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Science fiction writers love sticking people in tiny metal cans and hurling them into environments where everything is trying to kill them, so it’s no surprise that some great SF books take place deep underwater, where exposure to the pressure kills people much faster than exposure to the vacuum of space. An unexpected pattern: many of the books below focus on the psychology of their characters more than typical science fiction. Crichton says he started writing the novel in 1967 as a companion piece to The Andromeda Strain. As with most Crichton novels, Sphere is gripping and thoughtful until it unravels into a somewhat disappointing ending. Highly acclaimed when released and even now, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is regarded as one of the premiere adventure novels in literature and one of Verne’s greatest works, along with Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Center of the Earth.
While most classics can be something of a pain to slog through, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea holds up quite well. Written by a self-described author of “weird fiction,” The Scar is a dark, depressing, wildly inventive anti-epic with a floating pirate city and multiple underwater civilizations. The Terran exploration vessel Streaker has crashed in the uncharted water world of Kithrup, bearing one of the most important discoveries in galactic history. Below, a handful of her human and dolphin crew battles an armed rebellion and the whole hostile planet to safeguard her secret—the fate of the Progenitors, the fabled First Race who seeded wisdom throughout the stars. Winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards, Startide Rising is the second book in the Uplift series (there’s a total of six), but popular opinion has it that the first book, Sundiver, can be safely skipped. Some of science in The Swarm is undoubtedly due to Thomas Orthmann, a German marine biologist and journalist, who claims that dozens of passages in The Swarm have been lifted word for word from his writings. Most reviewers agree that despite its flaws of thin characterization, pages upon pages of scientific explanations, and strong anti-U.S.
Other reviewers seem to agree with Kirkus, so if you read this tersely-written alien-encounter procedural, lower your expectations for the ending.
Emotionally damaged people are sent to work next to a giant rift in the ocean floor, harvesting energy for surface dwellers. This book taught me that you can make a protagonist as crazy as you want, as long as what she’s battling against is even crazier. In the near future, oil has become the ultimate prize, and nuclear-powered subtugs brave enemy waters to tap into hidden oil reserves beneath the East’s continental shelf. So feel free to dive in, but since this was written nine years earlier, don’t expect a wet Dune. Reviews are generally excellent, but some people on Goodreads were put off by the decidedly non-feminist treatment of female characters.
After narrowly escaping death in a forest fire, Angie Dinsman finds herself under the control of the World Life Company. Carol Severance comes by her knowledge of Polynesian culture and mythology honestly: she served with the Peace Corps from 1966-1968 and later assisted in anthropological fieldwork in the remote coral atolls of Truk, Micronesia. Reefsong isn’t well known, but it definitely has a cult following—all of its reviews have five stars. This is probably the least science-fictiony of the lot, so depending on your mood, you might be ready for a tropical planet story. I have been trying to remember the name of the book “Starfish” for almost ten years now! Setting goals gives every ordinary person the power to be extraordinary.The bad news is about 99% of the population never discovers the power of goal setting. The good news is I have the proven methods of the elite 1% and an exclusive invitation inside for you to join them.
Billionaire Chip Wilson proved goal setting works with the success he created at lululemon athletica. How To Set Goals shares the knowledge and experience I gained from a decade of goal coaching at lululemon.
I want you to succeed with my simple step by step guide to goal setting and to get results quick. Are you are struggling to discover what you want to do with your life and even if you do know, you have no idea how to use goal setting to your advantage? When you start using the techniques in this book and set a vision of what you want in life your path to success becomes clear. I am going to show you EXACTLY how you can design a lifestyle you never thought possible and finally live the life you have always dreamed of. Discount Books Daily participates in the affiliate marketing programs of the retailers we refer our subscribers to. Arrested for unbelievably answering all twelve questions on the Indian game show, "Who Will Win a Billion?" semi-literate waiter Ram Mohammad Thomas explains to his lawyer how he knew the answers due to events in his personal life. February 23, 2009 • Indian author Vikas Swarup wrote the novel Q and A, the inspiration behind the film Slumdog Millionaire. Note: Book excerpts are provided by the publisher and may contain language some find offensive. Robert Hilburn, author of the memoir Corn Flakes With John Lennon (And Other Tales From a Rock 'n' Roll Life), was a critic and music editor for the Los Angeles Times for 35 years. In early 1968, country singer Johnny Cash gave one of the defining performances of his career when he played for inmates at California's Folsom State Prison.
This may be because in underwater science fiction stories, the protagonists are generally more isolated, since there are no new planets to arrive at, and spend a lot of time with each other in their little bubble of air, squabbling with their shipmates and their own personal demons. He began with American scientists discovering a spaceship underwater that had been there for 300 years but with stenciled markings in English.
Verne himself has been the second most-translated author in the world since 1979, between the English-language writers Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare. The workers are a bio-engineered crew—people who have been altered to withstand the pressure and breathe the seawater to work in this weird, fertile undersea darkness.
I read it when it first came out, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the title when I wanted to re-read it several years later. It takes place underwater and the main character is the first kid born in this underwater settlement. Spector is geared towards designers who are frustrated by their inability to perfectly emulate a color or typeface that has inspired them.
