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After they skinned, quartered, and loaded the bear meat onto their boat, the two decided the burden was as much as the skiff could handle. Step One: Wedge a ridge pole (a horizontal cross piece) into the lower forks of two closely growing trees (one end can rest on the ground if necessary), or support the ends of the ridge pole with tripods of upright poles lashed together near the top.
Ordinary wooden matches are best and should be kept in a waterproof, unbreakable container. After the tinder is laid, pile a handful of small, dry twigs (preferably evergreen twigs) above this. With the fire pile sheltered from wind and rain, ignite the tinder so the flames will eat into the heart of the pile. Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device. David Wright The last thing Donald Evans remembered was shouting, “Pull up!” to the pilot seated beside him before the single-engine propeller plane slammed into a low mountain 37 miles west of McGrath, Alaska.
After the crash, Donnie had rolled partially beneath the plane before the floorboards came to a rest on his legs and waist, trapping him. Meanwhile, Rosemarie was slipping in and out of consciousness in the middle row, coughing up dark blood. Donald and Rosemarie had been headed to Anvik, the rural Yukon River village 350 miles northwest of Anchorage, to begin their first year of teaching. A village of fewer than 100 people, Anvik is where the southern route of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race meets the Yukon River. The family arrived in the village in June 2011, weeks before the start of school, eager to start their Alaska adventure.
A week before classes were scheduled to begin, the teachers flew to the district headquarters in McGrath for a series of meetings.
At the end of the week, the family packed groceries and school supplies in the little Cessna and waited for a break in the weather to fly back to Anvik. We will use your email address to send you the newsletter each week, and we may also send you occasional special offers from Reader's Digest. Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.
Back in 1992, a young man, Colby Coombs, was vacationing in Alaska with a couple of his buddies, where they decided to attempt climbing Mount Foraker. Juliane Kepcke was just a teenager when the airplane taking her to meet with her father in Peru. William Jeracki was 38 years old in 1993, when he decided to spend a day peacefully fishing outside of Denver. 14, traveling by boat to an island 35 miles from Ketchikan, Alaska, near the Misty Fjords National Monument.
Knopps stayed behind as Hagen ferried their catch to the Abundance, his 50-foot boat anchored a half mile away.

It was to be his first of seven days spent alone among the area’s wolves, bears and constant rain including a storm with 70-mph winds. Knopps couldn’t sleep and had no phone and no food, other than the four granola bars he had packed on a whim. In November—just two months after his rescue—he ventured out again for his family’s annual hunting trip in Wisconsin and bagged five deer. They can be erected without tools in an hour in an area with downed timber—less if you find a makeshift ridge pole such as a leaning tree to support the boughs.
She’d been sitting in the back row before the crash, and the impact had thrown her 20 feet from the plane.
Worried about hypothermia, Donald removed his daughter’s wet clothing and wrapped her in a quilt the family had packed.
He noticed a splintered log nearby from a willow tree that had probably snapped in the crash.
He forced himself to crawl back to the front of the plane and shift the pilot’s body away from his wife. Donnie and Mckenzie made fast friends with the kids in town, and Donald spent the summer erecting the school’s new playground set. On a hunch, Rosemarie bought a pregnancy test at the McGrath general store and confirmed her pregnancy. We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa! The Lockheed Electra airplane wasn't going to make it though—after hitting an unpredicted and extreme storm, the airplane didn't just crash, it began to come apart mid-air. Things took a turn for the worse when he accidentally dislodged a large boulder, which crushed one of his legs.
For water he searched for fresh rain trickling down from the hills, since the nearby river was saltwater.
And although he eventually scrawled something like a farewell note on his rifle, his perseverance carried him into the seventh day when, finally, a helicopter flew nearby. Experienced hunters simply keep these stories in mind, however, without letting the worry take control. Good tinder ingredients include lint (check your pockets and belly button), cotton threads, dry-wood powder, unraveled string, bird or mouse nests, dry splinters pounded between two rocks, dry shredded bark or pine needles, and slivers of fat pine. Also in teepee fashion, so ample oxygen will reach all parts of the heap, lay up some big pieces of dead wood. So was the woman sitting behind Donald, a popular schoolteacher named Julia Walker, who lived in Anvik, Alaska. Although Donald didn’t know it yet, his daughter’s arm was broken and her intestines were severed, possibly by her seat belt. Together father and daughter dragged themselves back to the plane, where Rosemarie was starting to regain consciousness.

The only part of her body that she could move was her left arm, which she used to reach out the window, feeling behind her. He heaved himself to the roof and crawled to Donnie, letting himself fall from the top of the Cessna to land beside his son.
When Donald’s military service ended in 2007, he and Rosemarie settled in Wasilla, Alaska, and enrolled in Alaska Pacific University.
They probably wouldn't have been thrown off by a little nasty weather, but the mountain was—an avalanche slammed into the group and carried them 800 feet down the mountain. One moment she was looking out the window at the wing—which was on fire—and the next, she was airborne. Nobody knew where he was, and he knew that if he didn't get out from under that rock, he was going to die. Soon after, though, their luck took a nasty turn south: The pair became separated, and Knopps was stranded on the island without shelter or any way to call for help.
Even when plenty of matches are at hand, this skill may someday mean the difference between a warmly comfortable camp and a chilly, miserable one. Then he found the pruning tool he’d packed and used it to cut away the floorboards to stop them from crushing Donnie.
After graduating with teaching degrees, they were hired to job-share a teaching position at the Blackwell School, a two-classroom elementary school in Anvik. Suddenly the decision to share a single teaching job, rather than moving to a district where they could each earn a full salary, made more sense. So he tied off his leg with some fishing line and, with a tiny pocketknife, cut his own leg off. The long-lost hunter arrived at a nearby hospital suffering from severe hypothermia, along with hallucinations and swollen joints and feet. He was badly injured and had several broken bones, but he had an incredible will to survive.
She had a fractured collarbone, a few cuts and bruises, and couldn't see out of one eye—but she was determined to make it out alive.
Amazingly, he didn't pass out from what must have been excruciating pain—he ultimately severed the leg, crawled back to his truck (a stick shift, of course), and drove himself to the closest town. After 10 days of following water sources in the hopes of finding another person, she was finally found by a group of hunters, who took her back to civilization. Tragically, he hasn't yet been given an award for “Manliest Amputee On the Planet” just yet.

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