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If the study of survival (whether it be primitive, urban or disaster) is your thing, then you’ve probably at least thought about a BOV.
If you know your BOV is in good working order you really shouldn’t need a whole trunk full of spare auto parts to get you to your destination. What’s the point of having a BOV unless it has the fuel range to get you to your destination. When it comes to all of these BUG OUT topics – whether it be Bug Out Bag, Bug Out Vehicle, Bug Out Plan or Bug Out Location there is no definitive 100% right answer. Silventar- A motorcycle BOV does present it’s own unique set of challenges but for those in the city (like yourself), it makes complete sense. First off, just wanted to say my dad had a 68 Bronco with a 289cui from a Shelby GT350 engine under the hood ?? I loved that thing. I just wanted to let you know that Tom and I had an absolutely amazing time at the Unofficial Hunger Games Survival Course. Inspired by the 1979 cult classic Mad Max,¬†photographer Douglas Sonders drew elements from the post-apocalyptic film to stage a dramatic photo shoot. Douglas Sonders is a photographer and filmmaker born and raised in the Virginia suburbs just outside of Washington D.C. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
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Compact Camping Concepts of Salem, Oregon has recently released a guide for do-it-yourself building of tent based camping trailer.
Unsatisfied with his desire to find a small RV that could be towed by a small car while still being comfortable in it, Scott found roof top tents, typical of the kind found on vehicles on a safari. Once he found the type of tent he liked, he ordered one, built a diamond plate trailer to put it on, and with that, Compact Camping Concepts was born.

While Scott will build his trailers for his customers, his main focus is helping do-it-yourself builders achieve the trailer to their specifications.
To get started on the Explorer Box DIY, the cost for the 85 page manual is a mere $30, which includes step by step instructions with photos, as well as material and tool lists.
The Explorer Box AL brings some of the same conveniences as the DIY version, yet the AL has a lightweight aluminum box with a welded steel frame. Both models are designed to handle the tasks of being either a hauler for your outdoor gear, or that of a tent topped camper. If you’re handy and like tent camping, Compact Camping Concepts looks like a fun way to utilize your technical skills and get that tent off the ground at the same time.
AboutThe Small Trailer Enthusiast is a home for news on small travel trailers, typically 20' or less.
I know they are not ideal, but in urban disaster situations a dual-sport can be more agile and go places a larger vehicle cannot; between cars, for example.
Anywho, depending on someones situation, a good bug out vehicle is actually a Ford Crown Victoria. Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2004 with an Advertising Photography degree. As the name implies, it’s a do-it-yourself trailer, which can be used as a tent topped trailer or a trailer to haul your gear. The open-sided concept to the Utilitarian gives it the versatility of being a tent-topped camper one weekend or a trailer for hauling supplies or loads the next weekend. It comes with an integrated dome style tent that doubles as either a camper or mobile shelter.
Here you will find info on new models, industry news relating to small trailers, and any other stories I think you might find interesting. For city-bound folk like me, a large BOV may well be a death sentence, whereas a dual-sport motorcycle may be the most efficient BOV. Every city you go into will have parts off of police cars you can scavenge should you need to replace something. The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, the training was all relevant, and the service was beyond fantastic. According to a recent research, Online promotion is one major reason behind huge sales of a product.

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After 26 years working for a major electronics company, Scott found himself unemployed from his career as an information technology  program manager in 2006.
It lacks the enclosed storage like the Explorer Box models do, but offers a little more diversity of use. Sitting on a 2,000 lbs axle, the LGT measures in at just a tick over 10′ long from hitch to tail.
Made of modular fiberglass components, the Dinoot is designed to be built incrementally, which helps spread out the cost of your camper and thus take the burden off your wallet.
As such, creating one would be an interesting task, as a motorcycle necessitates streamlining the on-board gear significantly. It’s quiet, very low-maintenance, never runs out of gas unless you do (which is probably a bigger problem than not having transportation anyway), and has excellent mobility. The best thing about the whole experience is that I now feel confident that I would know what to do in a survival situation.
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However, he seized the opportunity and put his personal interests and previous experience with mechanical engineering CAD to use and combined his two loves: designing and camping. Having the basic knowledge that was taught at Willow Haven is a start to a great education in survival.
You can add saddle bags (right term?) to take some stuff off your back, or add stuff to your supplies if you don’t move anything from your BOB into them.
I will cede that like anything it has its drawback like not being able to sleep in it, not being very fast, and not being able to carry much, but I think a bike would be a viable option for a BOV.

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