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When I taught kindergarten, I used both free choice and structured center management, depending on the class and the time of year. Throughout center time, I try to keep all areas of the classroom accessible to the children. Please keep in mind that free choice centers may not work in every early childhood classroom. I have tried completely free choice in my classroom full of 3’s during center time, while calling a few children up at a time in order to work with them individually.
Just wondered where you got the spaceman being used between words by your student in the writing station? My name is Mary Catherine, and I love to share meaningful {and fun} learning activities for kiddos! One of my friends spent his childhood playing little league football, dreaming of the day that he would step onto the field as an NFL player. That got me thinking about some of the sales teams that I have lead and trained and how the same rule had applied! Planning a baby shower is the ultimate excuse to come up with some of the cutest creative ideas. May 25 By Fine Craft Guild 1 Comment You know, once you start sharing and opening up to others, particularly with these Pinterest boards, something miraculous happens: like babies, they start a life of their own.
If you want to be invited to any or all of my boards, you have to first become a Follower of FineCraftGuild and then leave me a comment section in this article below to say that you did. Rest assured, this blog will remain the depository of my most ‘precious’ jewels in terms of free crochet patterns. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you're new here, I'd love for you to take a moment to subscribe to my email newsletter or follow me on Pinterest'.
Because I share my classroom with a church class, it is impossible for me to have specified centers set up at any given time, so I do the best I can with what I have! Time and time again, I came across talented, and at times seasoned, sales professionals that simply were not maximizing their success because they didn’t understand the process (playbook). I came across those sales people who may not have had the “natural talent” but were committed to learning and sticking to a winning equation. You should…every company, regardless of size, age or industry of operation should have formal processes in place for all areas of their business! From cookies to cupcakes, decorations and games, no baby shower would be complete without a healthy dose of things that make you say aw. The guest bookInstead of a standard guest book, welcome family and friends to the baby shower with something a little different. Burp cloth bouquetAre you heading to a baby shower and have no idea how to make your present cute and unique?
Rather than looking for the perfect, 'you're having a baby' message or fumbling around for a sentimental present, let them help you get baby’s library started early.
Preggatinis and MamaritasSpeaking of refreshments, just because the party is for a new momma doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy some homemade non-alcoholic cocktails. Baby-face cupcakesThere's so many ways to decorate your cupcakes nowadays but why not try icing the tops to look like a baby-face.
Decorate a baby growCreate a craft table with plain white babygrows and baby-safe materials to decorate. Baby name raceAnother fun game to keep you and your guests entertained is the Baby Name Race. Guess the baby's weightBefore the shower, have the mummy-to-be write down what she guesses the baby's weight will be when born.

