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This summer, Sheri and Randy Propster will drive 35,000 miles to conduct 70 backpacking clinics at outdoor shops across America as part of BACKPACKER’s 11th annual Get Out More tour. JD: When you walk into an outdoor store for a Get Out More presentation, what are you trying to achieve vis-à-vis the attendees? JD: If you could boil down all of the advice you give to the three most important tips that every hiker should know, what would those be? Propsters: Our three top tips are really principles, or ways of thinking about your adventure.
There’s still time to reserve a spot and join Mountain Hardwear and Colorado Outward Bound School as they embark on the first annual Colorado Trails Fest 2016!
A short fun video showing how to make your own hillbilly laundry using a windshield wiper motor to take camping or RVing. Experience this world-class, glaciated peak in a day on an 8.4-mile out-and-back that climbs 4,600 feet to a high-altitude camp above the Muir Snowfield. Mount Rainier may be a technical, world-class peak, but you don’t have to be a mountaineer to experience it. Less than a mile in, crest a grassy ridgeline separating calf-deep Dead Horse and Edith Creeks, and continue on Skyline Trail. 2-Person Two-Person Tent ReviewsWhether you’re backpacking for a week or simply camping for the weekend with a partner, you’ll need a durable two person tent to keep you comfortable at night.
This sturdy, double-wall two-person dome tent offers the protection and space campers need for year-round use—and the durability to do it year after year. Shaving tent weight usually means jacking the price or shrinking the dimensions, but the two-person Soul hits a rare trifecta—light, livable, and affordable.
As you progress through the story and earn XP, you will be able to select from a wide array of skills – which will give you an edge against mutants. For more help on Dying Light, read our Blueprints Locations and Crafting Components Farming Guide. In this guide, I have broken down all skills, pre-requisites, and possible effects for each one. This skill teaches you how to craft the most common things like Lockpicks, Throwing Stars, Molotov, and more. This skill teaches you how to craft Boosters which allow faster running, better sight in darkness, and more. This skill teaches you how to craft Throwing Stars with effects including Paralyzing, Burning, and Exploding.
This skill teaches you how to craft Electrical Fence Traps which are amazing to fend off pursuing zombies. Combine this skill with Conserve Weapons from Power Line and you will be able to keep your weapons for a long time.
With this skill, you will be able to use dead bodies to your advantage and hide yourself from pursuing mutants. This skill allows you to search dead bodies a lot faster and have better chances of finding decent loot. With this skill, mutants will not be able to notice while you are attacking under the effect of Camouflage. This skill teaches you how to craft Grappling Hook and move around the city in a much faster way. This skill increases the overall damage output of the crafted items having elemental effects. With this skill, you will receive +25 extra HP and the ability to use Grappling Hook, Shields, and Camouflage in a much better way. With this skill, you will be able to dodge enemies’ attacks and throw them in different directions.
This skill teaches you how to slide while running – pretty good for getting out of a heated zones and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. With this skill, you will be able to vault over enemies and different things without having to engage enemies.
With this skill, you will be able to regenerate HP to a certain level when you are under a HP threshold.
With this skill, any enemy thrown with Grapple will be knocked down, giving you opportunity to execute follow-up attacks. This skill improves your freerunning skills and allows you to climb and run faster than before.
The reward on this famous, 7.5-mile hike is a sweeping ridgeline view of the Catawba Valley framed by a striking rock ledge.
After a tantalizing first view of Catawba Valley, the trail swings away from the ridge then winds through a cluster of boulders.
Circle Mother Mountain for nonstop views of Rainier and a whole bunch of cascades and flora. This 6.6-mile loop features a coastal bluff with dazzling wildflower displays and a wild beach with exceptional views of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Only minutes from downtown, this easy 4-mile hike into the Issaquah Alps passes near a charming waterfall en route to a memorable view of greater Seattle and the Olympics.

Explore 4.4 miles through old growth timber to a glacier-carved lake on this family-friendly hike in the Cascade Mountains. Trace the abandoned Great Northern Railroad to remarkable stone tunnels, collapsed avalanche sheds, and super views of the Cascades on this 12.2-mile, out-and-back historical hike.
A good spring hike, this 5.2-mile out-and-back strolls through the shade of old-growth forest to the peaceful banks of Lena Lake. The 4.3-mile climb to McClellan Butte is steep and rugged, but the payoff on top of this strikingly sharp summit is nothing short of spectacular.
