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This blog is not primarily fandom based, but I am a passionate Sansan shipper and write for this fandom.
I am the creator of the illustrated Sansan novella, Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hound. During the descent, a checklist error left the rendezvous radar - normally used for keeping track of the Command Module in orbit - turned on. So, here you have a computer, easily the most powerful computer for its size ever made as of 1969, controlling a flying machine above the lunar surface, and correctly juggling multiple real-time processing tasks by priority. This woman programmed a computer smart enough to prioritize tasks and make sure essential functions were carried out first even if other tasks were going on - she’s the one who made the moon landing possible, more than anyone else.

And for the record: all the programmers who created the first general-use computer were women. Men didn’t think programming was important so they relegated it to women, and once they realized programming was the MOST important part of computers they yanked those jobs away, made it a boy thing, and failed to highlight the huge role women played in pioneering the computer age. I am apathetic towards everything related to the HBO TV show Game of Thrones (including its actors), so the fannish aspect of my blog is based on the ASOIAF books exclusively. Radar is a computationally hungry beast, and the computer unhappily told Neil and Mike that it was being overtasked. Like, when it was first getting off the ground computer programming was a woman’s field - like they specifically looked for and hired women.

It kept the truly important numbers - altitude, descent rate, fuel consumption - up to date perfectly as they descended, which allowed Neil to fly safely above the lunar surface to find a landing site. More technically speaking, she’s responsible for parallel and asynchronous computing (which now is key to every supercomputer and major website), priority scheduling, end-to-end testing, and a huge chunk of human-computer interface theory.

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