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Ammunition is crucial to survival, and is carried in magazines, with the exception of shotgun shells, which are found in groups of 2, 6 or 8, depending on the gun. Primary ammunition is generally rarer than secondary ammunition, therefore you should try to conserve ammo for it against other players. Secondary ammunition is much easier to find, so it is advised to use a secondary as your zombie-killing weapon assuming you do not have a melee weapon such as a Hatchet.
The SKS uses 7.62 x 39mm Russian rounds, the same ones used in the High-Grade AK Assault Rifles, although it is a civilian weapon.
A sound error in the game is when shotguns reload, it sounds as if they were using a magazine, even though they use slugs.
Certain guns can't be silenced even though they're the same caliber as the suppressor caliber. If I've missed anything in this guide, or there is something you'd like to see in future versions, please leave a comment or send me a message. I decided to write them down on a map, and add animal, military, and industrial spawns (civilian item spawns are not included as they are found in practically every building). If I've missed any Animal, Military Item, Industrial, Civilian Vehicle, or Military Vehicle spawns, please leave a comment or PM me. So, you've decided to finally play that game they call "Apocalypse Rising" that's been lingering on the front page for as long as you can remember? Handy hint: Building a base is a good idea, if you want to settle down in a permanent camp. Since the Military Airfield and Forest are too heavily populated, I suggest camping at a low-population alternative military spawn. Generally, I like to avoid high-population areas, because 90% of the players in Apocalypse Rising will shoot you on sight.
Handy hint: If one gun fires the same round as another, they both deal the same amount of damage.
I always like to have a secondary with a large magazine, such as a CBJ-MS, TEC-9, M9, or G18, due to the amount of zombies I can take down before having to reload. NOTE: Sight attachments are based on personal preference as well as functionality and practicality at long range. All vehicles (except the bike) require a maximum of 1 Fuel Tank Parts, 1 Engine Parts, 1 Scrap Metal, 1 Jerry Can, and 4 Wheels (6 for the Military Truck) to repair. NOTE: I have not yet finished research on these vehicle speed values, and they may be somewhat incorrect. Often, you will find a fully repaired vehicle that has no gas (abandoned by its previous owner who is likely searching for a Jerry Can at this very moment).
Handy hint: Aiming down sight (ADS) is the only way to hit a target beyond medium range without emptying an entire magazine. It is always better to use tactics when fighting, rather than just walking in guns-a-blazin'. If you enjoy playing as a bandit (which I understand most of you do), here are some helpful bandit tips. Gusmanak's House (C1) would become F8, leading some players to think that you're talking about Petra. The Military Airfield (H1) would become A8, leading some players to think that you're talking about Mel. If your teammate says "I'm at F3", you would decipher what he's saying using your map, and it would tell you that he's in the Bunker (C6). This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. This tactic applies to all weapons except shotguns, since shotguns are not very effective on players, but on zombies.