Solitude rules on this 9.4-mile out-and-back hike along Little Kachess Lake to rock gardens ablaze with wildflowers,giant green forests, and a quiet lakeside hideout. Hike 8.6 miles along a rippling creek and past high cliff walls to pockets of old-growth forest, birding hotspots, and a bonanza of wildflower patches.
A steep climb of 3,700 feet in 3.6 miles gains a firetower lookout with spectacular views of Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Mount Stuart. Mountainsides of wildflowers and alpine larches will excite all five senses on this 6-mile out-and-back mountain trek in Wenatchee National Forest. This challenging 2,000-foot climb coils through 7.9 miles of mixed forest then unloads killer views from the tops of two favorite local peaks. A stiff climb is rewarded with Lord-Of-The-Rings-like views on this 8.6-mile, berry-strewn trek. This all-season, 7-mile loop in the Boulder River Wilderness gently ascends through fast-growing (and fast-falling) alders, fragrant cedars, and rugged Douglas firs.
A 7.4-mile hike with nonstop views of the Olympics, leading to a summit on the eastern edge of Olympic National Park. Explore wildlife-rich salt flats and marsh in one of the last undeveloped deltas in the Puget Sound Region. This 9.4-miler leads to a serene mountain lake and a ragged peak in Snoqualmie National Forest. This stunning 12-mile romp visits one of the most beautiful and rugged desert shrub-steppe areas of central Washington and is well worth the 2-hour drive from downtown.
Satisfy your wanderlust on this 5.4-mile out-and-back, which offers stop-and-gawk panoramas of the jagged Cascades blanketed by glaciers. This 8-mile backcountry trek serves up two mountain lakes, intimate views of Mount Rainier, and some off-trail scrambles in the Tatoosh Range. Hike the vibrant meadows of the Olympics on this 17-mile out-and-back, passing a warplane crash site and old mining town in Buckhorn Wilderness. Set aside 2 days to explore the Wenatchee Mountains on this 16-mile out-and-back, which features alpine lakes, glacier-draped peaks, and lots of solitude.
See a remote part of the Goat Rocks Wilderness on this 16.8-mile loop, which passes a fine array of giant fir, Alaskan yellow cedar, and a smattering of larches. Climb to a pass high in the Wenatchee Mountains with colorful wildflower meadows, campsites, and eye-candy panoramas on this 5.4-mile out-and-back. A bit of rain will only enhance your 6.1-mile out-and-back trek to foggy forests, misty waterfalls, and a nearly 6,000-foot peak in Mt. This 13.2-mile PCT out-and-back is resplendent with mountain scenery, including big panoramas, heaps of wildlife, and a blissfully blue alpine lake. Enjoy a soundtrack of whistling winds on this rolling 7-mile hike through virgin forestland to a large alpine lake in William O. This 8-mile out-and-back to a pair of volcanic Cascades cones comes with dozens of colorful wildflower meadows and chilly alpine tarns.
Gain more than 2,500 feet on this steep 7.6-mile hike though an open evergreen forest to a view-blessed peak in Wenatchee National Forest.
This pleasant 7-mile round-trip hike into Norse Peak Wilderness offers sublime views of volcanic summits without the area’s usual knee-breaking ascent. This romantic 6.1-miler follows Lovers Lane Trail to four waterfalls and countless cool swimming holes set in the deep forests of Olympic National Park. From river valley to alpine meadows, this 10.8-mile hike features a brilliant flower display in midsummer and stunning Olympic Range views year-round. This 11-mile out-and-back hike heads up Dungeness Spit, a sandy coastal bar decorated with giant driftwood and the occasional deer, to an old lighthouse. This out-and-back 4.4-miler gently wanders under the shade of giant cedars and firs, then circles a peaceful lake.
Grab shotgun views of four volcanoes on this lonely 6.2-mile out-and-back in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Explore a wild kingdom of birds, elk, and black bears on this 5.4-mile, moderately challenging dayhike in the William O. Hike a lonely ridge to a lovely meadow campsite on this fairly modest 9.2-mile hike with postcard panoramas of Mount Adams. This 7.4-miler boasts unmatched views of Mount Rainier, not to mention wildflower meadows and campsites by a mountain lake.
