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WoW is down to 5.6 million subscribers, so Blizzard is doing what it can to remind you how awesome WoW is. Then Activision Blizzard release its financial earnings report for the second quarter of 2015, ended on June 30, 2015.
The presentation started with "a story so far" trailer from Warlords of Draenor, showing the rise of the Iron Horde, Gul'dan ultimate betrayal of Grom Hellscream, and banishment from our plane of existence. WoW creative director Alex Afrasiabi called the new Broken Isles a "land at heart of Azeroth that was long forgotten," noting that the continent "is a graveyard of sorts." Here players will explore a long-forgotten Night Elf civilization, search for the Titan-powered Pillars of Creation, and ultimately defeat the Legion.
Then he took us on a tour of the various regions that will make up the Broken Isles, many of which are particularly lore-heavy.
Aszuna is the Night Elf ruins that Afrasiabi mentioned before, where players will race again Queen Azshara and her minions for control of the region. Afrasiabi also mentioned Valeera Sanguinar and General Turalyon as characters we may interact with in the new expansion, continuing the Warlords of Draenor's concept of focusing heavily on player's accomplishments and their exchanges with famous figures from the lore.
If you're a Retribution Paladin for example, you'll get a quest early on that has you recovering Highlord Mograine's Ashbringer.
You can also unlock traits for each weapon, with the trait tree changing depending on the former of the weapon. Next up are Class Orders, which sound like an expansion of the Garrison concept from Warlords of Draenor. Like garrisons, the player is the class leader and each class will fight the legion in a different way. Moving onto dungeons and raids, Blizzard it hoping to make them more important to the player beyond early expansion grinding. He covered a few of the initial dungeon, including the Valhalla-themed Halls of Valor, which feature some Vykrul lore. Blizzard also outlined two raids, noting that they liked the raid and progression style in Warlords.
The odd thing about the Demon Hunter is the class only has two specializations: Havoc and Vengeance. The new Honor System does away with all that in favor of a Trait system that looks suspiciously cribbed from Guild Wars 2's WorldvWorld PVP leveling system. That's a lot to take in, but Blizzard is hoping that World of Warcraft: Baby Come Back Edition brings some older players back in the fold.
I appreciate what Blizzard does, especially to just admire how their games play and keep interest. I've never played WoW (planning on it soon), but I just want to say that the individual skill trees in the weapons look dope. I was under the impression that Warlords lore was now cannon because Illidan is back unless the story is in this Alternate Timeline running parallel to the original timeline. Illidan is dead and Maiev brought his body to the Wardens Hold to put his body inside as the warning for all those who dare escape. In fact, Azeroth in other AR is literally clueless about Orcs and the Horde.Edited 2 times. Yesterday we talked about the players and the reason why the math dictates massive economic impact. The Federal Government is paying $450 Billion a year in interest, and that number goes up every day because they’re incurring more debt.
The bomb has been fused by record low interest rates, coupled with the priorities of the Fed who is currently buying most of the national debt.
According to the Federal Government’s own data, the average rate for the National debt is about 6%. I’m willing to bet that most of you who own your homes and were able to refinance over the last couple years have done so.
Since these rates aren’t locked in, when interest rates go back up to their normal historical levels, which they will eventually, it will double the interest payments that we owe. What that does is immediately increase the amount of money that the Federal Government borrows. And just like a snowball going down hill, that borrowing gets bigger and bigger every month. Market dynamics say that at some point rates will continue to increase in order to lure in new buyers for those bonds.

