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The BLS training program covers different cardiopulmonary resuscitation topics, with programs changing or intensifying their curriculum based on the target audience – either the general public or people in healthcare, whether they are students or providers.
The course offered to the general public does not require students to take the skill test at the end of the program. The course offered towards healthcare providers and professionals are certification programs, wherein there is a skills test and a written exam given at the end of training (upon passing, students receive a completion card). The BLS for healthcare provider program is made especially for healthcare workers and providers, focusing on responding to cardiac emergency situations in a clinical setting – such as a hospital or an outpatient clinic.
In order to quality for this BLS program, students need to pass a pre-test, consisting of a skilsl test and a written exam. BLS for healthcare provider is a 4 and half hour program, with a renewal class the runs for 4 hours.
Certificates are also known as completion cards and are awarded to students once they finish a program and complete all necessary requirements. Non-adherent sterile dressing (2 inch by 2 inch): Use these or Second Skin to cover blisters, burns or lacerations. Scissors: Trauma scissors, which have a blunt end to protect the patient, can be used for cutting away clothing from injury, cutting medical tape, etc. Resealable plastic bags: Many uses, including icing a swollen joint or creating wound irrigation device. ACE, Coban, or other rubberized bandage: Can be used as outer wrap on splints, wound dressings or support for joint injuries. Pain relievers, including Tylenol aspirin and Ibuprofen: Provides relief for minor aches and pains, reduces fever, helps reduce inflammation of sprains and other injuries. After Bite or hydrocortisone cream USP 1 percent: Relieves skin irritation from bites, poison oak, stings, or allergic reactions. Oral rehydration salts: Packet of electrolyte salts and glucose for treatment of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or loss of fluids from vomiting or diarrhea.
This is a photo of some of the medication and supplies available inside the Carnival Legend. Bandages – You never know when you or your children may scrape a knee or get a cut walking on the beach. Prescription Meds- If you or any of the people traveling in your party take daily prescription medications be sure to bring plenty to cover your entire trip plus a few days just in case. Motion Sickness- Some people may be more sensitive to motion sickness than others, and even if you are an experienced boater it may be a good idea to bring a bottle of Dramamine just in case.
Anti Nausea and Anti-diarrhea -Visiting foreign countries, eating different foods and drinking different beverages may not sit well with your stomach so it is smart to have some meds that will help.
Remember to bring your travel first aid kit with you especially if you plan adventurous excursions..
Basic first aid training course is a one-day training course that aims to equip you with essential life-saving skills.

It is estimated that over one million children under 18 years of age are brought to emergency departments due to injuries and accidents at home. Accidental injuries are still among the leading causes of death for children under age of one. First aid courses are offered by your local workplace approved chapter and some training partners across the country.
BLS is the most used guideline by all providers throughout the country who teach some form of CPR training. Both programs typically cover the same topics, such as chest compressions, rescue breaths, using barrier devices, and automated external defibrillator.
However, if the trainee wants a completion card or certificate for the program, he or she has to take the skills test. Other lifesaving skills are also taught in this program, primarily skills to help relieve choking or other similar respiratory emergencies. Afterwards, another skills test and written exam is administered so the trainees can receive a completion card.
Requirements usually include complete attendance and passing score on all exams (skills, written, or both). For the BLS program, only the BLS for healthcare providers class has an available renewal class.
Cut and apply a section to your foot as soon as you discover a “hot spot.” Duct tape also works for this purpose. Bottled PVD iodine 10 percent solution should be diluted to a ratio of 1 percent or less for flushing wounds. Also be sure to keep them inside the bottles with your name on it just in case you may need to prove it is yours. You never know what the weather may be and you don’t want to ruin your trip because of motion sickness.
I have sailed with people who after about an hour on the ship they claim they are getting sea sick.. I pack anti diarrhea pills, anti nausea, and Pepto Bismal to help relieve my stomach if needed. There are more children die from accidents than from dreaded diseases such as meningitis or leukemia. Increasing awareness on potential accident risks at home can have a profound effect in the prevention of unwanted injuries and deaths.
You have to balance their need to be able to enjoy and explore their surroundings with keeping the place as safe as possible for them.
Basic Life Support not only covers the act of performing CPR, but also the phases before and after it – recognizing an event of cardiac arrest and managing the victim once he becomes stable. This program teaches trainees how to respond to different emergency situations – primarily cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies.

If you plan on taking one, remember that only students whose certificates are still valid can quality to take the program.
I bring a similar kit with us on every trip including when we leave the ship as you never know what can happen.
If traveling with children bring children’s liquid pain relievers and fever reducers. Its a good idea to have plenty of bandages for everyone in your family in a variety of sizes. If you take insulin or other medications requiring a syringe ask your cabin steward for a sharps disposal container or bio bag and they should be able to provide one for you. There are many herbal remedies, patches and wristbands that people use for motion sickness but I can only speak to Dramamine which my family and I always use.
First aid refers to the actions that are taken to help manage the immediate medical needs of a person. At least 3 in 10 parents have had to rush their child to the emergency department at some point. Moreover, you should know how to provide first aid for common emergencies and accidents in children.
If you are planning to do some serious adventures I would highly recommend you buying Quikclot If you happen to have a serious laceration, especially a head laceration you can bleed heavily. Dramamine is a popular medication used to prevent motion sickness, it comes in a regular and non drowsy formula.
It is a mental thing for most people but if you do get out to sea and hit some rough water you will definitely feel the difference. It can also help if you contract a stomach virus onboard, although it is rare it does happen. Furthermore, at least 8 in 10 parents would not know what to do in emergencies such as choking, burns, or falls. Taking a one-day first aid course can provide you with invaluable information about how to keep your house safe, which will certainly give you lasting peace of mind. Quikclot can stop the bleeding fast and help you get to the hospital without using too much blood. As soon as you start feeling legitimately sea sick don’t try to fight it, take the recommended dosage as soon as you can.
For example, in case of burns, running the burn site under cool water can help stop the burning process from progressing preventing further burns.
If you happen to hit rough water and run out of Dramamine the ship may  have a few bottles for sale but not only will they be very expensive, but they will quickly be purchased by folks who forgot to bring any at all.

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