The device can store up to 20 samples, which is handy when you’re out and about and far away from your computer. People believe it was the black stretchy pants but insiders know it was an intense focus on setting goals. I used to be skeptical about the magic of goal setting and believed personal success was only meant for people with money. Prices may change without notice so please verify that the deal is still available before purchase.

Robert Hilburn, a music critic early in his career at the Los Angeles Times, was the only reporter to cover that legendary concert.
Have sleeper agents infiltrated the elite submarine service, or are the crews simply cracking under the pressure? Like that book, this one posits an intelligent species with needs and aims unimaginably different from our own, and describes the escalating phases of what appears to be an invasion of Earth by never-seen aliens. Using Bluetooth technology, Spector sends the information to your computer where it can be imported into a design program such as InDesign. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium.
The lights are progressively dimming, till only the red signs showing EXIT remain, glowing like embers in the darkened hall.
Around the world, countries are beginning to feel the effects of the ocean’s revenge as the seas and their inhabitants begin a violent revolution against mankind. It's not hard to see why; in uncertain times, zombies offer the perfect pandemic backdrop for social and political upheaval amid encroaching terror a€” whether you're Team Slow or Team Fast (don't tell anyone from Team Slow if you're Team Fast a€” you don't have time for that lecture). After mastering the basics of survival, she faces an insurmountable challenge: finding the information that could end starvation on Earth while sabotaging the Company’s evil plans. The author's new biography, Johnny Cash: The Life, goes further in documenting Cash's dark side than the 2005 biographical drama film Walk the Line. Traditionally, their proscribed, nearly mythic fate makes them a go-to metaphor for lost causes.
The new book also chronicles Cash's last years a€” and the redemption he sought before his death in 2003.
She doesn't know why, and for the adults around her a€” conflicted teacher Miss Justineau, hardliner Sgt. He said, 'My dad's life was a struggle between darkness and light, and in the end, the light won.' " Interview Highlights On Cash recording while his health deteriorated in the '90s That was the salvation. Carey, who has worked for years in comics, fully knows the power of some nice, gooey zombie imagery, and there's plenty of it to be found here; It's hard to tell which carries the biggest gross-out factor a€” the queasy descriptions of faces veiled with gray spores or the anomalous, uncanny mannerisms of the infected. But the story's primary concern isn't getting its ensemble out of Dodge alive so much as it is the examination of what it means to survive this epidemic in the first place. And he would even go into the studio some days, and he would record two lines of a song and then he'd have to stop and catch his breath. Some of these arcs feel more preordained than others, but even then, Carey allows for conflict within consistency: Dr. Sometimes, he'd have to lay down and rest for 10 minutes, and then he'd get up and do the next two lines of the song, and they would splice it together. Caldwell is unwaveringly intent on the pursuit of a cure and willing to sacrifice anything (including Melanie), which positions her as both friend and foe, often within the same sentence. And Rick Rubin was great about that, because he thought he was making a documentary of Johnny Cash. So if John's vocal was off-key or something, it didn't matter a€” because, again, this was the struggle of a man. In particular, Carey succumbs to the fate of many an adult author attempting to voice a precociously otherworldly child, and the tone of Melanie's point-of-view chapters veers occasionally and abruptly in one direction or the other. But there's enough weight given to the moments of individual choice to balance the camera-ready action scenes. She's looking down at John, and when you see the video the first time, you think she's thinking, "My gosh, he's going to die. It's the creeping inevitability of many a zombie story, with which this book is right at home.
What am I going to do without him?" What Rick Rubin and the director of the video didn't know was June had learned the night before that she had a serious heart problem and she was going to have to go back into the hospital. So what was really going on when she was looking at John from the stairways is, "What's he going to do without me?" On why the unveiling of Cash's affair with June Carter's sister haunted him I didn't know if I should tell it.
I didn't know if I should tell people that Johnny Cash had an affair with his sister-in-law while his wife was pregnant. The main purpose of the book is talking about the artistry of someone, so how much of your personal life do you need to know? You realize it's important, the personal life, because you see how the personal life shapes the artistry.
He can count the veins on Armaan's biceps, he can see the whites of Armaan's hazel-green eyes, the fine stubble on Armaan's cleft chin, the little black mole on Armaan's chiseled nose.
We are told how to come first at school and become champions in cricket by eating cornflakes for breakfast.
He knows the names of the production manager, the finance controller, the sound recordist, and all the assistants. He doesn't speak English very well, but he can read names, even the ones in really small print. But if you were to see the concentration on his face right now, you would think he was watching the First Day First Show with black-market tickets. The moment he spotted Armaan, he jumped down from the speeding vehicle, narrowly missing being run down by a car, and ran toward the actor, who was passing through the hotel's revolving door. He was stopped by the tall, strapping uniformed guard and prevented from entering the hotel.
He gave a faint smile, a barely perceptible nod of acknowledgment, and continued walking into the lobby. Salim forgot all about the tiffin and came racing home to give me the news of his dream having come true.
