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One of my favorite skills of the entire 1st Season of FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS was when Zach, Opie, Joe and I made a paracord survival net and used it in conjunction with a hand built rock weir to catch fish in a Tennessee river valley.
Methods of catching fish similar to this have been around for centuries so I take no credit for the concept.
Opie, Zach, Joe and I were able to find a perfect choke point in the river upstream from where we were camped to give this ancient time-tested method of catching fish an honest shot. In the case of a circular dip net, these paracord strands are tied all the way around the frame about 1″ apart.
The next step is to tie (using a simple granny overhand knot) the inner strand of one hanging pair to the inner strand of the neighboring hanging pair and do this all the way around the frame.
Below are some photos from one of my courses at Willow Haven Outdoor of students making both circular dip nets and flat gill nets. Lisa, just finishing the 1st step of tying all the strands on with Lark’s Head knots.
Lisa in the photos above made an awesome handled dip net that she left behind at Willow Haven. Hopefully these extra detailed photos and descriptions make this skill easier to understand and practice at home.
I had a great time and learned a lot in Survival Basic Skills 101 class at Willow Haven Outdoor.
Survival blogs can get pretty serious sometimes so it’s nice to toss in a not so serious post every now and then. Produced and marketed by The Avalon Hill Company and Stackpole Books, this board game is 5 games in one.
LOST: in which all players take the part of a most inexperienced woodsman and make survival decisions to get out. The game board itself represents approximately 13,000 square miles of woods, rough terrain, mountains, plains, rivers and lakes that players must navigate through and around using survival knowledge.

There is a newly released swedish game called Wilderness that has many similarities to Outdoor Survival, but has been refined and streamlined into a very tense, realistic and fun gaming experience. Outdoor Survival: The board game that teaches you that the way to survive in the wilderness is to aimlessly wander around in random directions until you die. Hunting and killing large man-eating grub worms was my 2nd pick only to SURVIVAL INSTRUCTOR when it came to my choice of careers. I wanted a dirt bike for years after watching Rambo tear through creeks and fields running from the law on this 250. Yes, the EM-50 Urban Assault RV from the Movie STRIPES with Bill Murray was always one of my favorites!
First off, I owned a video store for 22 years and have always loved movies, but this is one of the most fun and innovative articles related to movies I have read in a while. Mint Creek!Just saw this on Lew Rockewell,one of my favorite sites,will be seeing him speak at Freedom Fest in N.H. As a Ford employee I am admittedly biased, but if I had to pick a BOV (though not in any movie yet), I'd go with a fully loaded Ford F-150 Raptor. The last three fixers I hauled were push start, the keys are only for the locking glovebox.
A dozer would work in a pinch, though not as much space to haul scrounge goods and not as easy for non operators to figure out how to use.
It’s not my first time to pay a quick visit this site, i am visiting this site dailly and obtain pleasant facts from here everyday. It turns out that you can make yourself a handful of nifty survival tools if you crack open your cellphone. Most displays contain a thin reflective piece of foil that can make an excellent survival mirror.
Using the magnet from the microphone, you can magnetize a ferrous metal wire from the internals, then use it as a makeshift compass.

The instructors were awesome, they took the time to make sure that you could accomplish every skill. What a great time, the instruction was top notch, realistic, and easy to incorporate into everyday life. If its the end of the world (the Plague, the Bomb, Aliens, Ect) then make it an older diesel 4 WD pickup, the older non electronic engines will run on heating oil spihoned out of any exterior abandoned home tank, and you can blend in pretty much any thing that will burn, (motor oil, ATF, cooking oil). Attach it to a piece of bark using tree sap, and you can then signal to rescue crews from a distance.
By attaching the positive and negative ends with a wire you can momentarily render it red-hot, which can then be used to ignite some tinder.
I learned several skills that I hope I never have to use, but it is good to have them in my back pocket. His character had lovingly restored and tricked out a black F-100 that was absolutely beautiful and then messed it up trying to escape an ambush from his former team member. If you are having trouble accomplishing a certain skill the staff will make the time to make sure you are comfortable before completing the course.
I am also going to be updating the emergency kit that I take backpacking with some additional items that would make an emergency situation survivable.K.
Though the DeLorean Time Travel car in the movie might get you out of dodge quicker, it needs a long straight path and you may not get that in the midst of a disaster Bug Out.

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