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First aid refers to the medical attention that is administered to the injured person immediately after an injury has occurred and at the location where it occurred. A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. For traveling employees, employees who work in remote areas and those working alone must be provided with a personal first aid box. Employers are responsible for the provision of appropriate first aid equipment and facilities and trained first aiders in respect of their employees – this includes schools, as they are workplaces. Past disasters have shown that it may take up to 72 hours for emergency personal to reach all those effected by a major disaster situation.
Remember that it may be up to three days before Emergency Services are up and running in your area after a disaster. Fill in your name and e-mail address and enter the verification code that you see displayed.
You will receive, by return E-mail, a discount code word along with a free copy of our basic First Aid Guide. Yes, our dealers enjoy fast delivery and wholesale pricing on a great number of quality products.
First aid supplies are required for home, office, and school, sporting events, recreational activities, industrial locations, stores, restaurants and vehicles.A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept within easy reach, is a necessity in every home, office and school. Having supplies gathered ahead of time will help you handle an emergency at a moment's notice.
Store your kits in an easy-to-retrieve location that are out of the reach of young children. If you have any outdoor furniture or pool, deck or patio equipment that you are no longer using now is a good time to pack it away in a secure location. Your objective for the Bug Out Location (BOL) should be based on how you wish to hunker down. The eastward Bug Out Location is located on top of a hill with an open expanse of ground (kill zone) There is a perched water table providing easy access to ground water (even with the hand pump). First Aid KitA first aid kit is a must.    I keep a couple First Aid Kits (one at home and another in the truck). No matter where your cache will be located, you should go to great pains to make sure that it remains sealed and moisture proof. Where tight space is a consideration, as in urban caches, you may have to merely wrap your weapons in plastic. When you look for a cache location, consider that you will need an excuse for being near it.
Finally, walk right past your cache and make it appear you are doing something, or unloading something into an adjacent area. Having written all of this, I want to make a point - I don't like the idea of caching weapons for the reasons most folks will do it.

Caching involves selecting items to be cached, procuring those items, and selecting a cache site. But such a location may also invite the enemy to locate an ordnance depot where the cache is buried.
Using one cache site for several clandestine operations involves a risk of mutual compromise.
For example, installations likely to be objects of special protective efforts by the occupying enemy are certain to be inaccessible to the ordinary citizen. Concealment requires the use of permanent man-made or natural features to hide or disguises the cache.
Submersion sites that are suitable for secure concealment of a submerged cache are few and far between.
It often consists of a simple one-time treatment and requires little or no training to administer. Another consideration might be a First Aid Cabinet or adding a Burn Unit to existing First aid supplies.
Children old enough to understand the purpose of the kits should know where they are stored. We’ve prepared a list of things you should do as soon as possible, as well as items you should always have on hand. A common misconception many homeowners have is that they can protect their home from dangerous lightning strikes and voltage surges simply by plugging their TV or computer into a power strip or just installing a surge protective panel. A whole house surge protection network requires three Types of surge protective devices at three levels within the home to effectively protect your electronic devices from the ruining effects of voltage surges. Without television, computer games, internet etc…you and your family will need something to keep you entertained until the power comes back on. The kit includes various bandages, gauzes, splits, hemostats, latex gloves, anti-biotic creams, burn cream, thermometer, a stethoscope with blood pressure cuff, SAM splints, tweezers, hand sanitizer, pain meds, dextromorphin, lidocaine, Cipro (powder), etc.
Caching also can provide for anticipated needs of wartime operations in areas likely to be overrun by the enemy. Planners must compromise between logistical objectives and actual possibilities when selecting a cache site.
A vacant field surrounded by brush may seem ideal for a particular cache because it is near several highways. They should also consider whether the operational assets that could be used for packaging and transporting the package to the site. In contrast to concealment, however, burial in the ground is a laborious and time-consuming method of caching. A site may be ideal in every respect, but if it has no distinct, permanent landmarks within a readily measurable distance it must be ruled out. Planners must consider whether seasonal changes in the foliage will leave the site and the dangerously exposed.

The first aid given at the scene on an accident can improve the victim’s chances of survival and a good recovery.
By being prepared you will be able to focus on more important tasks, you will have peace of mind and more confidence.
However, surge protective panels or strips alone are not enough to fight damaging power surges. Type 1 devices are installed at the utility meter, Type 2 devices are mounted to the load side of the main service panel and Type 3 devices are typically plugged into electronic equipment within the home.
The walls are steelplate lined around the base for additional protection against incoming.   Bug Out Location 2 (West)Making the necessary preparations to weather the storm - be it economic, natural disaster or national emergency I got to the "Bug Out" cabin west of Yellowstone this weekend to clean up brush, clean house, stash more freeze-dried food, ammunition and firearms, and put away a water filtration unit. A power surge will travel through any wire into a house, leaving common appliances and sensitive electronic equipment vulnerable to serious damage. In a radiation emergency it is good to keep some Potassium Iodide on hand to protect against thyroid cancer from radiation.
Roll and Go Survival kits and Back Pack Kits are designed for natural or man-made disasters that will require you to evacuate to a safe location.
Generally one deep in a wooded location with running water and an escape route should the need arise. It won't protect against much else except perhaps some toxic heavy metal contamination but you never can tell when a potential radiation threat materializes.
Not as open as the Bladesville-2 cabin with a several-hundred yard "kill zone" but definitely more hidden and not as accessable either.Fortunately I have access to additional alternative sites in Utah and Nevada with caches scattered throughout. To block thyroid gland to prevent uptake of radioactive iodine contaminating food and water, take 4 drops of a saturated solution daily.
Some mention that getting a download or hard copy of "When There's No Doctor" as an additional source. TransportationThat time again - had to retire the old Dodge and take advantage of the advertised GMC "employee special" sale.
As the Greater Depression worsens, the best investment is physical Silver and Gold on hand followed by paper Silver and Gold. Obviously the real deal is preferable as the economy crashes down all around us while banks and investment houses close their doors for special "bank holidays" depriving investors access to their presumed wealth. A series of caches of survival items along several potential paths of escape is a good idea.      Personally I prefer to make my own out of PVC pipe but the costs savings are not necessarily that great overall. It is also important that people exercise their Second Amendment rights as a means for basic survival. I usually carry a reliable handgun and sometimes a backup gun as well depending on the situation.

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