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The Fact Sheets are the copyright of St John Ambulance Australia under the Australian Copyright Act 1968. If you would like to use multiple copies of a fact sheet (over 10 copies), or any St John first aid information for commercial purposes, you must formally apply for permission. St John (Qld) delivers nationally recognised training in partnership with St John Ambulance Australia Inc. As part of the standard induction courses for mining in Australia they cover OH & S which covers CPR and learning your DRS ABCD, so the answer is “Yes” you do. You may think that learning CPR before you go into the mines is as easy as DRS ABCD, but it can be as involved as you want it to be, so learn as much as you can so when the situation arises you are well prepared for any incident that may happen in your workplace above or below ground (Or even in the office).
Below is a brief run through of what I did when I sat my CPR course here in Brisbane which can be done around many places, but if you are in an induction you’ll be covering these points below, if you want a refresher or want to get more First Aid CPR knowledge, have a look here and then you can book online easily in your area as I have done. A new letter added from the old way of CPR is the S which stands for “Send for help” this means whatever you are doing up to that point, you make sure you (or someone you delegate) have called the correct emergency phone number to get help on its way fast if it is needed. Make sure there is no danger to yourself, the victim and others around you also in the surrounding area. Some examples of danger could be; spilt liquids, traffic, glass, debris, other people, no light etc.
Check the victim can respond to you, this is mainly to see if they are unconscious or conscious. The best phone to call 000 from is the home phone, they know where you are straight away and can get someone there very fast, also if you can’t hold the phone for some reason, then knowing where you are is a bonus as they can get someone there a lot faster.
The problem with calling from mobile phones is the operators wouldn’t know where you are and you maybe put through to a call centre initially to see which state you are in. The Defibrillator is a machine that shocks the heart into a normal rhythm and is useful when a victim has suffered a heart attack or when a heart is beating irregularly. Defibrillators are like a one stop shop for CPR victims, they shock the heart and also have the timing in them for CPR too, they bark out order to you and when to clear etc once you have the pads in the correct place on the victim. This text is required for students taking a Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Manual (BLSHCP) course.
This low-cost, lifelike infant CPR trainer is the perfect supplement to the Resusci Baby manikin. The minister for Health Dr James Reilly brought forward a very courageous and admirable proposal. The British Lung Foundation research has found that more than half (51%) of 8 to 15 year old children have been exposed to cigarette smoke when confined in a car. This is worrying given that smoking just one cigarette in a car, even with the window open, creates a greater concentration of second-hand smoke than a whole evening's smoking in a pub.
Forest Eireann, which represents the tobacco industry, has described the proposal as over the top and unnecessary.

As this is true for the vast majority of smokers you can still see the need for this proposal every day in traffic. As Irish motorists spend more time than any other European counterpart in their car it is important to raise awareness. If you are interested in finding out more about upcoming First Aid courses in Dublin or how we can tailor a course for your school, creche or club please contact us. Every week for the last 10 months or so we have spent time hunting for and gathering wild food as part of our commercial foraging project with Rhug Organic Estate. Late on Tuesday afternoon we were looking for young Wild Garlic leaves (also known as Ransomes or Ramsons, properly called Allium ursinum) along the shady banks of one of the rivers bordering the estate. Pretty much every part of the plant is edible, but they are best sampled at different times of the year. Later on, towards the height of summer and a few months beyond you can make use of the bulbs themselves – assuming you can identify them safely and harvest them without damaging the delicate ecosystem they may inhabit. So picture the scene – three intrepid foragers wandering along the riverbed, wading through the shallows to reach the overhanging  banks. We have collected our Wild Garlic leaves and walk out through the fields back to the road, with a light mist descending and a view towards the Clwydian Range. The fact sheets, and no part of them, may be reproduced, by any process for any purpose, without written permission.
All care has been taken in preparing the information but St John takes no responsibility for its use by other parties or individuals.
The Baby Anne manikin was developed to provide effective infant CPR training without compromising realism or quality. He wants to ban smoking in cars when children are present and hopes to bring forward legislation early next year. It is under consideration in many other countries like Cyprus, the Netherlands and South Africa.
It said that smokers were responsible people and would not light up in cars where children are present. Research has proven that passive smoking is the third most preventable cause of death in Ireland, after direct smoking and drinking alcohol. It has been more than a little enlightening, and has taken me to some corners of my local area I didn’t know existed. Wild Garlic is one of my favourite wild foods, and a real highlight of the foraging year for me. Right about now (for foraging in North Wales at least, in the southern counties you might be a little further ahead in the season) the young leaves are the best, and perfect for use in soups and similar dishes.
The steep Welsh woodland was home to a carpet of green, slightly rubbery leaves with that distinctive smell, somewhere between chives and cultivated garlic.

In the Spring its leaves have a distinctive shape, with two pointed lobes at the base and a narrow taper at the tip.
The root of this one is based on Bears, so I guess that Bears Garlic is the most appropriate name. St John encourages first aid training as these Fact Sheets are not a substitute for first aid training. Even in our wildest dreams we could not image exposing our children to a small confined space filled with cigarette smoke. As you can see from the poster a similar initiative is going on in the UK since the end of 2010. The smell alone reminds me of dozens of woodland trips and adventures, and there are few plants in the British countryside that have such a strong taste, and as many uses.
As the plants mature the leaves are still good to eat, but the stems and seeds become more interesting too.
We picked leaves from areas where plants were plentiful, and we could take them safe in the knowledge we were causing no harm.
The root was traditionally used to make a beverage (sold as something called Portland Sago), commonly drunk before the arrival to Europe of tea and coffee.
I had identified it straight away and discarded it – but what if I had been a novice forager, taking my first steps into finding wild food for myself and trying something new – would I have discounted the Arum leaf, or would I have assumed that because it was growing up through the other leaves that it was part of the same plant? For me it serves as an example of a good reason for learning latin names for plants, particularly ones you plan on eating. The stems can be treated like spring onions and add a kick to stir fries (pork is my favourite accompaniment) and the seed heads can be pickled and used later in the year like capers. In the Autumn it becomes a tight cluster of red and orange berries – which are the bit you REALLY want to avoid. They do look similar in colour and size, and although the shape is quite different that would have been less clear if only the top half of the leaf had been picked. As I grasped one clump and gently pulled a slight difference in the texture of one of the leaves made me stop and check – what was different?
They contain oxalates of saponins which have tiny, needle shaped crystals that cause irritation to and inflammation of the nose, lips, mouth, throat, skin and cause symptoms not unlike that of a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. I opened my hands out and laid the handful of garlic leaves out on the soil and found the unwanted extra – a member of the Araceae family.
Arum poisoning, although rare, is the most common type of plant poisoning presented at A & E departments.

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