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Make a small garden to the patio or balcony can be done very easily, even can work in the smallest space. Shades of garden thick with green impression more interesting by adding some furniture in it. With the rapid urbanization of the world, we often have to choose to live in overcrowded towns and cities. If you have some unused space beside the staircase, utilize it to plant some bamboo plants. If you have a deep desire of watching trees stretching out their branches over the countryside, go for having a mini version of that view at your home itself. For a garden that has a sturdier look, rather than the delicate look of green plants, consider making a cactus cutaway.
If you have a small balcony adjoining the staircase, going for an indoor balcony garden would make a good choice. If you have a spacious bathroom, allocate the border of one side of the bath for a grass garden. The home decor eBook was created just for people like you, Regular people who don’t want to pay for a designer, and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on high-priced furniture and accessories.
If you are living in a high rise apartment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the serenity of a garden. As a complement garden decoration this time, you can also add some great furniture to create a modern impression. This can be done by having a bonsai tree, with a mossy base, placed over a table near the window.
Consult your interior designer to make the necessary remodeling so as to build an indoor garden of one of the above mentioned types. Regardless of size, if you have a balcony, you have the potential to create a garden paradise where you can relax after a hard day. Now more than ever, the art of gardening is being adapted for small spaces, from balconies and patios to interiors. Adding some small garden ideas to decorate your home garden and patio that would make it more perfect.

But those that include classic style fans can choose furniture with accents of soft natural look.
A bonsai tree resembles the stunning green giants and the mossy base resembles a rolling hillside. If you have some space in the ground floor of your home, create a small water stream in it and plant grass, small, herbs and shrubs in the adjacent areas of the stream.
Enjoy the time to read a book, relax or even breakfast would be more fun by adding a garden design.
Fortunately, having an indoor garden allows us to fulfill our desire of living amidst greenery.
This time we present some fresh ideas to decorate a patio or balcony of your home and provide different colors for your home. If you are one among those longing to have a garden at your home, this article shares some excellent indoor garden ideas to help you do so. Light up the area with skylights and put some koi fish in eh stream to let them swim there freely. For creating a successful balcony garden, you need to choose the plants carefully, keeping in mind the type of sun and weather your balcony gets. The dominance of green color can give the impression of fresh, garden design that will surely make you feel at home to linger in this place. Most apartment balconies can very well support a different variety of container-grown plants, if they get enough sunlight and proper technique of container culture is followed. Keep reading…From life-size terrariums to the smallest of potted plants, the indoor gardening options below range in size and complexity. Though the space available in your balcony may not look much, you can even grow fruits and vegetables in containers in limited space.
A properly maintained balcony garden, along with providing relaxing space, can provide home grown vegetables or fruits also. Note how the green plants below look stunning against the white palette.We now turn our attention to  Tend, which offers customers everything from container gardening items to interiorscaping services.
Note only are there many interesting varieties to choose from, they can be combined in a planter to create a visually stunning arrangement that brings modern charm to a light-filled space.

While typically low-maintenance, succulents can be a challenge to keep alive at times, so check with your local nursery for maintenance tips. Below, a planter filled with succulents takes center stage in a residential design project by Tend:The small scale of succulents makes them ideal for indoor gardening.
Don’t hesitate to make your potted succulent arrangement a true work of art, Add shells, rocks and other items of interest for a one-of-a-kind creation. Add glass balls, rocks, driftwood and other eye-catching baubles to make your succulent garden a true plantscape! [from Big Red Sun]Or make your succulent garden part of a tabletop arrangement, incorporating both artwork and decor into the vignette.
A full DIY can be found at Shelterness.Sometimes an assortment of individual succulents in pots can create the perfect indoor garden.
In the image below, pastel containers are the ideal complement to succulents in shades of jade, mint and rose.
While once reserved for grade school science projects or gardening endeavors for the most devoted of enthusiasts, terrariums are now mainstream in their appeal. Artisans are adding quirky elements to their terrarium creations, such as figurines and one-of-a-kind finds from nature.
The succulent terrarium below is from a previous Decoist article on Decorating With Houseplants–check it out!
Compact and ultra modern, these selections from Tend are perfect for rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows:We end with a giant terrarium from Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design via Home Insides. They have an other-worldly look, and they are particularly striking when grouped, as shown below. A similar planter style unifies the greenery, and placing the plants on either side of floor-to-ceiling glass doors makes the transition from room to room a visually smooth one:A windowsill garden is ideal for growing herbs that need plenty of light.

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