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Best iPhone apps to follow the 2014 baseball season: theScore, No-Hitter Alerts, MLB At Bat, and more! Whether you want to check scores, follow pennant races, or track no hitters — these are the very best iPhone apps for the 2014 baseball season!
What are the best iPhone apps to help you keep track of the 2014 Major League Baseball season?
ESPN SportsCenter is a fan favorite because it can combine all your favorite sports coverage into one easy to use app. If you want one app to use all year long for any sport combined with social integration, check out ESPN SportsCenter. If you want a more personalized experience where your sports coverage is concerned, check out theScore. Race to the Pennant is a gorgeously designed app that does exactly what it says it does, tracks team standings on their way to the pennant. If you want a way to track standings, Race to the Pennant is the most beautiful way to do it.
CBS Sports is good as well as Team Stream, Yahoo Sports used to be the favorite but I noticed sports news isn't as great as the others.
Most March Madness brackets have been ripped to shreds, the late winter snows are finally starting to melt, and we can already hear the ridiculously-priced concession stand beers and soft pretzels calling out names. When it comes to baseball, it's little surprise that the MLB's own app is the first stop, and if you're a big-spending baseball-fan who has a Premium subscription, then this may be the only app you need, as this app is included in your yearly subscription. MLB At Bat has Chromecast support, so you won't have to squint to make out a foul pitch on your smartphone's screen. If you're looking to keep up with the home team's stats, standings, and maybe delve into their opponents stats during a 'lively debate' at the sports bar, ESPN may be just the ticket. You may remember theScore, we've recommended it before for basketball, for hockey, and it's great for following MLB baseball, too. If you take your fantasy baseball team seriously, if your league means more than just bragging rights, then the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app has you covered. It may not have every single game, but if you're not shelling out for, WatchESPN can come through in a pinch. So, what apps will you be taking out to the old ballgame — or at least the sports bar where you'll be watching that old ballgame? Got a pint-sized sports nut or two in your household?  Here are a few apps that will help prolong both the pleasure and the agony of America’s favorite pastime. If you, like me, enjoy baseball but don’t know a suicide squeeze from a walk off home run, download this excellent free app and get ready to join the conversation. When you hear a phrase you don’t understand, just launch this app, choose baseball, and stealthily educate yourself.
Then enjoy the astonished look on your husband’s face when you weigh in on such obscure issues such as force plays and the infield fly rule.
This is probably the most comprehensive app for those keeping up with their favorite MLB teams. Here’s another game for MLB fans, this one is actually from last year, but should be updated soon. Fox Sports Go is going to be a popular one this year, as you’ll be able to stream games on your smartphone and tablet. As the MLB season for the new year has started so there is a lot much demand about the updates of this game. I do not mean to say here that there is no concept of watching matches at all rather what I mean is that these applications have provided a real alternate to the fans so that these matches can be followed without any troubles. Baseball Daily Stats is a Free app and is a universal one also so it is a basic requirement of all the baseball fans.
Also take a look at Top 5 Best Free Apps for EPL, Top 10 Free Apps for NFL Football Fans and Top 7 Best Basketball Scoreboard Apps. No matter who your favorite teams are, no matter who you cheer or jeer, the App Store is filled with all sorts of apps to keep you updated on the latest news, up-to-the-minute scores, and game-by-game, inning-by-inning coverage.
For free you can receive push notifications for your favorite teams, buy tickets, read news, and more. Follow the teams and stories you like in order to get a completely personalized news feed tailored to your teams and interests. That's right, folks, tomorrow is Opening Day for the 2015 Major League Baseball season, and if you're ready to step up to the plate of keeping up with teams, divisions, fantasy leagues, and statistics galore, we're here to help you hit it out of the park. MLB At Bat features each and every game outside your market — because the MLB's blackout rules just won't die — for premium subscribers, and mere At Bat subscribers can watch the Game of the Day.
That said, unless you're already shelling out 130 bucks a year for premium, MLB At Bat's limited games and subscription model — 3 bucks a month or a yearly subscription of $20 — may seem a bit too rich for many users.

