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From the first time I walked up to the gun bar at my local Academy Sports, I knew there was something special about the GLOCKs in the case.
Even though it is often recommended by shooting instructors world-round, few people ever end up actually getting a .22 caliber handgun as their very first gun. One of my first handguns was my grandfather’s .357, and I put it to many of the same uses that he did, specifically as a carry pistol for those days when you see a lot of small game while deer hunting but not any deer. For the money I think one of the nicest, out of the box guns on the market today that’s set up for the woods is the Smith & Wesson Model 22A. Put a Shrader valve stem on the screw on cap end, pump in a little air and dunk it in your flat checker tank.
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Problem was this caliber was far too big for most of the small game I was seeing (the caliber was debatably appropriate for whitetails) and there is no worse feeling than seeing a nice grey squirrel or fat grouse at close range and not having a way to bag them except a large caliber handgun or your big game rifle both of which run risk of turning the animal into instant stew meat.

I purchased one and threw a simple little BSA 2x fixed scope and went hunting with it the day I bought it.  The first animal I bagged with it was a fine ruffed grouse—a very satisfying hunt considering the relative difficulty. It costs a lot less to burn up 50 or one 100 rounds of .22 ammunition than a box of cartridges for anything else and handgun manufacturers have followed suit by making rimfire versions of their guns.
Not all ammunition is alike and I can tell you that even the basic .22 high velocity loads shoot to various points of aim. You can do so more than you can imagine with this one gun and practicing with it will take precious time of your learning curve, meaning a good .22 is worth its weight in gold.
I have hunted with my Colt Woodsman, but the first really fine gun I used was a long barreled Old Model Ruger Single Six that I pretty much kept the .22 Long Rifle cylinder in the whole time I owned it. For the cost of the gun and the scope it was less than many .22 rifles you will find out there. My Colt and other guns are off as much as three or four inches between similar loads of the same bullet weight and velocity, so if you plan on hunting with their .22 pistol, sight it in with one load the gun likes and keep it there.

That Ruger had the adjustable sights and the 6 ? inch barrel and it accounted for more squirrels than I can remember.
I later owned a second Old Model Single Six but it did not have the accuracy of the first one I bought. DONOT put dessicant in it, you know them little packages of white grainy material, because it will then attract water if you ever do get a leak.
They will serve you well as a recreational shooter, self defense handgun and even a competitive shooter in practical stock pistol competition.

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