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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! The accuracy and control provided by NuCan saves water, saves time and if your water is metered, even saves you money!
NuCan can easily spot waterAn upturned rose will enable you to water seedlings without fear of damaging them. To water seedlings in trays, place the end of the spout attachment on the edge of the tray, then release the water which will skim along the surface of the soil (this is called skimming).

This helps in so many ways that just a short list could include leaning into rockeries, over seedlings, out to window boxes and up to hanging baskets.
Simply hold the can at an angle and level that are comfortable to you and use Nucan’s unique button to control the flow of water. If you don’t fill it too full, you can even keep the Nucan pointing straight down in a natural position. The Nucan combined with the short spout allows you to deliver water at exactly the right place and rate for the job.

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