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Giving your child a head start with reading is one of the best things that you can do for him. Where I am from, I’ve recently heard from my sister who has two primary school (grade school) going daughters that their school expects the kids to be reading when they enter primary school.
Many schools now expect children to have a working knowledge of being about to sound out letter combinations, pronounce words and read with some level of ease.
Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go (Richard Scarry) is a hardcover 72 page book that your boy will love. Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems is the funny tale of a monster that isna€™t any good at scaring people. When he finally learns how, he frightens a little boy but then finds out that he doesna€™t really like scary people.
Your child will learn about airports, planes, safety and how airplanes are instructed by the air traffic control.
Cowboy Small (Lois Lenski Books) by Lois Lenski is a 32-paged board book that little boys will love as much as they enjoy playing cowboy. DISCLOSUREPlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question.
If you’re shopping for a birthday or Christmas, browse through our list of the best  books for 5-year-olds. Like all of Bill Peet’s picture books, this is a long one, but it’s been a favorite at our house for a long time. Droofus loves his new home… until the king offers a giant reward for a dragon’s head to display on his castle wall.
The narrator is bummed that he has to go along with his mom for her “boring errands…” until he learns that today is the day that dinosaurs come with everything! This is a story about a king who has everything money can buy; he has rooms filled to the ceiling with gifts from his subjects. The king threatens the woman’s life until he finally agrees to her terms: for every gift he gives away, she’ll sew a new patch on his quilt. In my opinion, the George and Martha books – about a pair of best friend hippos – are some of the best in children’s literature.
By clicking "Join us," I acknowledge that I have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. No matter where your child is on this developmental continuum, here you’ll discover the best books to encourage their love of reading. Since we also think that finding books in a series is like discovering buried treasure, we’ve put asterisks next to the titles that are part of a larger series. So whether your 5- or 6-year-old is building their reading foundation with picture books or reading chapter books on their own, here are our go-to books to entice, entertain, and educate. It’s a good idea to keep picture books in the mix even as your child’s reading skills grow, as they offer kids a greater variety of reading choices and have a strong visual appeal.
This list of picture books contains a variety of genres, kid-appealing topics, captivating illustrations, and diverse characters. If you’re curious about the specific reading level of a book, you can check either the DRA or Fountas & Pinnell’s Guided Reading Levels or ask your child’s teacher. We’ve vetted our list to include books with boys, girls, robots, magic, diverse characters, and child-friendly topics. If you read to your child when shea€™s younger and teach her how to read, by the time that shea€™s a five-year-old, shea€™s going to have a pretty big vocabulary. Youa€™re going to want to get books for her that continue to help her grow her reading ability. He describes the gruffalo to his enemies as quite a fearsome creature with tusks and big claws who just happens to love to eat foxes and other animals that would like to eat a mouse.
Ita€™s a great visual aid that can teach your child an introduction into maps and how to grasp how where she lives fits into it all. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt is a clever and funny 40-paged book about crayons going on a strike. Blue Crayon feels exhausted and overused, Black Crayon feels that he could be put into better used than merely outlining, Beige Crayon has enough of being second to Brown Crayon, while Orange Crayon and Yellow Crayon each truly feels that he is the true color of the sun, and well, Peach Crayon feels so naked all the time! This book is very entertaining and packed with so much fun that your child will be drawn into reading it over and over. This year there are a number of new release books for children 4 years of age - and some amazing must-own classics for these little ones and their parents. What do you do when you're so tiny that the bigger ocean creatures think you might even taste adorable? From the same author and illustrator as our #1 nationally best-selling What Do You Do With an Idea?
One important factor when it comes to children’s desire to read is having books that are downright fun. Get your child off to the best start in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with reading activities for children aged 4-5.

In my humble opinion, anything that makes reading – and even the idea of reading – more fun is a good thing!
Where you live will determine when your child may start school: in the year they are five, the term when they turn five or the term after they have turned five! This program teaches 4-year-olds and entering kindergartners the skills that prepare them for learning to read successfully. Find guilt-free screen time with online games for kids that focus on reading, phonics, and fun, from education organizations like PBS Kids to on-the-go apps for Facebook and your iPhone. Reviews, ratings, lists of the best books for 6 year olds in 2014 - Which books are more looked-for and more loved by this age of kids and their parents this year? Whether shopping for a gift for a 6 year-old boy or girl, there are a number of wonderful choices for the spring and summer of 2016.
Here is a gathering of the "best of the best" educational toys for toddlers - based on overall popularity, consumer ratings and reviews - these are the ones that parents are picking the most, and kids 1 to 3 years of age are having a blast with! Boys and girls at age 3 are starting to come into their own - and toys that engage interest and present some challenge are more than helpful to them - they're fun!
Here is a list that I have gathered together - some of the top educational toys for 3 year olds in 2016 (by popularity and high consumer ratings). PS: There are additional resources here to help you look further along the lines of educational play for little ones. Not only will you help improve his vocabulary and reasoning skills, but youa€™ll also give him the tool he needs to succeed when he enters school. So yeah, if your kid is already equipped with reading skill, he’ll start off on good ground. Page after page is filled with busy illustrations of transportation vehicles that will hold your little one’s attention. The Richard Scarry books always tells several stories within a story and in this one, one of the questions centers on if the officer animal will catch the animal that hea€™s chasing. In this 32 page story, your child will follow Big Frank as he goes about his day as a fireman. So the monster does his best to discover how he can improve his ability to make people afraid. This 48 page book will delight your son with its great illustrations and easy to read story format. The story is told in rhyming sentence format which helps a child pick up new words as well as learn sight words easier. It tells the story of Cowboy Small and his faithful horse, Cactus and all the jobs they do together. I’ve visited your page and I believe your growing list of book choices that come with ratings will give parents a lot more choices to choose from.
They’re learning to tie their shoes, practicing cutting out shapes with scissors, some are even ready to ride a bike. Now they’re learning sight words, or words to know at a glance, and the books they’re reading contain these words. This 32-paged book is the story of a mouse who uses his imagination to outsmart his enemies whoa€™d like to eat him. As each animal attempts to trick the mouse into becoming lunch, the mouse tells them that hea€™s meeting a gruffalo. He fools his enemies into thinking the creature really exists and is then able to remain unharmed. Ita€™s the story of Ned who wants to go to a surprise party, but the party is not in his state. The book contains five stories about these best friends, George and Martha, who also happen to be hippos.
Rather than telling her this, he attempts to hide his dislike of the soup by pouring it into his shoes. The other four stories in the book are The Flying Machine, The Tub, The Mirror and The Tooth. There’s also a little quiz at the back of the book to let the child test out how much she has learned and understood from the book.
One day a little boy name Ducan opens up his box of crayons to use, and instead finds a stack of letters detailing each crayon’s grievances. What’s Ducan to do to appease all the crayons so he could resume his coloring and satisfy his teacher? Readers won't be able to resist this jaunty, adventurous dot, nor its invitation to play along. But, here are some activities that children will do when they first start learning to read at school: Children will now be learning phonics - learning to crack the alphabetic code. Wonderful books and enjoyable classroom activities get children excited about reading, and parents receive guidance for helping their child get off to a strong start with reading.
Browse this list of new and classic children's books recommended by the Quicklists Consulting Committee of the Association for Library Services to Children, a division of the American Library Association, and start reading along with your preschooler today!

