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Bill G., you make a good point, and if you simply installed the parts and set it in a safe, I would agree with you. 2) While Marlin is certainly a quality manufacturer, and their design has been around for a long time, there is nothing magical about 100% Marlin. By the way, another add-on upgrade that I just ordered is the one-piece ejector made by Wild West Guns.
There are lot of rifles that shoot the 7.62X39 round, but I deiced against giving them their own spot in the top 5. Ruger mini-30 – might be a nice rifle, but its just too expensive to justify the cost. In just about any state in the lower 48 states, the 30-30 has enough power put meat on the table. Another thing that the Marlin 30-30 brings to the table, it has lower recoil then say the 30-06. On the flip side of the coin, if you need a semi-automatic rifle with detachable magazines for an urban survival situation, the Remington 750 can take care of that as well. In the family of semi-automatic 308 rifles, I think it boils down to if you want a military looking rifle, or a civilian looking rifle.
Whether you need a rifle to take grizzly bear, or small game, the Remington model 700 is designed to take care of business.
Also, some states do not allow people to hunt deer sized game with anything smaller then a 243 (check your local regulations). From a survivalist point of view, the mini-14 and mini-30 rifles are just not worth the cost. Some of the nice things about the Weatherby Vanguard, it comes in a variety of calibers, it has a synthetic stock, and a heavier barrel then some of the other rifles on the market. Marlin Model 60 – an outstanding 22 rifle, but being tube fed makes it slow on the reloading. Pistol calibers in a rifle – a lot of survivalist consider a pistol and rifle that can use the same ammo the ultimate setup. While pistol rounds might be fine and dandy for up close and personal work, they lack the energy for long distance shots – say anything over 75 yards.
Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family.
How does the bullet know whether its hitting a wall and should punch through, or flesh and tumble?
This is just my personal opinion, but in a survival situation where I was having to hunt for food, I would want a rifle that going to knock whatever I shoot down. Post your comments in this forum thread about using the AR15 Mini-14 223 5.56mm for a survival rifle. Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between.
For the sake of discussion, the 30-06 is the largest caliber that will listed in this article.
7.62X39 ? made famous by the AK-47 and SKS, developed in 1943, has seen service in major conflicts all over the world, available in civilian rifles such as the Ruger Mini-30 and various bolt action rifles. With post-soviet block countries strapped for cash, many of them have decided to sell off their surplus semi-automatic rifles, and surplus ammunition. Firing a 123 grain full metal jacket or soft point, the 7.62X39 is well rounded for deer and wild hog sized game.
Since most of the rifles that fire the 7.62X39 are semi-automatic, this makes it a good choice for recoil sensitive people, or people who do not like the full sized rifle cartridges.
30-30 Winchester ? made famous by the lever action Winchester model 94, has probably killed more north American whitetail deer then any other round, light recoil, chambered in a variety of rifles, ammunition and rifles are easy to find.
If there is one thing that makes the 30-30 a good choice for a survival rifle, its 100+ years of killing deer sized game.
The 30-30 is considered by some people as an ?entry level deer rifle? ? due to its light recoil, and limited effectiveness range.
There are several factors that makes the 308 Winchester a good choice for a survival rifle ? its accurate, available in a wide range of rifles, ammo is easy to find, rifles are available in semi-auto, single shot and bolt action, recoil is not punishing. If there is one thing to keep in mind about the 308 Winchester, its the top choice of police and military snipers. 30-06 Springfield ? introduced in 1906, ammunition is popular and easy to find, rifles are available in everything from single shot to semi-automatic, recoil is on the heavy side, effective on just about all non-dangerous north American game, has seen military service for the better part of the 20th century. If there is one thing to keep in mind with the 30-06, it helped win 2 world wars, and has probably killed more men then any other modern cartridge. One of the drawbacks to the 30-06, a lot of people find the recoil on the heavy side, even in semi-automatic rifles.
There are a lot of calibers that were left out, not that they are good calibers, or a poor choice as a survival rifle ? their either difficult to find, or have a lot of recoil.
A little more money to spend, then maybe a 308 or 30-06 in a Remington model 700, 750, Ruger M77, or a Savage rifle.
Rifle platform is also a big win with the 308, from single shot to semi-auto, in a SHTF situation Offense will be just as important as Defense, so the more firepower you have around the better it could be for you. In a Bolt gun the 308 shines, there are some super accurate 308 bolt guns, so as I see it the 308 wins for me hands down.
