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If you’re looking for a deep adventure experience through mountainous terrain and massive cave systems, then you’ll love Quad Mountain Survival.
Another mountain, nicknamed Mount Everest, reaches the Minecraft height limit, making it absolutely massive. Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat.
Chocolate Better Dungeons Mod is  one of the best Dungeon modifying mods you would ever see in a long time so take this chance and download! If you watch cartoons, no matter what our age is, you will surely have watched the Gravity Falls show. The Gravity Falls texture pack is not like any other texture pack out there, while including amazing surface textures, it total re-skins the Minecraft mobs into characters from the show.
The Texture pack adds amazing textures and re-skins the mobs and the players default skin to the characters from the cartoon tv series. This map takes you to four breathtaking mountainous islands, under which lie some extraordinary cave systems. The mod creator calls these cave systems “the most amazing cave systems you will ever see in Minecraft.” At the end of each cave, players will find a treasure chest filled with cool items, and there are a total of five treasure chests scattered around the map. The four mountains each hide a unique cave system, with the fifth and final treasure chest being found under the marsh.
Players will uncover old, decrepit buildings and even reveal secret portals as they explore the marsh, and we don’t want to give away all of the new discoveries that lie waiting for players. The mountains are abandoned, although players will encounter lava streams and other challenges that they need to solve. Each mountain is unique in its own way and is filled with cave systems, entrances, and other cool features. Hope you have fun with this mess of a map :D It has a village, kingdom, tribes, a circus, and some other features! For many it has become a favorite, the characters and the story line, people just fall in love with it.

What can be more heart warming and pleasant than enjoying your favorite show in your favorite game? There’s also a marshy area where players can find the ancient remains of a lost civilization. One mountain is actually a volcano, and it is crowned with a massive pool of lava at the top. Just like the mountain environments, players will find a deep cave system under this marsh. If you want to spend a few hours discovering a whole new Minecraft experience, then this is one of the best maps in which to do that.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Alot of things were added through Chocolate Better Dungeons Mod including mobs and rare chest.
The details are amazing and the only downside we could find was that the lighting are poor but if you are playing the map in daytime it shouldn’t be a big problem. This map is perfect for any Minecraft Server looking for a Lobby Map or Hub Map with different portals and rooms for Gametypes such as Survival Games, Mini Games, Skyblock and Factions!
The volcano has a very large cave system, and stepping inside any of these caves for the first time can be a breathtaking experience. There are also two other mountains waiting to be discovered, including a smaller, heavily forested mountain and cave system. An Iron Golem Farm-To get all the iron you need-Again look it up (its too hard to explain here)5. The mobs in this mod is actually really strong, you will actually see them wearing a diamond armor and sword charging at you 3 on 1 so be prepared.
You can even add Jump Pads (boostpads like from hive) so you’re Minecraft Hub Server will look awesome and have a great place for your players to spawn! The coolest and yet most enjoyable thing, is that the main characters skin is changed to Dipper.

Every kill you did on mobs drops a diamond so it actually rewards you alot in defeating one of these.
It can be used to turn your unused metals into lucky blocks so that fate can decide the possible outcome.The outcomes can be anything from an explosion to harmful enemies or useful items. Every Dungeon in this mods have its own boss and every boss drops different items ofcourse. It is an option between good luck and bad luck.How to use the Lucky Block Mod?The Lucky Block Mod has an excellent feature of turning your gold cache into lucky blocks. The question on “which boss drops what?” will be answered by downloading this mods and TRY! Animal farms-keep one block of grass in the beginning and let it grow in a cage, animals will spawn (hopefully)9.
What you need to do is to create a repetitive recipe of gold blocks until you get to the approved limit of 100 lucky blocks.
If you remember watching spider man and then wanting to be just like him, these are the feeling the kids will get when playing with this texture pack. This step is not difficult to take; create a lucky block, and then repeat the process by surrounding each lucky block with additional goldThis process will lead you to an increased yield from your gold blocks. Adults (Yes 18 year old guys still watch cartoons, because cartoons are awesome) also will enjoy this texture pack, maybe not as much as the youngsters, but they sure will. The Lucky Block Mod is neat and an excellent fit for making game maps and multiple servers.

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