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Organic hulled millet is a versatile and very digestible grain, often used by people on gluten-free or wheat-free diets. It is a popular grain in Africa, China & India where it is often used to make flatbreads.
This is different from your usual squash recipe.A friend of mine brought it to a pot luck dinner 15 years ago and it has been a family favorite since then.
Saute onions&bell pepper in margarine for 5 minutes,add squash that has been sliced and cubed.
That heart-pounding roller coaster ride might also come with whiplash, a stroke, or even a blackout. Have you heard the one about the groomsman who locked his knees during the wedding ceremony and passed out cold? While therea€™s no way to know exactly how often such experiences occur on roller coasters, blacking out or "graying out" during rides is medically understandable, experts say. Other roller coaster-related cases reported in medical journals include barotrauma, or a pressure trauma often in the ear, and pulmonary hemorrhage, or bleeding into the lung. In her practice, Avitzur sees lots of patients with herniated discs and other spine and neck conditions.

Other people who may want to think twice before strapping in to a wild ride are pregnant women, those with heart problems, people on blood thinners or who have low blood pressure and people with anemia.
And if youa€™re someone whoa€™s prone to graying out or even fainting in everyday circumstances a€“ say, when you stand up too quickly? In one case study reported in the journal Laryngoscope, a young man riding a roller coaster turned to his girlfriend just as the ride began to accelerate. Experts also recommend staying hydrated before and during your amusement park visit, since dehydration alone may be enough to make you lightheaded. A previous version of this story mistakenly interchanged low blood pressure and low blood count. I had an overabundance of squash this year and it was really a treat to prepare this dish, very easy and the kids LOVED it!
Passing out, too, may cause seizures or even permanent brain damage, though Busis is unaware of any instances of that happening on a roller coaster. The lower your blood count, the harder it is for the blood to reach your brain when put to the test.
He wound up at the doctora€™s office with pain and a sense of a€?fullnessa€? in his right ear.

Ita€™s also important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a roller-coaster ride if you notice any changes in pain or functioning since some conditions, like arterial dissections, can become more severe over time. They said they no longer want me to make it the old way (sauteed in butter) and asked if I could make it this way from now on. A smoothie makes a delicious and healthy snack, if it is prepared with low-fat ingredients. News talked with Avitzur and her colleague Neil Busis, a clinical professor of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh, to find out what thrill seekers should know during this season of screams. Although the rider was back to normal in a few days, the story prompted the researchers to recommend amusement parks instruct riders to face forward throughout the ride. And remember, just because your friends are lining up for the wildest new ride, you can always sit one out.

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