are all actual story seeds that are now books in her popular Horrible Harry series which is now published in several languages.
With zapato power, anything is possible and Freddie is up to the task whether it’s a rescue or a good deed. We want to help our children be successful and feel motivated to read - that requires the "right" book(s)! The illustrations are endearing, the characters are engaging, the sentences are simple and the plot is just plain funny. But more than that, The Beginning Of Everything is about Ezra’s relationship with Cassidy, a girl that I will go into depth on later. At one point she chastises Ezra for considering state schools and I’m like wow this little princess totally doesn’t understand how crushing student loan debt is, but of course these kids are all upper middle class, so what debt?!
I thought what happened at the end was kind of cheap and fit together a bit too perfectly and it kind of made me cringe.
Also, this might be on my mind and is totes not your issue, so I’m going to focus on the review. This is a wonderful short chapter book series that packs a powerful message while still being a fun read.
The sentence structure and words are great for beginning readers because they are relatively simple. It’s also about how it takes him losing everything to find himself, as cliche as that sounds.
I really liked Ezra’s character and how much he matures and comes of age or whatever during?The Beginning Of Everything. BUT, before all that happened, I really, truly loved the prose and I think that if you are someone who reads because you like words and how they fit together and roll off your tongue, you’ll like the way?The Beginning Of Everything is written. In all, I’d recommend this to people of a more intellectual bent than to people who read for more superficial reasons.
Or, hmmm, those females who really do come across as magical and quirky and weird and brilliant.

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