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If you are reading this the chances are your own angel guided you here.  What do angels represent to you? We often may say a little prayer, and when we do this we are sending out a vibrational energy and if we can learn how to tune in, we can learn how to listen to their reply. Angels embody some of the greatest qualities: compassion, love, understanding, non-judgment, contentment and peace.
They are messengers and you will be able to hear and learn how to understand their messages for you. Angels also come in and out of our lives all the time but most of us are unaware of their presence. You will learn the different names of the the many angels that are present and how each one can help us on both an emotional level and spiritual level and how by connecting with their energy you can learn to heal yourself and others.
They have often been seen by many people at their time of departure from their earthly body, both by themselves and medical staff. You may hear someone calling your name and when you look there is no one there, you can be sure they are just trying to let you know they are nearby.
For most people will say they have had a feeling or a sense, or just a knowing.In this 2 part course you will learn whenever we require any help and guidance we only need to call upon our angels. Just click on the buy it now button below this will take you to the angel healing page where you will be able to purchase this course in full and download immediately.

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