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Officials tested 10 each of the four carbine models, firing a total of 60,000 rounds per model.
I spent 1 year in iraq and was also having a major problem with stopages at the most in opportune times, and i belive that it is the cleaner lube protectant that the military issues that is the heart of the problem. G36 mags are bigger, which means that the soldiers have to load even more stuffs on their platecarriers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This rifle was designed to be completely ambidextrous, and all the critical controls on it may be operated right- or left-handed. The possibilities for accessorization on the ARX100 are limited only by the user’s imagination.
The new LWRCI-DI direct gas impingement operated AR is a first for this company, which is world renown for its outstanding gas-piston operated AR rifles and carbines. Guns Ammo Tactical or GAT is your Daily source of news and reviews for everything firearms, gun, weapons or 2nd amendment related. That was example 1 of money politics, with some Lieutenant General getting his fingers in the pie for M4 sales.
Brown has his fingers in the H&K pie and a published article in the Army Times is a good way to push his platform.
You can see who’s gonna get the contract from a mile away, assuming we get a new carbine. About the magazine thing, G36 and xm8 magazines aren’t any bigger than STANAG magazines, or very expensive.
It is, in fact, a very lightwieght weapon, weighing just over 6 lbs, and through a simple barrel and stock swap, can turn into a sub-compact, a sniper rifle, and an SAW. Anyone been in the sand knows a soldier has 15 minutes to clean his rifle somewhere in that 60k rounds.

It takes the concept of a modular rifle to futuristic levels, while maintaining an absolutely simple operation that make it ultra-reliable. The lightweight technopolymer receiver allows for reliable operation with virtually no lubricants.
These include the 2-position safety, the magazine release, the bolt release and charging handle and the case-ejection selector, which determines whether spent brass is ejected to the right or left.
It comes out of the box with a full-length Picatinny rail on top, which is perfect for attaching a variety of optics and other sighting systems.
Built from the ground up to be more than just another direct-impingement rifle, LWRCI literally redesigned the traditional gas-impingement system, in the processing incorporating a proprietary bolt carrier group for extreme reliability. Mark Brown, commander of Program Executive Office Soldier, the command that is responsible for equipping soldiers.
I won’t complain about a short stroking SCAR either way, especially if the damn detent spring is beefed up and less prone to failure. However, I do believe that the General has his fingers in the Colt pie, and that is why we are still purchasing M4’s at nearly double the price of a 416. G36 and xm8 magazines are actually lighter and cheaper to produce than STANAGs, because they are made of ABS plastic, as apposed to aluminum alloys. Someone said the XM8 had bolt breaking problems and the hand-guards (which i seriously doubt) melted is this true or more propaganda by companies like colt? With ambidextrous controls, easily-replaceable barrel and virtually endless possibilities for customization and accessorization, the ARX100 is adaptable to any firing scenario and is perfect for today’s most demanding tactical shooter. To make maintenance easy and trouble-free, this rifle has no pins and can be completely disassembled in a matter of seconds with no tools at all. The flip-up backup sights that come standard on the ARX100 are also versatile, offering an easily-adjustable diopter system ranged from 100 to 800 yards. If Colt wasn’t so dense headed maybe they should have taken the Stoner design and given it a short stroke piston, oh wait HK did that too.

The barrel is also easily replaceable in seconds, making is possible to use different lengths and calibers without any tools required. Other features include a one-piece, modular free-float rail, angled foregrip with QD sling swivel receptacle, rail panels and hand stop, ambidextrous mag release, bolt catch and safety selector, an LWRCI enhanced fire control group, ambidextrous charging handle, adjustable compact buttstock with enhanced cheek weld and ambidextrous QD sling swivel receptacle and a Magpul MOE+ pistol grip. I am sure that the SCAR is also an excellent weapons platform but there is a problem with both the SCAR and the XM8, Our soldiers will need to be retrained on the new weapons. Lightweight, reliable, cheaper because it is 4 guns in one, and uses the same ammunition as the M4. Lastly, the folding stock is adjustable for length of pull at the touch of a button, using a simple and rugged telescopic construction. This is eventually an unavoidable problem but it should not come up in the middle of a war with two countries. It is cheaper because instead of buing 5 different guns for 5 different jobs, why not use 1 gun for 5 different jobs? I believe that the 416 would be the best short-term replacement for the M4 until we get out of the Middle East. This leads me to believe that Brown is a shady character who puts personal profit above the lives of our warrior class. A squad would all have an XM8, yet we’ll still have a sniper, a guy with cover-fire capabilties, a guy with a small gun for infiltration, and the rest with standard size weapons.

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