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A sheath is included with the knife, and in the sheath is Bear's Priorities of Survival pocket guide. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
While most of us will never end up in Survivorman-type situations, having some essential equipment can make an outdoor excursion survivable, or at least more enjoyable.
True survivalists need very few things to make it out of some place alive, but one piece of equipment that most will recommend having is a good knife, and that is most likely to be the KA-BAR.
Besides drinking water and a cutting instrument, fire is important to a survivalist, whether for keeping warm or cooking food.
The SteriPEN is a unique water purification system in that it uses ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink. When the temperature drops or you accidentally take a swim in a frigid river, wrap yourself quickly with this blanket from SOL.
The Midland XT511 is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades emergency radio – great for outdoors or to keep at home as part of a bug-out bag. There’s some romance to sleeping under the stars, but when rain is pouring down and wind is blowing hard, you’ll need to seek cover. With 19 tools available in one palm-sized device that fits in a pocket, the Leatherman Charge TTI eliminates the need to pack a lot of single-purpose survival tools. The chances of getting cuts or sick outdoors are high, and not having emergency assistance nearby can be frightening. For bigger tasks that are beyond the Leatherman Charge TTI’s capabilities, there’s the Woodsman from Zippo – yes, the maker of lighters.
With the PowerPot V, the fire you’re using to heat up a can of beans can also turn into usable electricity. As the name suggests, this ThermaRest cot is somewhat of a luxury – as a survivalist, you can definitely do without this – but nobody ever said you have to sleep on a flat dirt surface just because you’re outdoors. Your smartphone’s compass, maps, GPS, and Web browser are handy, but they’re useless if your phone can’t grab a cellular signal or the battery dies. A grappling hook is usually a tool employed by commandos and Batman, but if there’s any opportunity for the common man to use one, it’s in the outdoors. Land Rover Australia marketing and public affairs manager Tim Krieger says the novel approach fits well with the branda€™s a€?go anywherea€? ethos and is investigating it for Australia.It also fits well with the marquea€™s reputation for less-than-stellar reliability. Porsche has captured the very essence of motoring with its back-to-basics limited edition machine. The handle uses a textured rubber grip with that is great for use in dry or wet conditions. Mother Nature has no time to accommodate your gizmo nonsense, and you’ll need to channel your ancestors’ prehistoric survival skills to make it out alive.

For the explorer or outdoorsman in your family, here are some tools that will make sure he lives to see another holiday next year. A fire starter is the quick way to get one going, and this affordable compact one has Bear Grylls’s name written all over it.
Guide yourself to safety or somewhere to set up camp with this small LED flashlight from Pelican.
UV light can kill a variety of things, including cholera, E-coli, salmonella, hepatitis (A to D), and a bunch of things that can make you sick.
This thin-layered material is highly durable, yet can reflect 95-percent of body heat to keep your warm.
The 6-pound, double-walled Fury from MSR sleeps two, is quick to set up, and has a sturdy construction and strong clips allow the tent to stay anchored in the worst weather conditions. Pliers, cutters, wire stripper, knives, mini saw, ruler – whatever you need, the Charge TTI will most likely have it.
Make sure you make room in your rucksack for a first-aid kit, like this one from Adventure Medical Kits. The company’s Dry Seal closure makes their bags extremely watertight, and, along with the tough durable fabric that keeps things dry, we’ve never worried about carrying a bag through rain or water. This four-in-one tool is a saw, hatchet, mallet, and stake puller – perfect for the modern-day Paul Bunyan. The PowerPot V is a thermoelectric generator that turns heat into electricity for juicing up anything that runs off USB.
Unless you were a good Boy Scout, you probably wouldn’t know how to pitch a tent or know what’s poisonous. If you plan to trek in the woods, arm yourself with a dedicated handheld GPS device like Garmin’s eTrex 30. The Pocket Grappling Hook is a small aluminum-and-stainless-steel tool with collapsible metal spikes. But, as real-life survivalists and adventurers have shown, carrying a few handy lightweight tools could pull you out of outdoor predicaments. Marines during World War II, the USMC KA-BAR has also been adopted by members in other branches of the military, as well as survivalists and outdoor adventure seekers. Made by Gerber, this fire starter is part of a series of survival tools endorsed by one of world’s most recognizable survivalists.
To use, simply stick the device into a glass or bottle of water, turn it on, and let it do its thing.
Best of all, there are five ways to power it – AA batteries, rechargeable battery pack, AC, DC, and a crank – so it works no matter the situation you’re in.
Inside the waterproof pouch are bandages, irrigation syringe and closure strips for wounds, medication for stomach illness and pain, trauma pad, and more.

The Black Canyon Boundary Pack comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and are all made without environmentally damaging PVC, and backpack straps make them easy to haul.
Whether you’re pulling up tent stakes or chopping up wood for the campfire, this multi-tool will come to your aid. Half cooking utensil, half power source, the PowerPot V has a large vessel to prepare hungry-man-sized meals. Bear Essentials features advice, photos, and videos of survival tips from aforementioned survivalist Bear Grylls. You could bring extra batteries (if your stuff uses them, that is), or use a portable power plant to charge your devices. The 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter give you accurate location and elevation info, and the device uses GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites to give you enhanced positioning. LED flashlights are incredibly bright, and this pen-sized tool can shoot a 39-lumen beam up to 203 feet for one hour continuously. What’s cool is that the 11.3-ounce blanket can also do double-duty as a shade, cover, or carrier for hauling things. This particular kit is designed for trips lasting up to four days, but other kits are also available. Place it over a camping stove or open fire, and it’ll deliver 5 watts of power to a connected device while grub is being cooked. Another to consider is the Army Survival Guide, which features endurance tips based on the U.S. You can also load the eTrex 30 with maps of where you’re heading, so there’s no need to search for a signal. But it’s handy for pulling down or away wires or using it as an anchor to keep something like a raft from floating away. The PowerPot V comes with a 3-foot flame-resistant cable, and can fully recharge a phone in 60 to 90 minutes. The beauty of using hydrogen is that it’s clean and each core holds a lot of electricity that won’t deplete, plus the cores are easy to swap out. For a lighter alternative, Brunton makes a lightweight solar panel that rolls up when not needed, but can deliver between 9 and 14 watts of power using energy from the sun.

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