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If you've ever vacationed on the Greek islands, you may have noticed Aegean Cats hanging around fishing boats.
Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. House Rabbit Society strongly urges parents not to buy their children live “Easter bunnies” unless they are willing to make a 10-year commitment to properly care for the animals.
Mary Cotter, vice-president of HRS, says that many of the rabbits purchased as Easter pets will never live to see their first birthday.
Most children want a companion they can hold, carry and cuddle, but rabbits are fragile, ground-loving creatures who break easily when dropped. If you think you would enjoy sharing your home with a rabbit, please contact HRS, your local animal shelter, humane society or rabbit rescue group for information about adopting a rabbit.
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Once diagnosed with asthma, your doctor will prescribe certain medications for you customised to manage your asthma appropriately.
Most asthma medications are inhaled so they can act directly at the site of the problem; the inner wall of the airways. Your preventer medicine reduces the redness and swelling in your airways and dries up the mucus. Most preventer medications are based on steroids very similar to those produced by your body, and are considered to be a safe and very effective way to prevent acute asthma attacks. Preventers must not be used in an asthma emergency; they are used to manage your asthma on a day to day basis.

Your reliever medicine works quickly to relieve asthma symptoms by relaxing the muscles around the airways, making the airways wider and breathing easier.
Symptom controllers can help people who still get symptoms even when they take regular preventer medicines. Combination medications generally need to be taken at the same time each day at the dosage prescribed by your doctor but some Asthma Action Plans use Symbicort for emergency therapy.
Your doctor can advise you on the availability under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme of the drugs mentioned above. Puffer medications are pumped into the spacer device and are then inhaled through a facemask or mouthpiece.
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Each year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks are purchased as Easter gifts only to be abandoned or left at shelters in the days, weeks and months that follow Easter. Some will die from neglect, while others will be abandoned in local parks or left at animal shelters.
They can, literally, be frightened to death when approached by predators such as dogs, cats, raccoons and owls. The risk of uterine cancer in unspayed female rabbits is alarmingly high, and unneutered males are likely to spray.
No matter where you live, you are probably within 10 miles of a rabbit who desperately needs a safe, indoor home.
Preventers need to be taken as prescribed by your doctor, even when you have no symptoms of asthma.

If you need a symptom controller, it should be taken in addition to your preventer medication. But while your reliever works for around 4-6 hours, symptom controllers work for up to 12 hours at a time. A spacer is a special device shaped like a clear plastic football or tube that allows for easier administration of the puffer medication. This is done primarily because the nebulisers used by ambulance paramedics also give oxygen at the same time as the medication to help you breathe easier.
It is unreasonable to expect a small child to make a 10-year commitment to taking care of a rabbit. If you are not sure you can make this kind of commitment, please consider buying your child a chocolate bunny this Easter instead. This type of medication can reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks when taken regularly but do not work rapidly enough to be effective during an acute asthma attack. However, they are not effective for quick relief of symptoms so they should not be used for asthma first aid. Others may choose to forgo a cage entirely, using instead a pen for the rabbit’s home base.

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