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47 Ronin follows 47 samurai who seek revenge on those who caused their master to commit seppuku (ritualized suicide). You can decide for yourself by watching the trailer and checking out the next character posters below.
The legend of the 47 ronin is one of the most popular and best known stories about the samurai in Japan.
With much embellishment, this true story was popularized in Japanese culture as emblematic of the loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that people should preserve in their daily lives. Remember to check out the front page of our site often for the newest Blu-ray reviews, theatrical reviews and news and interviews! When Zula and Davis’s plan to deny the Colonial Marines a xenomorph sample hits a snag, their only remaining course of action may be something they can never come back from. In the aftermath of the battle with the Engineers, the surviving humans on LV-223 are wounded and scattered—and easy prey for a gathering horde of Aliens! Archie Andrews and his calamitous crew of bosom buddies are some of the best-known characters to ever emerge from the pages of comic books.
Dark Horse Books presents The Art of Battlefield 1, chronicling the production of EA DICE’s latest entry in the iconic action series. Celebrate one of the most influential and beloved video game franchises of all time with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V! Formerly the Galactic Coalition’s top recruit, the now-disgraced Astrid is offered a special mission from her old commander. Relive your favorite scenes from Avatar: The Last Airbender with this beautifully detailed coloring book!
Long before Spiral City’s greatest heroes were written out of their universe, the Martian champion Barbalien was already stranded far from home. Grace’s first test as boss of the Briggs’ territory presents itself: bring her sons together in the aftermath of an attempted assassination. Conan scales the Mount of Crom to thwart the release of Shuma-Gorath, an ancient, malevolent demon.
While on a raid, Conan and a small party of Kozaki riders—including the chief’s son—are separated from the rest of the tribe and attacked by a sea witch. Hidden away in northern China is the Preserve, a walled-off compound where the Nine Families have secreted away the world’s deadliest cryptozoological creatures. The life-or-death courtroom game continues at Hope’s Peak Academy as Makoto and Kyoko work together to try to prove Yasuhiro’s innocence and convict Celestia in the latest round of class trials! This month’s issue of Dark Horse Presents features three new stories: Black Sinister by Kaare Andrews and Troy Nixey, Espirits de Corps by John Arcudi and Lucas Varela, and Rubber Guns by Keith Goldberg, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Aaron Campbell! Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton’s Brooklyn Blood, Al Gordon and Bo Hampton’s The Once and Future Tarzan, and Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau’s Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl continue in this issue!
Emmy is faced with a decision: will she join the mysterious coven that claims to be her family? When an unknown creature attacks a research group on an Arctic expedition, Hellboy and the BPRD are sent to investigate.
Celebrating twenty years of Kabuki, this is the last volume in a complete set of the entire critically acclaimed Kabuki series in large oversize library editions.
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Skuld, who loves to overengineer, has trouble understanding the simple appeal of a bicycle—until Sentaro, a boy in town, teaches her how to ride one.
In this prequel to the hit science-fiction crime drama anime series, Psycho Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami reveals how the legendary Enforcer was once an ace detective! This volume collects all of the Ranx stories by Italian comic masters Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore. Young girls are going missing from the cities of Siam, and the trail leads to the jungle hideout of a bloodthirsty cult wielding an ancient evil power—the Cult of the Black Flame.
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The Bioshock Collection is on the way, which will be a fun package for many to hop into the nightmarish, politically charged worlds of the franchise.
A new feature-length documentary is in the works focusing on forty years of growth in the geek culture through the efforts of one publisher who covered it all. Academy Award-winning independent VFX studio Milk has added another accolade to its shelves after winning its third consecutive British Academy Television Craft Award at Sunday night’s ceremony at The Brewery in London.
Milk co-founder Sara Bennett earlier this year took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and a British Academy Film Award nomination for Ex Machina.
In its three years of operation, Milk has created VFX for TV series and films including Sherlock, Doctor Who, Thunderbirds Are Go, The Martian and 47 Ronin.
The film was supposed to open last November, got bumped several times, and has reportedly exceeded its $175 million budget by $50 million. It is often referred to as the country’s “national legend” and is the most revered example of the samurai code of honor, bushido, put to the ultimate test. The popularity of the almost mythical tale was enhanced by rapid modernization following the fall of the shogun during the Meiji era of Japanese history. It includes the first English version to appear in print, from Isaac Titsingh’s Illustrations of Japan, published in 1822, plus the second from The Capital of the Tycoon by Rutherford Alcock. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. During the Second World War, the legendary occultist Aleister Crowley develops a powerful and dangerous new weapon in the conflict against the Axis powers.
This beautifully reproduced paperback includes 200-plus pages of hilarious high-school high jinks and wonderful cartooning by the great talents who originally brought Archie to life! Visit scenes of the historical conflicts of World War I and examine the gear of the century’s most intimidating soldiers. Featuring hundreds of pieces of never-before-seen concept art from the game’s creators, this beautiful art book is a perfect addition to any gamer’s collection!
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Filled with 45 black-and-white images by artist Jed Henry, and produced in collaboration with creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, this book is sure to be a hit with any Avatar fan! Disguised as churchgoing Mark Markz in the timeless farming community where the heroes find themselves trapped, Barbalien faces a terrifying personal decision, even as he relives his painful past!
