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The monolythic concrete dome shelter is the shape used in Titan1 Missile Silos to protect the personal from direct nuclear blasts.
Atlas Survival Shelters specializes in creating galvanized corrugated pipe survival shelters for its customers.
This is less tiny house living and more of a survival shelter but I still thought you might enjoy learning about it (I thought it was interesting). If you liked this underground survival shelter you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with more!
Thank you for doing an underground house but I’d be more interested if they were set into the side of a hill with some natural light. Finally, I think the guy with the rifle at the escape hatch send way too negative a message for anyone but the real hard-core survivalists.
With underfloor storage for all that gold that will come in so handy when struggling for basic survival.
Throughout the rest of history many people took precautions of some kind, many were happy they did, it always puzzles me why so many make this an emotional issue rather than using a little higher brain function & going with plain old calculated risk avoidance. Not that I personally would go for a bunker, I’d rather be able to move, they still have their place though, perhaps you should note that the government seem to think them a good idea for themselves.
A scaled back version might be handy in tornado country but you would have to be careful about water infiltration in flood zones.
Back in the 60’s we lived next door to a family that installed one of those bomb shelters in their backyard. In general, I do not assume that I would survive such an attack, and if I do, I have the basics on hand for civil defense (essentially bug-out bags to go to evacuation points), and I do rely on the good will of others (and offer that good will to others also). Forget nuclear attack – just think more about coordinated attacks on the electric grid on the coldest day of the year. Up here in Canada we do not assume that we will need to defend ourselves against our neighbours. If I had the money I would build an underground complex of these all interconnected as a survivalist hotel. If you designed one of these so that one end was glass and stuck out of a south sloping hillside you would have a very cost effective passive solar underground house.

A very very expensive Quonset Hut; surely jacked up in price by thousand-folds to cater to fear. No filters for water intake; no way to re-purify and re-cycle gray and black water—where IS that going to GO to? This COULD be used as actual housing if sited properly—in Hurricane Irene underground tanks were washed OUT of the ground and washed into rivers etc. Let these scared preppers and the extremely wealthy–whose wealth is in –what??? When a catasptophe hits, I’m ditching this bus, and me and my family are heading for the woods!
If you fear a nuclear war (or even just the future), then you probably think of a few backup plans for emergencies to protect yourself and your loved ones.
The personal bunker would be equipped with an air filtration system, blast door, and under floor storage. If you want to dedicate a little more money to your fallout shelter, the company offers a deluxe version equipped with sleeping quarters, kitchen, restroom, storage area and a trademark undetectable escape hatch. The bunkers from Atlas Survival Shelters aren't exactly cheap, but if you're worried about the human race imploding, they will put your mind at ease. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
My choice for currency will be toilet paper, alcohol and ammo but not in any particular order.
Secondly, in a catastrophe there won’t be any running water unless you have a really deep and hefty well, so having so many water guzzlers is out of the question.
You may not have the money to build an all-out zombie fortress, but if you have less than $40k on hand, you're in luck. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
And your idea to build it on a hill with some natural light (windows, french doors, sliding glass doors, etc) would make it really awesome. In a catastrophe, you are not thinking about washing your hair; your are thinking about staying alive and protecting your family and your food source.

A well is the prefered water source with a 12 volt water pump, and possibly some storage and maybe hot water.
Or maybe some tubes that go up and are disguised as an oil well or something on the outside to let light (and air?) in from the ceilings!
Ability to create technology that currently exists would probably be at least 200 years down the track. If I were to do something like this, I would prefer more of an earthen berm design, with windows on one side and lots of light.
There would be no electricity, and it would take a lot of solar to support that amount of electrical use and where would you put it except out in the open were it would be stolen or destroyed by desperate people who again do not have a shelter.
Its lovely, but there were no huge storage rooms for food and water and lots of bullets, and even if there were, there would not be enough room to store for a family of 6 that the home was built for.
Good intentions but either not very well thought out, or folks who are jumping on the prepper band wagon trying to make a quick buck on people’s fears.
The batteries for electricity storage are the most important part of the system, but there are a plethora of battery companies selling deep cycle batteries now.
In a survival situation, it is best to be armed with knowledge about how to find water where there isn’t any, and what wild edible foods are in your area on which you can survive.
I used 4 6 volt forklift batteries, with the pairs connected to make 12 volt, then run in series to get a lot of storage capacity. Know how to set traps for small animals to eat, and how to build a debree shelter for warmth and safety. You would also won’t to know how to use a homemade bow drill to start a fire, and how to get water from a grape vine. During the winter, I sometimes had to be a little conservative, but I always had lights, music, and at least a movie or two’s worth of power nearly every night.
That being said, I had to turn lights off when not needed, not leave the tv on all day, etc., but its easy to learn to conserve electricity.

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