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David Gest wanted to revive his TV career by appearing in a tough survival mission with Bear Grylls . Guest, who died in his suite at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Canary Wharf, East London, had been fighting health problems, including insomnia. Friends claimed he had been a€?strung outa€? on sleeping pills and is understood to have been taking steroids to treat pneumonia. With the final ahead, Bear told the four Survivors to create their own shelter for the night.However there was never any chance of a good night's sleep with Bear's team storming the camps in the middle of the night. Confirmed celebrities Celebrity Big Brother set for 'all star' series next summer - who will be back? The next day the celebs had their most disgusting task yet as they were taught how to make clean drinking water with their BUMS using so-called rectal rehydration.Before the elimination, the celebrity contestants had one last task as they worked together to navigate their way along the dangerous Southern African coast, taking on the jagged rocks and dangerous swells.

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Bear wants to prove to them that even in the direst of situations – if you keep your wits about you – you will find options.
I honestly thought at best he would be paralysed, or at worst he would be dead," Dan admitted this week.On the show tonight we see the fallout from Patrick's terrifying drop as Bear Grylls' The Island is left in crisis. I always watch Bear's shows and think, 'How would I do at that?' I am so giddy about doing it.
I feel so lucky and excited!"She continued: "I never dreamed I would do anything like this, and I'm just hoping to push myself to new limits.

I think pushing yourself helps you throughout life."Every time I have a difficult experience, I think, 'Come on, remember when you survived that other difficult thing? Each time you push yourself through your fears, it gives you more confidence for the next time you're scared.

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