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Proposition 37 is being framed as a choice between genetically enhanced food and food that doesn’t have genetic enhancements. The reality is that Proposition 37 has very little to do with genetics and everything to do with showing the public what they are eating. If people are presented with a choice of knowing what is in their food, or not knowing, then it should be clear that knowing is better.
This issue is especially important to East Los Angeles College’s  primary demographic, Hispanics, who represent 76.6 percent of the school’s population.
According to an Experian Simmons, Winter 2012 NHCS Adult Survey, Hispanics 18-29 years old are more likely than non-Hispanics to claim that nutritional value is the most important factor in what foods they eat.
Then there are other opponents that people may not expect such as Coca Cola, Nestle, and Hershey. According to KCET, nearly $28 million were spent to oppose Proposition 37.
If consumers are going to pay a premium for food that is labeled as organic, shouldn’t they have the right to know what kind of science goes into the food? If you don’t care what is in your food, then you should probably still vote yes on Proposition 37 because it will put pressure on large food corporations to produce foods more in line with health conscious consumers and that benefits everyone.
Some of the brands that are opposed to Proposition 37 are brands that have been the biggest food brands in the world. It is a bad look for a brand to be conspiring to conceal contents of their products from the public. Consumers want to know what is in their food.Are we going to eat genetically engineered foods?

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On your 10th birthday, sometimes the only thing that will really do is to invite your friends around at home and get a bouncy castle in the garden.
In these situations, there’s only one thing for it: a party buffet, served on themed character paper plates. Egg mayonnaise, singular ham slices, jam… those are usually about all of the options available.
These delightful portions of egg wrapped in breaded sausage will inevitably end up rolling around the kitchen floor rather than being eaten – but they play an important part in the birthday party buffet all the same.
Continuing with the miniature theme, there’s bound to be a little plate of mini sausage rolls on the buffet table. Every other day of the year, a cheese and pineapple combination would be considered disgusting and wrong – but at a 10th birthday party they’re a culinary delight, usually styled and served on toothpicks.
Usually of the strawberry variety, a huge tray of wobbly jelly is provided as a dessert – finished with a tub of soft scoop vanilla ice cream and never enough spoons to go around everyone. Okay, so we’ve saved this one until last because it truly is the king of the 10th birthday party foods.
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Monsanto and DuPont provided $8.2 million of the total contributions to oppose Proposition 37. They’ll be piled onto one plate, probably in the centre of the table, to be picked up and put back down, poked at and probably left until the end as everyone narrowly avoids these in search of something more fun.
These are often swiftly claimed, so anyone who is serious about making the most out of the party buffet scopes out the location of these long before the buffet is open. If you’re lucky, you may have had a really posh pineapple and cheese stick selection styled as a hedgehog. Circular shortbread biscuits wedged together with a layer of sticky jam that peeks through a love heart shaped centre. A rounded chocolate cake, covered in lashings of milk chocolate and finished with smarties and a delightfully happy icing face and feet, there can be no better cake for a gaggle of ten year olds wanting to get a sugar-rush before their parents pick them up at 6pm. We’ve recently had our 10th birthday, and to celebrate, we’ve ensured we’ve had plenty of all of these items on hand to enjoy in the office this week! In this giant bowl of randomly assorted crisps there’s only one thing for it – dig in and see what happens.

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