I think many people picture this scenario as something that would happen overnight but if I’m correct, what would actually happen is that things would steadily get worse.
A less well known set of stepping stones in the River Dove, here crossing the river downstream of the hamlet of Crowdicote, close to Pilsbury Castle. When the company announced that it would be doing a livestream announcement about the next expansion at Gamescom, I was a bit confused. In that report, we found out that World of Warcraft ended the quarter with 5.6 million subscribers, a number the game hasn't seen since 2005.
Then game director and vice president Tom Chilton took to the stage to show us all about the new title. Afrasiabi began with Val'sharah, where Malfurion Stormrage became the first druid and players will take on Xavius inside the Emerald Nightmare. Highmountain are craggy peaks that are the home to some isolated Tauren, Hemit Nesingwary's new hunting grounds, and a region that was home to Neltharion, the Earth-Warder. Many of these weapons are drawn directly from World of Warcraft lore, like the Ashbringer or Frostmourne. Frost Death Knights will recover the shattered shards of the Lich King's Frostmourne, reforging it into the twin rune blades Icebringer and Soulreaper. Joining your class order is the second thing you do after putting together your artifact weapon.
Black Rook Hold is the ancestral home of Lord Kur'Talos Ravencrest and an fortress in Val'Sharah.
Yep, hero class like Death Knight, meaning they probably won't start at level 1 like the Monk. We've been working with the same system since Burning Crusade and Blizzard feels it's time for a refresh. Once you get to max level, you can reset your Honor Rank and level again for cosmetic rewards.
Legion will ended beta later this year, so it looks like we may have a Q1 2016 release for the new expansion.
Wrath had 10 raid zones over 60 raid boss's, 15 dungeons, pimp pvp zone that everyone participated in. The Draenor alternate reality timeline different from ours and has no influence of timechange in ours: because of Dark Portal.
That Illidan is from our AR timeline, and Illidan from Draenor AR is still alive and in jail at Barrow Deeps. They should make them fun, challenging, engaging, and either go to a token system that takes a long time to grind out like AoC's expansion, or their old vanilla system where 1 hat dropped for 1 class each run and you hoped lady luck was on your side. They stock up on canned foods, generators, first aid kits and other things that can come in handy if a calamity strikes.
The game is hemorrhaging subscribers, either because players are simply fatigued and aging out of the game or because Blizzard is doing something wrong. In fact, the presentation really felt like Blizzard was aiming to make Burning Crusade 2.0, an expansion taking some of the best concepts from prior releases and tackling some long-running fan requests. When it comes to designs, every weapon has a basic version, a powered-up model, and then a few additional models that players can acquire.
Alongside the class orders are Order Halls, which are class-only spaces, like the Death Knight home base of Acherus. You'll also be ordering Champions around, which look to be a replacement of the garrison Follower system.
Raids will take on Xavius within the twisted and broken Emerald Dream while searching for Cenarius. The Illidari are elite warriors sent back by Illidan, so their story will begin in the past, probably concurrently with the events in Burning Crusade.
Blizzard looked into a third spec, but a healer spec didn't make much sense for the class and they probably didn't want to repeat the early issues they had with Death Knights.
The issue with Honor System version 1 in vanilla WoW is PVP player hd to literally commit their live to playing to stay on top.
These rewards include character badges, special mounts, and unique artifact variants for PVP players. Either way, Blizzard is trying it's best to keep players in WoW, instead of jumping for the expansion and leaving again.

I remember receiving Starcraft II free with my graphics card and, based solely on the dumb "previously" crawl that played as the game installed, I never bothered to play it. If we traveled to Draenor from Caverns of Time then we could change our timeline, but trough Dark Portal we only change timeline for Draenor AR. These elves are pawns of the Burning Legion, so you'll have to face them and Gul'dan to turn back the demonic army. Other weapon include Doomhammer for Enhancement Shaman, Felo'melorn for Fire Mages, and the Eagle Spear for Survival Hunters. In addition, there are multiple colors for each model, so everyone won't be carrying around the same Ashbringer or Eagle Spear.
Honestly, the Artifact Weapon system is probably the idea I enjoyed most in the presentation. Expect fewer characters this time around, but each character will be more important and allowed for more customization.
Pet battles, Garrison mobile app ingame, twitter interfaces are nice things, but they arn't the core content which represents the adventure of the game.
Two years between expansions won't work when other titles have more ambitious content schedules. One of the coolest artifact weapons is the Fangs of the First Nightsaber, which change the look of a Feral Druid's animal forms. I tend to play solo these days, so systems that benefit solo players like this one are high on my list. Blizzard wants your Champions to work alongside you to find new regions and challenges to tackle, as opposed to them simply going out on missions. The second raid is Suramar Place, with raid groups facing off against Gul'dan in the heart of the grand city of the new elves. One example was a Shaman Trait that lowered the cooldown on Bloodlust, but made it so that the ability only works on you and a single target. I unsubbed at the end of brf for the first time in 9 years because the game is just boring. So to make things clear: Lothar is dead, Arthas is dead, Uther is dead, Slyvannas is still Lady of Undead and in horde. I'm sure they'll have Raid-specific weapon models for each artifact weapon, but being able to have one in the first place is a bonus. A presentation slide urged players to think of Champions are your own Knights of the Round Table. Blizzard hoping to have a number of different traits that focus existing skills in different directions.
The airport covers 53 square miles and is rumored to contain a bunker underneath the buildings that stands above the plain. If you don't have the best gear and you go up against someone who does, you're going to lose. The extra mechanic on Iron maidens mythic difficulty was trying to stay awake during the encounter. They don't bother to try and balance class's anymore as admitted to by it's lead designer ion hossikostas. They strip away flying to make us explore a world with no content besides a few rare mounts.
Blizzard has been a hype train going on 6 years now that fails to deliver time and time again. Although not originally intended to be a survival bunker, place is ranked as one of the most secure places on the planet. The game isn't getting old, it's the changes they are making which are mostly bad and failing to deliver content.
Announcements made by the President or FEMA over the Emergency Alert System are most likely to come from here.
The bunkers were never built for use by normal individuals, just those normal yet elite people anyway.

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