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Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment. Checkout the featured items listed below from the Bear Grylls Survival Collection at Year Zero Survival. This entry was posted in Year Zero Survival Blog and tagged #prepperproducts, bear grylls, celebrty, Peppertalk, survival products, survival shows, survival TV by staff-writer. Zombie Bugout Bags Bugout Bags are an essential part of Zombie Survival, as you never know when things will happen or where you will be. Survival Kits Having a survival kit is an essential item to include in your bugout bag, as it provides the basics to enable you to survive in the apocalypse.

Defense Solutions Our good friends at Zombie Defense Solutions haven't yet found a way to cure those poor souls, rotting away as they shamble down the bloodstained streets. Survival Food Ideal for keeping on hand in the event of emergencies, power failures, hurricanes, floods, and other unexpected events, this 72-hour Emergency Meal Kit from Mountain House provides hearty meals that are easy to prepare under challenging circumstances.
Back in 2010, the ultimate survivalist Bear Grylls partnered with Gerber Gear in an effort to use his extended survival expertise and create a line of gear and necessities for survival in any conditions. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis. But they have compiled a survival kit containing everything that you'll need to avoid an unpleasant death.

The Bear Grylls River Patrol 45 survival pack combines some of the best items of the Bear Grylls line and makes them available as a whole purchase discounted with over 30% over their regular (MSRP) prices.

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