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Look to the Mountain in conjunction with Wilderness Medical Associates will be offering a Wilderness Advanced First Aid course on June 17th – 20th at the Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre. This entry was posted in Courses, News & Events and tagged Courses, First Aid, Learning, Safety. If any of your employees are injured through an accident at work or they are suddenly taken ill, does your company have the equipment or trained personnel to deal with the situation? All employers must comply under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 Approved Code of Practice to have trained personnel to ensure their employees can receive immediate attention if they are injured in an accident at work or are suddenly taken ill.
An assessment should be carried out to understand your companya€™s first aid needs to determine what you should provide. FIRSTAID-TRAINING UK will train people through our First aid at work (FAW) course to give you and your employees the right skills to tackle those first aid emergencies. The FAW course by FIRSTAID-TRAINING UK will offer the practical skills to a first aider in the work place. It will provide them with knowledge that will give them confidence to deal with any accidents or injuries that might arise. FIRSTAID-TRAINING UK hope the situation wona€™t arise, but following the training you will know they will have the skills and the confidence to deal with the situation effectively!

Your nominated employees who want to become first aiders, or anybody that requires an introduction to first aid, should attend this First aid at work (FAW) course.
The HSE requires a basic level of what you need to understand for certain situations in the work place. For employers to comply with this Regulation, their first-aiders must have a valid certificate of competence in FAW or EFAW, issued by a suitable training provider. For further details on this or any other aspect of your first aid training contact us at FIRSTAID-TRAINING UK. Freedom Arms USA’s Concealed Carry class is designed for the person who wants to obtain their certification to apply for an Ohio Conceal Carry Licence. This class covers everything from basic firearm safety, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, storage, cleaning, conceal carry options, ammunition and much more. If you do not have any of the above items, we may be able to provide them to you, but they must be reserved in advance and are in limited quantities.
Successful completion of this course will allow you to apply to your local Sheriff for an Ohio Conceal Carry Permit. As a Special Bonus we will also provide to you an application packet to apply for a Florida Non-Resident Conceal Carry Permit.

COST:  $100 – Special Price if you enroll today – $89!   A $25 deposit per student is required to secure your place in class. Register your spouse & get 20% off their tuition if they attend the same class with you!! In order to be eligible for our Advanced Esthetic Program you must first complete our 450-hour Esthetic Program. Employers must also provide suitable and appropriate equipment in adequate facilities for the first aiders.
This involves understanding your work place hazards, risks and considering any other relevant factors.
The class is based on the NRA Basic Pistol Course, which includes classroom and 2 hours live range fire per Ohio statutes. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations apply to all workplaces, whether they are large or small and also covers the self employed.

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