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Far from the current horror trend of Slender and its uncountable clones, One Late Night goes a step further and provides a true adventure experience that will keep you enthralled until you discover the end of this horrifying story. This may be a linear game, but it’s one game with a story to tell, a terrifying one at that.
Free PC Gamers is a website focused on freeware, open source, completely legal PC games of all genres for download: action, adventure, casual, girl games, first-person shooters, rhythm games, platformers, racing, role playing games, simulation, sports, strategy, and many more. I am not bringing any food, so my primary challenge will be to survive by berry picking and foraging other wild plants, by fishing and, when the various hunting seasons open, by hunting upland game, waterfowl, and blacktail deer. The main safety concern for most people would likely be bears, but it’s far from the primary risk. Because I’ll be based at a series of fixed base camps I will have much more gear than usual, such as a lightweight cot to keep me off the wet ground. The biggest challenges for me will likely be the monotony of certain foods and an unfamiliar ecosystem. Then you’ll probably relate to One Late Night, a short and free horror game where you play as a graphic designer employee who stays to finish some work. Although this is a game that resorts to some jumpscares, they blend perfectly into the amazing atmosphere, one that truly conveys the feeling of being alone at night in an office complex.

This is an amazing game from Black Curtain Studio and it’s free, so you have to play it. I will fly to Petersburg and then by bush plane to the Kootznoowoo Wilderness of Admiralty Island. There should be places where I can get data coverage and if so I will be posting occasional updates on my journal.
The coast of Southeast Alaska is as different form the the taiga of Fairbanks as the rainy coast of Oregon is from Montana. I hope to be able to experience even just a tiny amount of heaven on earth that you have lived.
Nothing out of the ordinary… until some inexplicable and spooky things start to happen. I will address that issue by wearing my life jacket at all times on the water and not going out of the protected bays in rough water.
Drying fish would be a big issue for me because I’d have no one to leave at camp to protect the drying fish from bears and ravens. It included this contraption, which is a folded crab pot, the hoop to a landing net, and a portable grill zip-tied together for shipping.

There is such an impressive level of interaction with the scenery that you’ll easily forget about the rigidity of a Slender, a Resolute Dark or even a Baby Blues, all good games by themselves. According to the Park Service there are more eagles on Admiralty than in the rest of the U.S.
In case of of no coverage or electronics failure I’d be able to wave down a boat sooner or later in case of emergency.
For this, I’m bringing a good tent with a wood-burning stove where I can dry out, and carefully selected clothing such as fleece jackets which will keep me warm even when wet. When the fishing is good I’ll can a batch for when the fishing is bad or the sea is rough.
Lastly, I will have a shotgun and rifle for hunting which I would use for bear protection only if absolutely necessary.

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