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Move to the Groove aims to provide students with information about good nutrition and the value of healthy food choices.
Since more than 75% of Americans do not consume the recommended 5 or more fruits and vegetables in a day, fresh fruit or vegetables is always a great snack choice! A healthy green salad should be high in antioxidants and other nutrients and low in bad fats and calories. So if you’ve been thinking that munching at the salad bar will help you get healthy or lose weight, drop those tongs right now and let’s get real. And now that you know how to make a healthy salad, whether you’re cruising a salad bar or cooking at home, you can start trying out these super creative ideas for healthy salads and healthy salad recipes. Moss Greene has been studying the common sense principles of health and nutrition since 1979.
If the package of dog food that you regularly purchase for your dog had a picture of a dead dog on the front accompanied by the words, “Fortified with 100 percent natural dog meat!” would you still buy it? Dog food is made from many strange things, only a few of which are evident in the list of ingredients.
Under Food and Drug Administration regulations, only about 50 percent of a cow can be sold for human consumption.
Many pet food manufacturers, including this site run by a pet food industry group, say that they are not using rendered pets to make a cannibal of your dog. Perhaps the real problem is with the other things that hitch a ride with the dead cats, dogs, zoo animals, and some of the livestock that were rejected for human consumption. This mass of otherwise unwanted death is a measure of the animal suffering caused by human activity. The more that I learned about the pet-food business while writing this article, the less significant the cannibalism aspect seemed to me. Given the existence of a food system that produced this much waste, what else should we be doing with all of this excess animal protein? POM Pomegranates was kind enough to send me over 40 pomegranates to use in developing recipes.
Now some people swear that beating a cut pomegranate will allow the arils to easily fall out.
Also, please do not cut your pomegranate in half, as you would an orange or apple, to remove the arils. For this method, you will need a sharp pairing knife, a cutting board, a large bowl of water and a small mesh strainer. Step 6: Over the bowl of water, place your thumbs into the cored out center of one of the ends of your pomegranate. Step 9: Using your small mesh strainer, remove the floating membrane skins and pith from the water. This starts with the parents!  Many times, kids don’t get the chance to make good choices…the food that is sent with kids for lunch, as snacks, or as part of a birthday goodie bag are low in nutrients. As an alternative to birthday snacks and candy, parents can pack party favors, pencils, stickers or a healthier treat. She began writing professionally in 2002 as the Nutrition Editor for BellaOnline, the 2nd largest women's website on the internet and in the world. If you need to slacken it a bit then use a small amount of olive oil or even water tastes good.

The hide, bones, digestive system and it contents, brain, feces, udders, and various other undesirable parts are all left over after a cow is slaughtered and butchered.
Some rendering plants are pickier than others, and some process ingredients in different batches to comply with state or local laws. FDA technically has authority, but the agency has passed this off to a set of partnerships and nongovernmental organizations that encourage mostly voluntary compliance with the few federal standards. The mangled road kill, diseased cattle and pigs that died before making it to the slaughterhouse all seem like things that we wouldn’t want anywhere near our pets. Many of these animals died after being medicated for health problems that contributed to their deaths, and not all drugs are neutralized during the rendering process.
Fifty percent of all chickens hatched out for the egg business are unneeded roosters that are discarded. My initial outrage at feeding dogs to dogs gave way to outrage at dogs being overproduced and dumped in shelters to be killed in the first place.
Indeed, the same system that doesn’t know whether its main ingredient is chicken beaks or dachshund really cannot guarantee adequate nutrition to the dogs that eat it.
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to seed a pomegranate easily without getting cracked skin or stains on your clothes! It is not only messy (juice will get everywhere), but you will also ruin and waster a lot arils that were sliced up. The water helps contain the arils that are popping out when you open the pomegranate, as well as washes off the acidic juice off your hands.
The pomegranates keep calling me and I am never sure how to handle them; this was wonderful! My name is Laura, recipe developer, graphic designer, photographer, cookbook author, wife & mom of three living in San Diego, CA.
For classroom celebrations, if items such as cookies are going to be present, ensure that healthier options like fruits and vegetables are available as well. To make sure your healthy salad has stick-to-your-ribs staying power, add some healthy lean protein. Although the following healthy salad additions can be high in nutrition, they’re also high in calories. And yet this might very well be what you are scanning at the grocery store checkout and scooping into your dog’s bowl.
But at around $15 for a 15-pound bag of dry food, nobody is spending enough money to turn a T-bone into dog food. The stuff that can’t even go into hotdogs gets consolidated and shipped to rendering plants.
But on the whole, most tend to dump in whatever they receive and start the grinder when it is full: parts from slaughterhouses, whole carcasses of diseased animals, cats and dogs from shelters, zoo animals, road kill and expired meat from grocery store shelves (tossed in fully packaged, complete with plastic wrap and Styrofoam).
The Association of American Feed Control Officials takes the lead in setting and maintaining standards, but it conducts no testing of food and has no enforcement authority.
There is no simple way to look at a shipment of meat and bone meal and tell exactly what species are in the mix.
Meat and bone meal can contain antibiotics, steroids, and even the sodium pentobarbital used to kill pets at shelters. But perhaps we ought to be more angry about the parade of unwanted carcasses that fuel our need for a rendering industry in the first place.

If you are peeling many pomegranates, make sure you put some hand lotion on your hand when you are done, as the pomegranates can and do dry your hands and fingers. Keeping your knife at a 45? angle (my hubby is very exact as he IS an engineer!) cut a circle around the center of the pith. Don’t forget to be aware that many students have allergies or medical conditions that require careful attention to the foods offered. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and only come to about 10 calories a cup.
The stuff that ends up in dog food is material that can’t be sold as food for humans. Slaughterhouses that handle pigs and chickens also send their leftovers to rendering plants.
In practical terms, regulation of the contents of pet food is largely accomplished by those individual states that bother to get involved. The protein percentage of a load of cats and dogs looks basically the same as a shipment of carcasses from a poultry farm. By definition, a lot of the animals that ended up in the rendering vat had something wrong with them.
I have kept pomegranate arils in my refrigerator for up to 2 weeks when in a sealed container. Fortunately, there are no fruits and vegetables on the top 10 list of most allergenic foods! We have different standards for what our animals eat from what we would put in our own mouths, but where should we draw the line?
So do many other facilities that find themselves with large volumes of otherwise unusable dead animal parts, including animal shelters and veterinary clinics that euthanize a lot of animals. The rendering industry gets very vague about what is in meat and bone meal, even in otherwise highly technical documents.
My family also has a pomegranate tree in our yard, with easy access to fresh pomegranates from October through December. Step 4 can be skipped if you want, but if you have a thick-skinned pomegranate, this is way to go. It joins a long list of ingredients that you might prefer not to see in your pet’s food.
And for this exciting pomegranate opportunity through POM, I think my handy-dandy assistant, the hubby, opened and seeded all 44 pomegranates!
Unopened pomegranates can last up to one month on the counter or two months in the refrigerator. However, even California allows rendered pets to be processed and sold out of state for pet food as meat and bone meal. The city of Los Angeles alone sends about 200 tons of dead pets to a rendering plant each month.
He really became an expert at it, and now I’m here to show you the BEST way to open and seed your pomegranate!

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