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DO NOT give casualties with abdominal wounds food nor water (moistening the lips is allowed).
If a casualty is being burned, you must first eliminate the source of the burn in order to protect both the casualty and yourself. Electrical burns are caused by an electrical current passing through the body, such as from coming into contact with a "live" electrical wire.
Chemical burns are caused by liquid or dry chemicals such as ammonia, caustic soda, quick-lime, or white phosphorus (WP). Radiant energy burns can be caused by lasers, electric welding arcs, ultraviolet light, and microwaves.
First degree burns -- The skin is red and painful like a sunburn, but blisters are not present. If the casualty's clothing is on fire, cover the casualty with a large piece of nonsynthetic material (such as a wool or cotton blanket) and roll the casualty on the ground until the flames are smothered. If nonsynthetic material cannot be obtained quickly, get the casualty to the ground and have him roll on the flame until it goes out.
Do not use synthetic materials such as nylon and rayon because they may melt and cause additional injury. If the casualty is lying on an electrical wire, assume the electrical wire is carrying electrical current and can be a danger to yourself as well as to the casualty.
Do not touch the casualty since the current can pass from the wire and through the casualty to you.
If the electrical current can be turned off quickly, such as flipping a switch, turn it off before removing the casualty from the wire. Treat the wire as though it were still carrying current even if you think you turned off the current. If it is quicker to separate the casualty from the wire, remove the casualty from the wire and administer aid first. Two-rescuers: Slide a dry rope, dry clothing, or other material which will not readily conduct electricity under the casualty's body and lift the casualty from the wire. One rescuer: Wrap dry rope or similar material around the casualty limb or limbs and drag the casualty away from the wire. If a sufficient amount of water is not available, use any nonflammable fluid to flush the area. Use a clean, dry cloth to brush off loose particles on the skin and flush the skin with as much water or nonflammable liquid as possible. Do not flush dry chemicals unless water or other nonflammable fluid is available in large amounts.
Do not use grease or oil on the white phosphorus burn since they may cause the body to absorb the poisonous particles.
Brush off loose radioactive particles sticking to the casualty's clothing and skin and flush the skin with as much water as possible. Protect the casualty from additional exposure to the radiant energy source and keep the casualty out of bright sunlight.
The casualty's eyes do not need to be bandaged, but he may feel more comfortable if a dark cloth or loose bandage is placed over his eyes if he does not need to walk or continue to perform his mission. Apply a field dressing over the burn wound and secure the dressing using the attached tails.

If the casualty has second and third degree burns on 20 percent or more of his body, fluids should be administered intravenously. If the casualty is not in shock and is not nauseated, give him small amounts of cool water to drink. Electrical burns can be far more serious than they first appear since most of the damage is done to the interior of the body. A casualty with serious burns should receive intravenous fluids and be evacuated as soon as possible. From extreme weather to cuts and bruises, summertime brings a whole hoard of potential emergency situations.
The recently redesigned Pocket First Aid and CPR app now reflects the updated American Heart Association's guidelines on CPR and emergency cardiovascular care. With this app, one man even survived for more than 60 hours under a pile of rubble during the 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Double Dog Studios brings the Army's first aid manual to life with over 600 pages of content. Drops First Aid by Dynamisk Helse sports a clean interface that divides information into three sections. GotoAID is a member of the Health and Safety Institute, and the app has been reviewed by physicians and veterinarians. Due to high demand and our desire to serve as many Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity that each individual Customer may order.
Describes basic first aid measures, explains when and how to apply them and emphasizes the significance of prompt and effective first aid. This manual describes basic first aid measures, explains when and how to apply them, and to emphasize the signifigance of prompt effective first aid.
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Everything really starts with our Vision, which is: 'To be the best run, most respected business in America, for the benefit of our Customers'. Once the immediate danger has been removed or controlled, check the casualty for breathing, control any major bleeding, and take measures to control or prevent shock. They can be caused by a flame, a hot object, steam, or the fireball from a nuclear explosion. The burn area may not be painful because the nerves have been destroyed, but the surrounding second and first degree burn areas may be painful. Have a second person use a wooden limb or other long, nonconducting object to push the wire away from the casualty. Quickly smother the flame with water; then cover the area with wet material or mud to prevent air from reaching the white phosphorus.

The jewelry which is not removed now may have to be cut off later if the limb swells sufficiently. If the burns to the skin are minor, the casualty should be evaluated by a medical person when possible since the burn is an open wound which can easily become infected if not treated. It has clear and concise instructions for adult, child and infant CPR, as well as 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations. It includes safety tips for everything from volcanoes to meningitis, as well as the standard directions for heart attacks, burns, cuts and more. You'll find basic first aid information — including bleeding, breathing, fractures, heat and cold injuries — as well as instructions for rescue carries and transportation.
Summaries provide short, easy-to-understand instructions for when you have to take immediate action. Pet lovers will like that while about half of the first aid topics are for people, the other half applies to dogs and cats. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
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Certain types of wounds and burns will require special precautions and procedures when applying these measures.
Preloaded content means you don't need Wi-Fi to access the app — a necessity during emergencies.
There are categories for dangerous and poisonous animals and plants to help you survive, lest you be caught in the wilderness unprepared. Videos give you clear visuals, and full instruction gives you a detailed text and image rundown of how to respond to each situation.
The premium version includes more than 400 first aid topics and sound clips, along with video instructions, distress signal information and a search function to guide you to the nearest medical facility. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights.
There's also an option for more advanced life-saving techniques if you've already mastered CPR training.
The lite version contains considerably less — only a little more than 40 first aid categories — but is helpful if you want GotoAid for free rather than $4.99 on the iOS.
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