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This book is not just about life, it is a perfect read to keep you motivated and focussed if you are setting up your own business, changing career or starting a new big project in your life or work.
To be honest, none of it is rocket science, but that’s the point – he lays out the steps you should follow to achieve your better life in a straightforward, easy-to-get way, from setting out your dream through to how get through the downs. There is an honest acknowledgement and warning of what challenges you will face on your personal journey. I have definitely come across a few dream-stealers in my time, usually masquerading as caring people who want to protect you, and others who are just a bit jealous. I found this one the most inspiring messages in the book, and one that I have used to great effect with my own business.  People are naturally attracted to enthusiasm and optimism, so not only do you benefit by feeling great about yourself, you bring others with you on your journey – essential when you are leading a team.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone wanting to pursue a dream at work or play – it’s easy to read, inspiring and has some powerful messages. Feel free to use this contact form to get in touch with me, or if you just have a quick question you would like answered - get in touch. The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Fine Knife is the neatest knife for the outdoor enthusiast.

You can use the traditional vertical hang down option on your belt or you can choose to have the knife situated horizontal along your belt for better concealment.
Depending on what kind of activities you do outdoors (building shelters, cutting hard wood, etc) you can also get the serrated edge version which can be used as a robust mini saw.
Even the plastic grip on the handle is seamless and shows no signs of separation or weakness and the whistle on the end of the handle is small and inconspicuous. The amount of detail and consideration that went into designing this knife makes it well worth the price. About the author: Wendy Leonard is a field biologist, a runner, and blogger from San Antonio, Texas. PS by Constantin Gabor - A friend of mine has the Remix Serrated (see picture below) and I can honestly say I'm impressed with its quality and beauty.
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The knife sheath has several features built into it including a knife sharpener, a fire starter (firesteel) , and an emergency whistle.

It comes with an informative survival guide that explains, amongst many things, how to use your watch as a compass. My name is Constantin and I'm an outdoorsy dude who enjoys shooting and editing action sports videos. All you need to do is start shooting with what you have (camera phone maybe) and just publish your videos.
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