ESPN's app — formerly known as ESPN Scorecenter — keeps up with baseball — and most other sports, for that matter — in grand style and you can customize alerts so that even if you're not watching a Gamecast you'll know when the tide is turning or when your team is blowing their lead.
This lusciously dark material app is easy to navigate and re-arrange to your heart's content.
Another sultry dark material app, Yahoo is here for you to manage your team, participate in mock drafts, and — most importantly — smack talk the wimpy teams the other managers in your league have put together.
WatchESPN shows many an MLB game — especially those early afternoon games that you would never be caught watching at work — and if you're paying for cable, it might as well earn its keep outside your house. And if local businesses run promotions around your team — like Papa Johns and the Texas Rangers — then paying attention isn't just a way to stay connected, it's a way to hunt for deals.
Which means it’s time to go over the apps that everyone should have installed from now until September and through October if your team is good enough, if you want to keep up with all things Baseball.
I’ve been using this one for a few years to keep up with the Detroit Tigers and it is amazing.
You can play as any team in the MLB, but you’re basically the GM of the team, not a player. It’s not just for baseball either, as they now cover just about every sport out there, including eSports. Well Team Stream from Bleacher Report will filter out all the news so you only get news for the teams that you select.
Some of the apps are also good to keep you updated on the latest gossips, updates, personal updates etc of the players.
This app is for Free of cost for normal fans but if you are a real fan and think that it is difficult to pass a moment without MLB updates then buy the full upgrade through In App purchase which costs$14.95. The app is also integrated with social media and you can get even down to the level of parking information which keeps you Free from this Hassle. This Free simple app provides you with the latest updates of all the matches on daily basis. Tap on each of the game to see details including live scoring updates, box score, play by play, pitcher or batter statistics, live pitch tracking, video highlights, weather effects, and even fireworks. Don’t get left behind on the web, get Around The Horn Baseball app and be ahead of the rest with latest updates.
Premium subscribers have access to tons of additional features including access to game day audio where available, live streams, and much more. ESPN SportsCenter also filters in sports tweets under the Now section so you can keep up with all the latest news as it happens.
You can also set up theScore to send you push notifications for breaking news on all your favorite teams. You can then drill down into individual teams and view their win-loss records for the season.
If you've got a cable subscription from certain providers, you can even tune into live ESPN shows and commentaries.
You can follow individual players in addition to teams or events, and you can keep up with your fantasy team here as well. And once the baseball season has wrapped up, you can use the same app to keep up with your fantasy football league. WatchESPN streams games to any of your devices — including your Chromecast, leaving your phone free to live-tweet the game and trash-talk the other team's fans. You can follow a team from pre-season to world series on Google Now without it being bombarded with constant notifications. I'd say I'm rooting for the Rangers, but I've had my heart broken too many times — and besides, they're plagued with injuries right now. Including the ability to play as any of the American League of National League teams and take your team straight to the October Classic.
You can play as any of the 1400 Baseball players in the MLB as well as any team in the MLB. A lot of games, not just baseball, are streamed and shown on Fox Sports channels, so this is a must have app. With the WatchESPN app you can watch all of ESPN’s content right there on your smartphone and tablet. If you are playing ESPN Fantasy Baseball this year, you can use the ESPN app to keep up with your league, as well as trade players all from the app.
Every year we observe that there are more applications launched and the quality of latest apps is also improving day by day.
The app is much comprehensive in which you can get the updates of other matches on the top bar. You are provided with current data of all the teams, scores and future games right in your pocket through iPhone App.

Inside the No-Hitter Alerts app you can customize when you'd like to receive alerts for each team and on an all team basis.
Especially if you've got an Android Wear device, following baseball on Google Now is a breeze, you can swipe through the cards on your wrist whenever you have a moment and need to pick yourself up with the thought of your team kicking butt — and earning you cheap food.
With such enhancement in the technology, most of the people have stopped watching the complete games on TV and prefer to get all in one package through these apps. Baseball Daily Stats contains a lot many options and lets you connected with your friends while watching the game. For example, if you want to receive an alert for the Chicago Cubs after no hits before the 6th inning but don't want to receive them for other teams until after the 7th inning, No-Hitter Alerts gives you that option. This app has got a social side allows you to connect via twitter, facebook etc, watch latest videos and chat with friends. It has a rich history with plenty of lore and a ton of amazing players that have played over the years. You’ll also have access to ESPN radio where you can get some sports talk radio along with the occasional live game.
They also have a WatchESPN component that lets you watch live sports (if your cable TV provider allows it). ESPN Fantasy Baseball[Price: Free] Fantasy sports is probably among the most fun baseball apps that sports nerds can have and ESPN offers a fairly good fantasy platform to play on.
With the app, you can set rosters, browse free agency, manage multiple teams, follow stats and scores, and post messages to your league. The interface has been updated to be a little more friendly, but there are still some improvements that could be made.Get it now on Google Play! The idea is that you can create a league, fill it with rosters, and then recreate the play-by-play stuff as the game gets played. You can export your data to a variety of file types, share data with other users, and even track MLB games.
It’s the best tracker we could find and one of the better baseball apps for coaches, players, and serious enthusiasts.Get it now on Google Play! You can pay a yearly subscription for unlimited, live baseball game streaming as well as radio support if you want to listen to the games that way.
The service features a number of baseball-oriented channels so you can listen to talk radio even if there are no games playing. A subscription is required (just like it is in the car), but you can pick up a decent Bluetooth speaker and listen to it outside, around your house, and even in the shower if you really want to.Get it now on Google Play! The app focuses more on the numbers of baseball rather than the news which makes it excellent for those who just want to see what’s happening in the game. The big feature is the alerts, which will let you know when a variety of situations are occurring, including a no-hitter through seven innings, when a player is one hit away from hitting the cycle, when a pitcher has a 12 strikeout game, when games start and end, and if there’s a close game going into the ninth inning. It’s one of the more unique baseball apps and one that super fans should definitely have. It’s been updated consistently over the last few years to add a ton of features and, of course, you can follow the latest baseball news, trades, scores, schedules, and player news.
The free version offers a variety of FM and AM radio talk shows about sports along with podcasts.
If you decide to go the paid route, you’ll also get access to every live baseball game (along with NFL and NHL games). It’s a solid overall experience with a clean design, simple controls, and you can use it virtually anywhere that you have an Internet connection. If the other radio solutions aren’t working, this one should.Get it now on Google Play! The Yahoo Fantasy Sports app lets you manage multiple teams, post messages to the league, add and drop players from your roster, view free agency, trade players, and set rosters. It’s one of those must-have baseball apps if you intend on doing fantasy sports this year.Get it now on Google Play!
Individual Team Apps[Price: Free] These days, most of the MLB teams have their own baseball apps. You can check out the Toronto Blue Jays app by clicking the button below.Get it now on Google Play!

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