But as Nina, Viv, and even Oscar spill their guts, Georgie is thinking about the bottom line. In Colorado, Kate tries to evacuate BPRD headquarters before the monster can kill everyone. But the witch queen Vammatar and the necromancer Kulan Gath seek the Books of Shuma-Gorath to free the evil god and bring it under their control! Experience the dreams of the Wolfriders during their deep sleep as they await the passage of ten thousand years to reunite the tribes—and enjoy the lavishly colored stories of the tribe’s history.
In “The Price,” a mysterious feline engages in a nightly conflict with an unseen, vicious foe. Grahame and Jason venture inside to search for a clue to the origin of the Mothmen, but learning the truth is only the first step.
And Makoto has learned in his investigations that one of his fellow students is being forced by Monokuma to spy on them.
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After he accidentally shows himself to federal investigators who are on his trail, a mysterious arsonist and a stubborn agent arrive in town to heat things up!
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At the same time, he’s finally tracked down the Juice Box Killer—but can he take on the horrendous beast by himself? Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hellblazer) and Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog) team up to create a tense war story inspired by the massively popular (over 110 million players!) online game World of Tanks.
The studio has taken home a BAFTA TV Craft Award every year since its launch in 2013 — winning for its work on Doctor Who in 2014 and 2015.
Current productions include Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sherlock season four and Thunderbirds season two.
He joins up with the ronin and they head off on a journey to defeat Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) and a bunch of pretty freaky CGI creatures. The script went through multiple changes, with arguments over the edit that first-time director Carl Rinsch finally won out on. Trailers have poorly represented their films before; perhaps we can hold out hope for this one. The story tells of a group of samurai who, in 1701, were left leaderless (becoming ronin) after their daimyo (feudal lord) Asano Naganori was compelled to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a court official named Kira Yoshinaka.
Many versions of the events appeared and the story of the 47 ronin continues to be popular in Japan to this day.
Here comes Septemner 2016 solicitations, with the return of The Strain, new Aliens and Hellboy comics and new Resident Alien as well… but we begin with a very special graphic novel from Douglas Rushkoff and Michael Oeming. Now that their secret identities have leaked, it’s starting to look like they’ll never get paid. Should he reveal this secret to the others—or wait for the spy to make what could be a very drastic move? Their most potent weapon, the Palace of the High Ones, will not—cannot—be used, even in self-defense. Ravenous the Insatiable (one of your greedier gods) and his minions do godlike things to his flock. But if she denies this powerful family and stays to protect her home, she will make enemies out of the most powerful beings she’s ever encountered.
In the terrifying conclusion of Tomasi and Bertram’s horror miniseries, Sarah is forced to confront her demons, face to face.
Meanwhile, a swordswoman named Ah Toy seeks Kingsway’s help, but every step in the wrong direction is a step further from his love. The truth about the identity of Captain Israel’s companion Mary, which began as a faint signal, grows louder—and she’s seemingly connected to it all. But there are many strange fortresses in the realms of the gods, and the Sky Castle also is a place of darkness, shrouded in sorrow by the grief of Lady Karura for her sister.
Quinlan must survive long enough to carry out his mission when his target begins hunting him. Haunted by her memories of Yamatai, Lara is determined to rescue her friend, whatever the cost.
If the name is familiar, you may remember David D for his years of reportage at Bleeding Cool and for running The Bleed vlog on the site. The London-based shop created over 1,000 VFX shots for the show — a fantastical epic about the return of magic to Georgian England, adapted from the book by Susanna Clarke. None of this makes for a hopeful opening to a film, but I did not expect it to be this calamitous. The ronin, led by Asano’s chief councilor, Oishi Yoshio, avenged their master’s honor by killing Kira, after waiting and planning for almost two years. And Cutter, seemingly restored, suddenly realizes he has a new quest: to seek the one being in the world who can right an ancient wrong. This second volume of The Massive Library Edition collects The Massive issues #16–#30 in a beautiful hardcover. He’s gotten his hands on some xenomorph DNA: a dream come true for a mad genetic scientist who’s already built a clan of animal hybrids.
And even a sanctuary in the clouds is no safe refuge to one hoping for revenge on the usurper of the heavens, Taishakuten .
But the specter of Himiko the Sun Queen looms large in Sam’s life and threatens to consume her completely!
So it really pained me to watch, finally, the trailer for the troubled and long-gestating 47 Ronin. In turn, the ronin were themselves forced to commit seppuku for committing the crime of murder. Trapped with her father’s murderer, will Mia be able to survive long enough to solve the mystery?
Then the new order of Ravenous faces a challenge, and all the believers suddenly believe it’s time to flee.
Meanwhile, the girl on campus who can never get enough love (and worship), Sayoko Mishima, is willing to sell her soul to help demoness Mara defeat Belldandy .
He’s also captured a Predator, and even his old acquaintance Judge Dredd has come knocking on his isolated lab’s door. This is a comprehensive collection which brings together some of the best known versions of the story and serves as a perfect introduction to the legendary tale of the 47 ronin. With lettering by Stan Sakai, coloring by Tom Luth, and yet another actual, real letter column by Evanier, it’s a treat for anyone smarter than Groo .

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