Notes for babyMake the new baby’s first year even more special by having your guests write down their notes and best wishes for mum and baby.
This is particularly the case with my Free Crochet Patterns Board, the first board I turned into a group board, and have been marketing since as such. Look in the right side bar and below this article to find related links and many more gorgeous patterns! If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. For example, my class last year adored the building center, so I tried to capitalize on that interest in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Years ago, I tried other ways, and it bothered some children to be directed to specific centers even for the first few minutes. Because of their age, they had a very hard time regulating how many kids could be in a center, or good time management with free choice. I was wondering how do you organize how the children pick their center and let other children know that it is at max capacity? After years of drills, repetition and going the extra mile, the day came where he finally made it into the “big leagues”.  He wasn’t the fastest, largest or hardest hitting player on the field, however, he had a successful 10 year career in the NFL.
Deals that were lost because of lack of follow-up, agreement executions that were stalled due to poor time management,  money left on the table because of weak negotiation skills – I could go on and on with the parallels. They learned the system, applied the system, welcomed constructive criticism, constantly sourced expertise from those around them, came in early, stayed late, under promised, over delivered and constantly had a portfolio of satisfied clientele. Whether you know what you're having, or you’re waiting for the surprise, make your baby shower one to remember and welcome your little one in style. Have them sign a piece of artwork, like this cute owl print from Etsy, or a guest board, with cutouts for each guest to leave their own special note for mum and baby. Try getting the new mum something useful, like bibs, towels or burp cloths, and wrapping them up like a bouquet.
Then, throughout the party, your guests can visit the table to create a unique onesie for your little one on the way. Either have a special station at the party for friends to write their messages, or leave cards and pens on each table. I do aim to keep the quality of the boards really outstanding.  Please help me in doing so if you are invited and join, okay?! While I dislike being controlling of what the children do, I had to gain some balance in my classroom. When I asked him what he attributed his longevity and success to, he said that he “always knew the playbook”.  He went on to describe how knowing the play is like knowing a dance.
Often times they may have not been identified as the “first round pick” but they were very frequently considered the “go to” members of their sales teams. Roll up the cloths, and using a piece of decorated card, wrapping paper or a plant pot as the bouquet base, place the cloths in the top like blooms. Gather every food that consists of the word “pop,” like buttered popcorn, popcorn chicken, cake pops, pop tarts or even popping candy. These mommy-safe cocktails are simple to make and taste so good, you won’t even miss the alcohol!
If you know the gender of your baby, or have a specific colour scheme going on, match up colours so everything comes together perfectly on the day.
When friends arrive at the party, have them guess what gender they think the child will be.
Then, guests race to see who can come up with one baby name for each letter of the alphabet first. These professionals represent the building blocks of lasting success in any sales organization!

Do you have a group of individuals out in the field all chasing goals on their own, not operating in support of one another and the organization?
Try setting up a drying line outside between two poles or trees, and have guests peg their onesies to the line. Put a cute dress on top of the sphere, tie a bow to keep it in place, and you've got the perfect mini baby bump. Fabulous favoursFor all the fabulous gifts you know friends will bring to the baby shower, you have to have some equally fab favours for them to take home. The big revealThere are dozens of ways to reveal the gender of a bump at your baby shower, but one of the cutest we’ve seen so far is to have a reveal box full of balloons. Or do you have a team, moving together in unison, to accomplish dominance over your competitors ultimately securing your firm’s position as a leader?  Work on ensuring that each of your team members understand the process and the critical role they each play and you will surely find yourselves celebrating like champions! Add a little message on the front page so mum and bump can look back at it in years to come.
Cutie CookiesInstead of generic, round cookies, try cutting the cookies for your shower into fun shapes.
Attach lips and moustaches to craft sticks, and let your guests walk around with their guess held up to their faces. To make your pops even cuter, decorate them like little babies and shape any wrapping you have to look like a bib or bonnet. Who knows, if you haven’t already picked out your little one’s name, this game may give you some inspiration.16. He watched many “talented players” not maximize their potential because they just understand the importance of committing to knowing how to execute the plays.
Baby bootie dishesWhat better way to welcome the pitter patter of tiny feet than to make your very own baby-themed candy dishes. I randomly choose a student one at a time to choose their ticket and station, but if you had a particularly rough circle time, chances are good you will be the last to choose your ticket.
After you’ve baked them, ice the cookies where the sole of the foot and pads of where the little toes would go. If you really wanna give this party the gaga touch serve your beverages out of baby bottles. Place some of your favourite sweeties in baby boots, cots or teddies (the choice is yours) and put them on each table for your guests to snack on.
Or, to mix things up a bit, cut out your cookies in other shapes, like bottles, duckies, or onesies. Provide cute striped straws on the side in case your guests don't actually want to drink out of the bottle top. Make sure you buy ducks that will float, and try placing them on top of your punch bowl to add a pop of colour and humour. The entire group must wait until their friends are done before they can rotate stations, that way they can learn patience and tolerance for their peers as well.
For chic but fun centrepieces, fill glass bowls with water or clear marbles and place a rubber duck on top. If you want to jazz up your five a day, try decorating the outside with different fruits, like round orange slices for wheels and part of the cut-off watermelon for a handle.

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