The 30-30 IMHO is one of the very best Deer cartridges ever, add it to the Marlin rifle platform and it gets no better, but in a SHTF, there are better options.

The 7.62X39, today there are almost any types of rifle platforms that you can get in the 7.62X39, SKS, AK, are by far the most popular, and rightly so they work oh so well, and in a SHTF they would be a great comfort to have around, but! All of the rifles and calibers are good, just some are better than others depending on the area and conditions they will be used.
Of the M-1A platforms, I enjoy the SOCOM 16 and the SCOUT SQUAD size the best for ease of use. I have never shot an M1 Garand, but I always thought they had a good feel to them when holding one up. The Winchester 94 is well-made, but I think the best bang for the buck is found in the Marlin lever action. You’ll get a significantly better sighting system and still keep the rugged reliability of iron sights and the compact, easy-to-stow, design of a lever action. Compare a production combat trigger on an AR with a SSA-E trigger from Geissele Automatics for another example. If you live in Alaska, your rifle needs are going to be a lot different then someone that lives in the Southern states. We loaded up an aluminum boat and headed out to one of the bayous close to Bridge City, Texas – this was sometime around 1984 or 1985. The 22 long rifle is cheap, easy to stockpile, does not have a loud report, easy to carry and has plenty of power to take small game – like the nutria rat. Its the effective stopping power of the 7.62X39 round (which is just slightly less powerful then the 30-30), the reliability of the AK47 design, and the vast number of modifications that puts this rifle at #2. Since the 30-30 has a reputation of being a great deer caliber, then why shouldn’t the 7.72X39 be right there with it? Unlike aluminum magazines, the steel magazines of the AK47 must be oiled before long term storage. I (Kevin) owned a Ruger mini-30, and I could not justify buying 1 Mini-30, when I could have bought 2 Ak-47s for the same price. Its the reliability of the Marlin 30-30, mixed with the effectiveness of the 30-30 Winchester that puts this rifle at #3. Its the wide variety of calibers, detachable magazines and being semi-automatic that put this rifle at #4.
With magazines in the $1 – $5 price range, its easy to stockpile plenty of PTR-91 magazines.
Its the wide range of calibers, simplicity of design, and accuracy that puts this rifle at #5. Its not that they are a bad choice, or a poor design and its nothing personal against the rifles that were not listed. The problems with the mini 14 and mini-30 family – they are expensive, and the magazines can be expensive.
I could buy 4 used Mossberg model 500s for $700, or 1 mini-14 or 1 mini-30 for $700 – $800.
The Vanguard is supposed to be developed by Howa, and is an under valued rifle in the survivalist lineup.
There are people out there that like tube fed rifles over magazine rifles – which is fine and I can respect that.
Whether your in an urban survival situation or hunting some of the local wild game, try to pick a rifle that can serve both roles. The use of aluminum and plastics in the rifles construction has helped to keep the overall weight of the AR-15 down.
If the lever action rifle and 30-30 were not effective, it would have faded into history a long time ago.
While some calibers like the 308 and 30-06 are effective out to the 800 meter range, the 30-30 is limited to 200 yards or less. If its good enough for a military sniper, it should be good enough for a survivalist to take a hog or deer with. Take the 300 Winchester magnum for example ? the 300 WinMag packs a lot of recoil and is overkill for deer sized game.
What purpose will the rifle serve, what size game will be hunted, will the rifle be used for urban survival, or in a rural or remote area?
Both rounds have low recoil, so just about everyone in the family should be able to shoot them fairly well. With a 308, you should be able to take just about an non-dangerous game animal in North America, you can not say the same thing about the 7.62X39. Another win for the 308 would be ammo, in a SHTF you will not only be needing to defend yourself but also hunt for food, and because there is so much 308 ammo around in both softpoint and FMJ. I do not own one, I do not care for the 7.62X39, first it's a UnAmerican cartridge, then add the fact that almost all your ammo will be FMJ, and add alot will be steel cased, I hate steel cased ammo, and I do not really care for a SKS or a AK, not my cup of tea, yes they work, and work well. While they work reasonably well for a short range hunting rifle, it was never a military caliber.
If I am going to be doing some serious long range shooting I will go to a good, well set up, bolt rifle. Although, my main strategy in a survival situation would be to avoid firefights whenever possible.
