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The trend for organic eating is on the rise and we are becoming more aware of the significance of eating organic foods as we look for the best options when we go out to buy from our local CSA, a neighbouring farmer’s market or the nearby grocery store. Here are a few important questions and their answers that discuss in detail the significance of buying and eating organic and how it helps us live better.
Buying and eating organic is becoming more important with the passage of time as we want to avoid all those harmful pesticides and herbicides that contain lots of chemicals and toxins really bad for our health.
Consuming crop chemicals has been found to cause allergies and is known to increase the risk of cancer and autism and this is not all.
Research from recent studies has proved that organic fruits and vegetables are far richer in nutrients as compared to the conventionally grown produce.  According to a study that was conducted in Newcastle University in England, organic produce contains more than 40% higher levels of vitamin C, zinc, iron and other key nutrients very essential for human health. The extra nitrogen not only makes the plants grow rapidly but also makes them retain excessive amounts of water which is why we often get watery tomatoes, or tasteless melons; just because they have been fed nitrogen laden chemicals.
It is well-known that traditional produce is always picked when it is still unripe and hard. Immature produce that is transported to far off places is chemically ripened in warehouses before being sent to stores. Buying organic produce means we are supporting the small and mid-sized farmers instead of the far-off farming giants.
In addition to this, not every one of us has the time or the money to afford 100% organic foods.

Describe your symptoms and any other requirement that you feel we should know about and we will respond asap with our best suggestions. About Latest Posts Rachelle KazenbrootRachelle Kazenbroot, a pharmacist of 17 years, has developed a loyal following among locals for her genuine concern for the individual needs of each customer. Her vision for Netpharmacy was to create a seamless experience for those who prefer the convenience of on line shopping, by providing quality care and service without compromise.
Rachelle’s background combines two disciplines – as well as being a qualified pharmacist she also studied natural health – she is able to offer customers both on line and in store, the best of both worlds. During this economy we always get the question about how to be Organic and still live on a budget. However, even though many of us seek to buy organic stuff, yet we are not aware of why we need to buy it, what good it does for us and if it is even worth trying. This is the main reason organic foods are so valuable and we search and buy the freshest, purest and most local and seasonal home grown fruits and vegetables. The benefits of organic foods are far more than problems they help to prevent and the list of the good they can do us is indeed a long one.
This is done to avoid getting it damaged and bruised when it is packed and transported to hundreds and thousands of miles to markets all over the world.
Even though the fruits and vegetables look colorful and ripe yet, they are not developed fully nor do they contain their full nutritional values.

These intricacies of flavors and textures cannot be achieved with chemicals and this is the main reason organic fruits and vegetables taste so different.
While not all conventionally grown produce is harmful, yet the effects of consuming non-organic and long distance produce on health and environment is both gradual and cumulative. The bad thing about this is that a large number of these fruits and vegetables are highly popular; particularly among kids so turning to organic foods for them is a good option. With a wide knowledge base and a driving passion for complementary therapies, she is results focused when it comes to customer health care. The problem here is that unripe fruits do not contain the optimum nutritional levels as they still have to reach maturity. However, our buying options also become restricted by the end of harvest season and farmer markets abate.  All we can do to preserve the organic produce is to can and freeze them for late fall and winter months.
Thus, the best way to enjoy good health and environment is to buy local and organic produce when possible to enjoy the goodness and meanwhile seek the best of conventional produce. We thought this article was a great tool to provide shoppers a resource on produce and foods they should ALWAYS buy Organic!

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