I probably won't wash it for a month after that." I reflect on how good it is to have simple, uncomplicated ambitions. In between he falls in love with the heroine, Priya Kapoor, an up-and-coming actress, sings six songs, and fulfills his beloved mother's wish by taking her on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Vaishno Devi. He will deal with his troubles in his own way." "At least I will send him a gift," says Salim. With love and care." Salim wraps it up in cloth and sends it to Armaan Ali's home address. Whether it was broken by the postal department, smashed by the security guards, or trashed by Armaan's secretary.
The important thing is that Salim believes it reached his hero and helped to heal his wound.
It made Armaan whole again and enabled him to resume giving blockbusters, such as this one.

Salim always goes to the one on the extreme right, and I always take the sole urinal on the left side wall. I spit into my hand and try to remove the extra letters, but they have been written with permanent black marker and refuse to budge. Eventually I use my nails to scratch them off the wall and succeed in restoring the graffiti to its original state, just as I had inscribed it four months ago: I LOVE PRIYA. Armaan and Priya will now sing a song in Switzerland, before Priya is murdered by a rival gang.
Then Armaan will kill hundreds of bad guys in revenge, expose corrupt politicians and police officers, and finally die a hero's death. It is impossible to see his face, but I can make out that he is an old man with a long, flowing beard. He is craning forward in anticipation of the love scene between Armaan and Priya which is about to begin. The song and dance over, he is now sitting in his hotel room, where a crackling fire burns in the fireplace. We hear the sound of running water and Priya humming a tune, and then we see her in the bath.
I hope she will also use it on her ample chest and make all the bubbles disappear, but she disappoints me. Priya undoes the buttons on his shirt, and Armaan slips out of it languidly, exposing his manly chest. We are shown the swell of her breasts, her heavy breathing, the perspiration forming on her forehead.
I could buy only ten from the newsstand." I grab a copy that has not yet been mangled. Shirke discussing the scurrilous accusations made against Armaan in this issue." "Like what?" "That Urvashi left him because he could not satisfy her. That he is gay." "So?" "You think they can abuse my hero in this fashion and get away with it? Remember, dying an honorable death is better than living a coward's life." Armaan's head is in his mother's lap. Remember, dying an honorable death is better than living a coward's life." The mother is crying too as she cradles his bleeding head in her lap.
I see another mother who kisses her baby many times on his forehead before placing him in a clothes bin, rearranging the clothes around him.
The man leaps out of his seat with a strangled cry and dashes toward the exit, which is hardly twenty feet away.
The man rushes past the black curtains to the red EXIT sign, slams open the door, and disappears. This time he does not see the names of the publicity designer and the PRO, the light men and the spot boys, the fight director and the cameraman. Always I’d felt that I couldn’t be a good human being and fight them [his family, the church].
Lestat theorizes that there is no ultimate moral law, only an aesthetic law that he calls “the Savage Garden”: “Beauty, rhythm, symmetry, those are the only laws I’ve ever witnessed that seemed natural.
Because they seemed ruthless and indifferent to suffering—to the beauty of the butterfly snared in the spiderweb! Click through for more roundtable responses from our Pagan bloggers, vampire video footage, praise from horror novelist Whitley Strieber, and more.Stay in touch! Do you think because these boards are anonymous they are a place to take out your inner frustrations with your own life on people who are happily enjoying theirs?
That’s a beautiful thing, and one to which readers throughout the many centuries can relate.
Don’t think I would land as far as you did, but I love your thoughtfulness, especially in the battle you faced escaping a religious structure so bent on crushing critical thinking.
I have always sensed a great connection to these characters for many of the same reasons you are pointing out. The work of art that is literature always amazes me, how a fictional tale can plant seeds in our brains that grow into insights we never thought ourselves capable of.
Despite growing up immersed in stories and getting my greatest joy from pure imagination, I didn’t think fiction could ultimately change lives. I highly recommend it – I was in it, and for a couple months the world was transformed for me.
It deserves to be seen but also to be read because it’s hard to catch everything in it and really think about it from just one viewing. It’s a beautifully composed mix of macroscopic and personal human problems and triumphs and despair and hope. Believe in God, the soul, the spirit, the infinite, believe in angels if you like, but not in the great celestial get-together for an exchange of views.
They could be more involved in the cycle of life than anyone, being able to have such a long view.
They could be the keepers of lore for their families, teaching each generation about the triumphs and struggles of the one that went before. Guardian of the worldview of a culture, making sure that what is built in one era survives into the next. Trying to find the balance between letting people make mistakes so they learn, but not make mistakes such a long view knows as catastrophic in a way that our short views cannot see? I live in a city whose governance cannot seem to learn from its own history, and keeps making the same failures and the same foolish mistakes over and over again. I knew this man, named John, and here’s what happened to him and to his whole family when that policy happened. I wasn’t particularly into vampire tales or movies, but in the early aughts I became fascinated with the vampyre subculture — not as a participant but merely as an onlooker from the sidelines. I was surprised by the existence of psychic vampyre cults with developed religious philosophy.

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