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He might not chase political power, but Bear still thinks he has one or two things to teach the next generation about how to win at life. Coronation Street: Leanne stays in Weatherfield, reunites with Nick and her pregnancy is outed! Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published. Bear on some common survival myths and misconceptions:One of the most common myths is that if your car breaks down in the desert, you should walk away and try to find help. People think that because water is clear and free-running in a mountain stream, it’s fine to drink it. Another common myth is that if you’re lost for any length of time, you’ve got to find food.
EPISODE 128 OctoberBear enters the Guatemalan jungle to relive the experiences of three groups of jungle survivors. Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising messages that are relevant to you.
Mexican archaeologist Armando Anaya tells how his team were attacked by bandits as they excavated Mayan ruins, then stripped of their belongings and forced across a dangerous river. We go to some tough estates with the Scouts, and I find that kids don’t lack ambition, they lack opportunities.
Thinking it’s only a few miles to the nearest town, they’re found dead two or three miles (3-5 km) from their car because they underestimated how brutal and tiring the desert can be. Your priorities should be finding shelter and water, especially since in most places you’ll be dead in three days without water. In Malaysia, British microbiologist John Gillat had only set out on a short walk from his hotel when he got lost in the jungle. We purposely took no computer games, and after a couple of days of meltdowns, it was amazing. If they don’t have opportunities, they get frustrated, go defensive and the hoodies come up.

My kids know how to use knives safely and the irony is, they’re less likely to cut off their hands than children who have not been taught, because they know how to use a knife.
You should always boil water before you drink it to make sure you don’t get giardiasis, which can make you throw up or give you diarrhea.
Two Frenchmen, Loic Pillois and Guilhem Nayral, went on an expedition into the Amazon rainforest which turned into a gruelling 52 day ordeal. Bear experiences their toughest challenges and demonstrates the survival skills they used to stay alive – from river crossings, to tarantula hunting and lighting signal fires.EPISODE 24 NovemberBear heads to Canada’s snow-covered Pacific Coast mountain range to explore incredible real life survival stories in this hostile, unforgiving terrain.
He throws himself into mini avalanches, jumps into freezing cold rivers and leaps from a cliff ledge into a tree top as he retraces the steps of three remarkable men – Sebastien Boucher, Eric Le Marque and Charles Horton – who all found themselves in the ultimate battle for survival.
They faced freezing temperatures, life threatening injuries, severe dehydration and extreme exhaustion but showed courage, ingenuity and sheer determination to escape from hell.EPISODE 311 NovemberBear travels to Morocco’s searing Sahara Desert where he recreates the brute force of a Saharan sandstorm, scales crumbling desert cliffs, drinks the blood from a snake and his own urine for vital rehydration, as he retraces the steps of three remarkable men – Mauro Prosperi, Ed Rosenthal and Merritt Myers – who each found themselves in the battle for survival.
They all faced scorching temperatures, the constant search for water, severe dehydration and heat exhaustion, and accepted that death was inevitable, before pulling back from the brink and surviving despite the odds. EPISODE 418 NovemberBear heads to a dramatic canyon in North Africa and white water in Italy to explore three extraordinary stories of survival. Fast-moving streams and rivers are the safest and easiest source, but what do you do when there’s no obvious source of water around?
He experiences the terrifying climb that four base jumpers, including Jace Ramsey and Johnny Strange, were forced to attempt after they jumped into the Grand Canyon and realised there was no way back out. Bear then plunges into fierce white water to relive the story of Polish explorer Maciej Tarasin, who lost his canoe and paddling partner Tomek Jedrys, in a remote river canyon in Colombia.
Back in the scorching desert canyon in North Africa, Bear relates to the trauma of Merritt Myers, who went through hell when he got trapped a high ledge under a beating sun and with no water.EPISODE 525 NovemberBear explores the stories of three young men who all self-rescued from mountain ranges and impenetrable forest.
When nineteen year old British backpacker Jamie Neale got lost in the mountains for a staggering twelve days, he had to learn how to make camp and stay alive.
One option is to peel strips of bark off a birch or cedar tree, which makes great tinder, and shred the papery parts inside. Bear also meets his namesake – a brown bear – to experience what happened when sixteen year old William Parven came face-to-face with a black bear in California. Like William, Bear negotiates a steep waterfall to illustrate the dangers that befell the teenager when he slipped and fell.

Learn how to make waterproof fire starter bundles, or your own little fire-starting gadget, at Instructables. Bear also demonstrates the skilled techniques of Eagle Scout Dan Stephens, who fell and knocked himself out in Quetico Provincial Park, Canada. You could also carry baggies of dryer lint, which tends to be very flammable, or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. It’s practically free to make, and runs on denatured alcohol, which can be found in large tins at hardware stores. Carry a small tarp or, at the very least, a compact and inexpensive mylar emergency blanket, as well as some paracord, which is strong and durable cord that can hold a lot of weight. Dress properly for the weather and be sure to always pack these items, even if you don’t plan to stay out overnight.
Avoid wearing cotton, which absorbs moisture and causes evaporation next to the skin, which has a cooling effect. Always carry an emergency blanket, which reflects your body heat back onto you rather than allowing it to dissipate into the air.
If you get wet, feel overly tired or start to shiver while outdoors, go back to your vehicle or camp right away. Add a few small, basic fishing supplies to your emergency kit, or learn how to make your own fishing spear out of bamboo. You’ll dramatically increase your chances of survival in an emergency if you know a few basic ways to alert rescuers to your location.
Few items are as important in this situation as a signal mirror, which is small, lightweight and cheap.

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