Climb 1,300 feet to a sparkling alpine basin dotted with summer wildflowers on this 6.25-mile out-and-back along the Pacific Crest Trail. This 6.8-mile day or overnight is part Northwest forest and part desert, highlighted by a host of birds and cliffs rising above a rushing creek.

This mostly forested loop climbs 1,250 feet to three misty waterfalls and dynamite views of the Olympic Mountains. This multiday paddle tours a small island, scenic coves, and tops things off with a 4.8-mile hike to a lake in Larrabee State Park.
Pack light: This strenuous dayhike gains 3,000 feet in less than 3 miles, and offers in-your-face mountain views in Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Hike 9.6 miles over a panoramic ridgeline serving up big views of Glacier Peak, and across wildflower meadows to a lookout tower. This dayhike quickly gains 3,000 feet in 2.5 miles and ends on top of a summit where mountain views extend in every direction.
This 13.6-miler traces a treeless ridgeline speckled with seasonal wildflowers and endless mountainous views, then ends at a lakeside lunch spot.
If your wicking layers don’t match your shell and your insulating fleece clashes with both but you are warm and dry, then you are a supermodel in the backpacking world. The January issue highlights the top day, weekend, and multi-day adventures in ten regions of the country as decided by our reader’s votes. A spider web of trails crisscrosses the meadows—and violet patches of lupine and bright red Indian paintbrush drown out the grass in July and August. The remaining, upward trudge to Camp Muir crosses permanent snowfields interspersed with rock, sand, and piles of pumice and volcanic ash that turn the snow a muddy red in places. Take your time: Crevasses (roughly two to four feet wide) become more prevalent the higher you climb.
Perched between the Muir Snowfield and the Cowlitz Glacier, this 10,080-foot basecamp consists of a ranger station and a rock warming hut. Field testers at Backpacker have put tents to the ultimate test in a variety of conditions.
When combined with Stomp, this becomes one of the most effective skills in taking out enemies.
Below the shelter is a sturdy loo-with-a-view, a 1992 gold award winner according to the plaque on the door. Rainier, old-growth forest, and colorful summer wildflowers on this 2.8-mile hike to a pair of high alpine lakes.
Stuart’s wrinkly south face dominating a tawny valley, then descend back to earth again. If your legs can take a stiff, 3,434-foot climb, the payoff is best-in-show vistas of Rainier and its neighbors. Helens blast area, then enters old growth as it ascends Goat Mountain’s ridges to several stunning overlooks.
We highlight the skills attendees should focus on while planning and preparing for their adventures, and introduce attendees to the latest and greatest gear available to enhance their adventures.
Consider an appropriate balance of weight, comfort, convenience, and (in this current economy) cost when creating your personal style. Today was acclimatization day for our Summit For Someone climb of Longs Peak with Big City Mountaineers. Start at the upper parking area, next to the Paradise Jackson Visitor Center, and follow the wide paved path northeast to the signed Skyline Trail, a well-worn dirt trail directly across from the ranger station. Keep straight at the next two four-way intersections, following signs for Camp Muir and Skyline Trail. At 8,640 feet, round a rock promontory, which forms the leading edge of a ridge that connects to the aptly-named 9,584-foot Anvil Rock (half a mile to the north-northeast).
Follow the most obvious path across the snowfield (look for wire wands with florescent tape that mark the best route; give a wide berth to small holes in the snow).
The white-blazed trail shoots up a series of wooden steps then angles right for a gentle mountainside ramble above VA 311. The trail crosses roots, rocks, and five more wooden bridges before switchbacking away from the road. Grab your camera for a stunning view that extends across Catawba Valley, Tinker Cliffs, and North Mountain. Another mile brings you to a spring and a section of moss-bordered trail that soon passes a short spur trail to Catawba Shelter. Rock hop across Pebble Creek at mile 2.1, then keep climbing north past 7,385-foot McClure Rock, which resembles a pyramid-shaped pile of plywood-sized rock slabs. In late summer, the exposed ice of the Muir Glacier melts into small rivulets of water; crampons or mountaineering boots required. Listen for the loud cracking sounds of massive, jumbled blocks of ice calving off the glacier. Adams’s flat-topped summit, the Tatoosh spires to the south, the Cowlitz Glacier, and Cathedral Rock.

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