If you’re looking for books for a 2-year-old boy, be sure to check out my book list here. The book illustrations label items that a firefighter uses including the different vehicles. It contains a glossary to help your child learn Cowboy Smalla€™s vocabulary words including labeling the cowboya€™s clothing items. There’s a big continuum of development at these ages, and that applies to children’s reading development, too. At this stage, it’s helpful for them to read books that map to their background knowledge or areas of interest.
Below are 5 best books for 5-year-old girls you can look into getting to grow her home library.
So his friend lets him use an airplane, but unfortunately, something goes wrong and Ned cana€™t make it there in the plane.
This 48 pages book teaches a child how neighborhoods fit into cities, how cities fit into states, states into the country, the countries into the solar system and so on. Thus begins a spectacular ride of color, motion, shape, and imagination, filled with the artistry and delight that we know and love so well from Press Here and Mix It Up!
He eats it out of kindness to his friend, but he just can’t stand it. Finally, one day, he pours the soup into his shoes to avoid eating it. Though the book is written kind of in a cliffhanger style, your child will love turning the pages to figure out what happens next.
From soaring to high heights and seeing great sights to being left in a Lurch on a prickle-ly perch, Dr. It turns out that the Emperor had given each child cooked seeds that should not grow, and Ping’s honesty is rewarded.
However, a lot of parents are unsure of which books to choose to really stimulate these skills.
As a Speech Pathologist (and a mother of five-year-old twins), I am forever looking for good books to choose for preschoolers (kids aged 3-5 years). So, here are my top recommendations:You Choose (Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart)Build vocabulary, extend imagination and foster discussion as your child is encouraged to make up their own adventure.
Choose a friend (pirate, queen, Viking), visit new places (volcano, beach, city), take new transport (train, submarine, UFO) and where will you live (caravan, castle, cave).
The book is filled with eye-catching, modern, fun pictures to talk about and no set storyline, so it’s good for those children who find it hard to listen.
Buy here.Just Imagine (Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart)Similar to You Choose, but this time children are encouraged to use their imagination describing what it might be like to be a giant or smaller than a mouse. Buy here.The Very Cranky Bear (Nick Bland)A cute story with great illustrations and lovely rhyming lines for your children to memorise and re-enact with you. Problem-solve with your child what they would do if they were trapped in the rain or faced with a cantankerous bear. Buy here.Rainbow Rob (Roger Priddy)A delightful tale of a penguin that wasn’t happy being himself “Could I be red just like a fox, a red fox giving chickens shocks?” Each page has delightful rhymes to encourage this important listening skill. A very meaningful and well delivered message at the end, to be yourself and love yourself just the way you are. Buy here.Bamboozled (David Legge)Prepare to get your giggle on with this crazy picture book. But that’s not all… A book that encourages plenty of discussion and vocabulary development as you laugh at the unusual interpretation of things around his house (for example, his garden bed has light bulbs planted in it). This book has good illustrations, seek and find pages for sustained attention and themed pages for vocabulary development (in the country, at the farm, seasons, colours, opposites, telling the time).
For example you can help your child to predict what might happen next with questions like: “What do you think would happen if he fed his fish too much? The book also provides opportunity to talk about size and shape, encourage early maths concepts such as larger than, smaller than, fits inside. Talk about what is happening on each page and ask probing questions to stimulate thinking and discussion.When you turn the page, pause for a moment to allow your child to take in all the new pictures. If they are looking at something, it is likely it interests them, so you can start by talking about this.Don’t quiz your child. Use reading as an opportunity to use new words and repeat these a few times for added exposure without asking your child to say it back to you.Relate what you are reading to your everyday life. Do you like riding on the pool pony?’Ask your librarian to select a few age appropriate books. She started North Shore Speech Therapy in Chatswood in 2001 and has since opened clinics in Neutral Bay and Hornsby.

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