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Bohemia Interactive and DAYZ and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. Has a secretly sadistic part of you ever wanted to devise an ingeniously evil torture chamber? Both challenges will be held throughout the day Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 21 to July 31.

Well leave it to Toledoans to make it happen: Toledo based production company KVCT Concepts created Trapped Toledo as an interactive group challenge designed to test the survival skills of you and your friends. You and up to 11 other people are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles with nothing but your collective wits to guide you. There are two hellish scenarios to pick from: Infected, a zombie attack scenario in which your team fights for freedom from a starving horde of brain eaters, and Blown Away, a bomb-disarming stress test.

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Rubric: Provide First Aid


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