This tactic applies to all weapons except TEC-9, Uzi and CBJ-MS as they can perform just as well as a primary in close combat and in some cases be more effective against players. I'm SkateBored, chief administrator and founder of the Apocalypse Rising Community, veteran member of the Apocalypse Rising Advisory Board, and all-around Apocalypse Rising fanboy.
This is a guide meant primarily for experienced players who know the general basics of the game, but people who are new to Apocalypse Rising should read it as well. The only ones that can compare to it are Milbert23's guide (which is outdated) and Audits' guide (which is useless for experienced players). The small towns may look appealing, but they are full of people with the same intentions as you--to get all the loot for themselves. I don't consider myself a bandit, though, I'm more of a shoot-on-sight Survivalist (my primary goal is to survive, not to kill).
Don't build your base in places like ATC towers, buildings with a lot of windows, or out in the middle of the road. Secondary weapons are judged based on their zombie-killing capabilities (mag size, accuracy, audibility), whereas primary weapons are judged based on their player-killing capabilities (damage, recoil, accuracy, fire rate). A well-equipped squad just isn't the same if they aren't cruising down the countryside in their banditmobile. They are judged based on their off-road speed, on-road speed, difficulty to repair, protection, and seating capabilities. Everyone injured in the crash has about 40 HP (unless they used a blood bag or ate food), and they are easy targets.
Hipfiring (non-ADS) will reduce your accuracy so much that your gun is ineffective beyond 50 studs. When you come across another player, you should make sure he doesn't have a clear shot at you. If someone has no pack or a Fanny Pack, they will have low-tier civilian weapons, such as a Makarov. You will stop at nothing to hunt down and kill innocent victims, as well as formidable opponents. Never, EVER, team with people you met in-game for the first time, as they will probably try to kill you. This makes a voice-chat program (such as Teamspeak or Skype) an essential to any well-prepared bandit squad. Get into a building and empty your ENTIRE inventory: utilities, weapons, items, backpack, etc.
Every single coastal who sees you will attack you, as a military pack is a sign of a high-grade target.
Military zombies, Subject 3, and bandit spawn-ins combined with coastals eager for military loot easily makes this the most dangerous place in the game.
This will put you on top of the tree when you log back on, making a perfect sniping location. Aiming for the head is hardly ever worth it, though, unless you want to save 1 or 2 bullets.
Instead, take 2 or 3 blood bags and 1 or 2 painkillers, and use an extra blood bag if your health is less than 100% full.
All guns of the same caliber (with the exception of the M14 and Mosin-Nagant) make the same sound. Burst mode should be used at medium ranges, while semi-automatic should be used for long ranges, and automatic for close ranges.
The M68 CCO Sight, for instance, is a good sight for a long-ranged weapon, such as an M14 or G36K. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Zombie Apocalypse Team club tagged: zombie apocalypse random images. An exception would be the M1014 and the M870 shotguns, which are incredibly effective at close range.

A good use for building materials is as cover--build several walls around your base to ensure the upper hand in a battle.
But if you're the type of person who likes to fight, then I encourage you to go the high-population areas and see if you can take the heat.
For my primary weapon, I prefer a gun with high damage, effective in medium or long-range combat. Bandits, however, number in the millions, and are far smarter and well-equipped than zombies are. If someone has a Hiking Pack, they might have mid-tier civilian weapons, like an M1 Garand or a Maverick 88. A lot of bandits will invite you to a group, and then kick you out and kill you when you least expect it.
Get on a high vantage point, such as a hill or tower, to see the team nametags further away.
It has an extremely high fire rate, high accuracy, low recoil, and uses 30-round STANAGs, 50-round STANAGs, and 100-round Beta-C magazines.
Primary ammo generally also has a higher damage output due to its bigger size, not including submachine guns. The Apocalypse 2012 app combines video interviews with informative analysis by Joseph, former chairman of an advanced plasma physics research company.As an example of impending danger, Joseph cites a 2003 solar storm that destroyed 14 high-voltage transformers in South Africa, plunging parts of that country into darkness for weeks. A shotgun, for example, is a weapon for close quarters combat (CQC), while a rifle is mainly a weapon for long range combat.
My favorite primary weapons are the AK-47 and the SCAR-L, because their ammo is common, their sights don't require an optic to be easy to use, they have fairly high damage, moderate recoil, and they are all-around decent weapons.
Some vehicles take longer than others to repair (the bicycle, for instance, spawns fully repaired, while the Ural takes 6 wheels), and different vehicles have, of course, different statistics. If you come across a group of bandits with a car, shoot out one of the tires and spare the car. If someone has a Survival Pack, they could either have high-tier civilian weapons or low to mid-tier military weapons. There are many different playstyles in Apocalypse Rising, not all of which are listed here. It is only good if you can manage to find a sight attachment for it (the iron sights are just a ring, with no front sight). For example, the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge does more damage than the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge.
Someone with a hero headband is almost no threat to you, because they are friendly (unless, of course, you have a bandit mask or you shoot first). This weapon doesn't spawn anywhere, and can only be spawned into the game via the Admin Item Spawning GUI. The same type of ammo does the same damage; for example, a HK417 does the same damage as the Mk 17 and the FAL. The UAZ has 4 unexposed seats, a decent offroad speed, and it's pretty fast on the road as well. The 12-gauge slug does the most damage out of any ammunition type, having a 2 headshot and 3 body shot KO. Gaetano Battaglia: I loved this show when it was on and I bought the DVD set the first day it was released.

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