The tip is designed to improve the ballistic coefficient, but with a flexible plastic so as not to set off the primer of the adjacent round in the tubular magazine. From its earliest years to the present day, the .30-30 has been used to take more game than any other caliber, and perhaps more game than all other calibers combined.
The bullet weights are in the same range as the .357 magnum, but the velocities are higher.

They must make a profit, and they aren’t going to add extra cost to a product that already suits 98% of their market.
Anything that you can do to improve any one of those three things is well worth considering. Its doubtful someone living in southern Florida is going to be running in Grizzly bears, like someone in someone in the Northern States might. With prices ranging from $12 – $20 for a brick of 550 rounds, for people on a budget, the 22 long rifle is going to be a tough round to beat.
The above list tried to address the rifles that might fill a wide range of needs in a survival situation.
For the price of 1 mini-14 or mini-30, you could buy 2 AK47s or 2 SKS, or maybe even 2 Marlin 30-30s. Costing less then the Remington Model 700, the Weatherby Vanguard is attractive to a lot of shooters that are on a budget.
While the 22 magnum does have a advantage over the 22 long rifle, its not like comparing the 243 and 30-06. While the 357 magnum has plenty of energy to take deer sized game at close ranges, most people stockpiling ammo for some kind of SHTF situation usually stock 9mm, 45acp or 40S&W. Over time the price of AK-47s, SKSs, and 7.62X39 ammunition has crept up, but its still reasonably priced. The fact that the 30-30 has not been replaced by more modern cartridges in the past 100+ years speaks for itself.
On top of that, the ammunition can get expensive, and not all major retail outlets carry the 300 Winchester Magnum. I know this sounds shallow, but in my lifetime, too many Americans have died by this cartridge for me to embrace it.
While it shot well and mags where a LOT cheaper, being a left handed shooter, the safety was not user friendly for me. I will ship this rifle to a Licensed FFL Dealer in the lower 47 states only, sorry no sales to California. The .30-30 will propel a 160 grain LeverEvolution bullet to about 2250 fps (20-inch barrel). And the range of the .30-30 is over 200 yards with most bullets and over 300 yards with a LeverEvolution bullet. Cartridges are simply pushed into the magazine through a side loading gate on the receiver. With these two drop-in mods, you turn the Marlin 336 (and similar models) into a top-notch defensive rifle (the lever action was the primary rapid fire weapon of its time). Deer hunters are their primary market, and every shot taken is not necessarily a matter of life and death for the shooter. Better sights and a better trigger are the two mechanical improvements you can make to help assure the bullet ends up precisely where it is supposed to go. If you live in Colorado, or Washington state you might be hunting elk or moose, while people in Louisiana, Alabama or Mississippi might be hunting whitetail deer or wild hogs. If your going to spend $300 on a rifle, would you rather buy American made or Communist made?
If you want to stockpile magazines at your bug out location, it can get a little expensive.
I will need a signed copy of the Licensed FFL Dealer, so I will know the address to ship to. The recoil is mild, the cartridge has a good reputation for accuracy, and the bullet weights are more than sufficient for medium game. They might buy a 30-06 for the adult male, a couple of SKSs or AK47s, a 22 long rifle, and a couple of shotguns,,,,. On the plus side, they do present a non threating look (grandpaw's old deer rifle) compaired to the usual battle rifles on the market. I know that these calibers were not in the list you posted, but thought I would toss them in as food for thought.
These add-on parts cost money – a lot more than what the parts they are replacing cost. Allen and I got in the aluminum boat we had used to reach the camping spot, and paddled across the bayou to retrieve the animal. It is intermediate in power and terminal effectiveness between those two cartridge as well. You must unscrew the far end of the tubular magazine, pull out a brass inner tube, and then load rounds individually through a cut-out in the tube. We skinned the nutria rat and brought it back to the camping spot where it was roasted over a camp fire and eaten. Limiting your weapon and ammo selection to just a couple of firearms frees up resources for other projects. Lever-action rifles are affordable, reliable, and legal in places where other gun types suffer from undue restrictions. Instead of having to test fire 3 or 4 rifles, with several different types of ammo,,,, just test 1 or 2 rifles with a couple of different loads.
The Marlin comes in more models than the Henry, including one with a large loop, a stainless steel version, and a deluxe model.

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