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The Gardening Section Meetings are held on the Third Thursday of every Month, In the Meeting room after the membership draw 6.30pmThe section travels to gardens and visits unusual places, they also have Guest speakers. 27th February 2016This year the Potato Competition attracted 28 entriesHere are the photos of the winners and the weight in.
The good news is if you don’t have a “green thumb”, this article will give you all the information you need to grow your first garden this summer, even if you live in an apartment! Step #2: If you have a small amount of space, container gardening is a great alternative to a traditional garden bed.
Step #3: Find good quality potting soil, and purchase the seeds of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Step #6: Stand back and admire your plants as they thrive in the hot (or sometimes hot) Edmonton sun. Join local garden expert, Tom Monroe, and learn everything you need to know about intensive vegetable gardening, and preparing a space for a garden big or small through discussions on inter planting, succession planting, companion planting, and garden spacing!
We're expanding and offering you a greater array of classes, tools such as the Community Kitchen, outreach such as the Growers' Choice subscription, and a diverse selection of products in our Market Store. The mission and goals of the Quad Cities Food Hub are made possible, in part, through the cooperation, support and partnership of the Riverboat Development Authority, U.S. By Martin I thought it would be a good idea for readers to be able to share stories, tips, information and, perhaps best of all, pictures of their plants and gardens. With warmer weather upon us, many of us are aching to replace our shovels and winter boots with gardening tools and watering cans. One of the hardest parts of gardening is that you often have to lift heavy items such as bags of soil or planters. Try to prep your planting area in a standing position by using lightweight, long-handled garden tools.
If you have chronic lower back pain, consider using flower boxes or raised flower beds to prevent having to bend down to the ground level.
You can either purchase an inexpensive pot, or re-use items you already have in your house, like mason jars.
Here is a list of what will grow well in the unpredictable Alberta climate and when to plant it. Each bag of seeds you buy will have instructions on how to plant them (how deep in the soil and how far each seed should be from one another).

You will probably need to water your plants every day (in the evening or morning is most effective), unless it rains of course.
You will feel a sense of accomplishment and get to enjoy fresh, free, organic fruit and vegetables all summer long! Now, we're asking for your volunteer hours and monetary donations to be the equivalent of rain and sunlight for our organization to help us continue to grow and pursue our mission.
Department of Agriculture, City of Davenport, Levee Improvement Commission, Wellmark Foundation, Genesis Health System, Eastern Iowa Community College District, the U.S. So here is how you do it: First add your name where indicated Then, use the Post Title box to give your submission a title. Very simple recreational activities such as gardening can lead to some muscle aches and joint pain if proper body mechanics and general safety are not followed.
Some small arm circles or marching in place for several minutes can warm up your muscles and help prevent soreness.
When using a shovel for digging, bend at the hips and maintain the curve in your lower back. It is also a task that most of us do not enjoy, so it is important to minimize the amount of weeding we must do. If you must pull the cord to start your mower, bend your knees to reach the cord and maintain the natural curve in your lower back. I love gardening and these should make it a little easier for the newer people to start out. Besides being an environmentally conscious activity, a number of studies have found improved mental and physical health that extend past the obvious benefits like fresh air and stress relief. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, try building a raised bed and if you are particularly handy, try this stepped garden. The best time to start planting most vegetables is the end of May, which is right about… NOW! TIP: Keeping a rain barrel outside is the most sustainable and least expensive way to water your plants. Connie has been kind enough to provide us with some beautiful pictures of the dahlias and lilies she is growing in her garden. With a sheath of mid-green strap shaped or cylindrical leaves, these plants are most notable for their distinctive flowers.

The following are some general guidelines to keep in mind while gardening to minimize the aches and pains.
If possible, minimize the weight of the bag of soil by removing half the dirt into another pot.
Consider using plants as ground cover or cover your garden with mulch or compost to minimize weeds from growing. Tighten your abdominals just prior to pulling the cord to give yourself an extra support through your core. Most tools are not sharpened when you purchase them, especaily shovels, spades, hoes and and other digging tools. You could go in after breakfast and not come out on the other side until bed time, and it wasn’t a big garden. Bend your knees, and lift more with your legs to help maintain the natural curve in your lower back and avoid any lifting and twisting. Try a weed spray to rid your garden of weeds before you get on your hands and knees to do the arduous task. When pushing the mower, stand upright and continue to maintain the curve in your lower back.
Make sure you are wearing loose, comfortable clothing that will easily breathe and allow you to move.
Plant from a kneeling position, and avoid squatting down as that will put a lot of pressure through your knees. If you have a very large lawn, take breaks often or consider breaking up the task into a few days. Take breaks often, and always remember to rehydrate since you will be burning calories in the garden!

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