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Minecraft implemented the feature of survival to enhance the gameplay for a wide variety of the total of players.
The theme of this map, if not already familiar with the previous map builds or the theme motivation; the Hunger games.
When surviving in this world; the map creator has taken the detail into extreme consideration.
The theme for the map is quite simple; taking the idea of New York City, and then covering it in a devastating layer of snow.
This mod is an addon for Forestry, and adds a bunch of new backpacks, each on crafted just like the vanilla forestry ones. Redstone Engineer’s Backpack – holds redstone dust, torches, repeaters, levers, buttons, and pressure plates.
Farmer’s Backpack – holds plant materials like seeds and wheat, as well as netherwart, cacti, reeds, and if you have Industrialcraft 2 installed, it holds seed bags, the cropnalizer, fertilizer and hydration cells. Artist’s Backpack – holds all dyes registered with Forge, decorative blocks such as wool, stone bricks, bricks, slabs, stairs, torches, lamps, glass, ect: Industrialcraft 2 painters, iron fence, scafold. Magician’s Backpack – holds anything related to magic, from bottle o’ enchanting, enchanted books, to Thaumcraft 3 golems, jars, essences, wands and more. Metallurgist’s Backpack – Hold (nearly) all metal nuggets, ingots, blocks, dusts, small dusts and plates.
Hydraulic Engineer’s Backpack – Holds all liquid containers registered with Forge, as well as liquid transport and storage devices. Jewler’s Backpack – Holds any items from the Ore Dictionary that start with “gem” such and diamonds, emeralds, Redpower and Gregtech rubies, sapphires and others.

Logistical Engineer’s Backpack – Holds anything relating to item transport, from hoppers, rails and carts to Buildcraft Pipes. Nuclear Engineer’s Backpack – REQUIRES Indusrtrialcraft 2: Holds all nuclear reactor components, as well as the reactor and reactor chambers. Programmer’s Backpack – REQUIRES ComputerCraft: Holds computers, cables floppy disks, turtles. The map is entirely custom made, and has been created by using mods and programs such as VoxelSniper and world edit.
The snow seems to have covered half of even tall buildings and the magnificent icons such as even the Statue of liberty. These chests will often contain materials and items that will aid you and your quest for survival. Special Item: If IC2 is installed it will be copper cables, if Buildcraft it will be gold power pipes and if neither it will be redstone dust.
What happens is first it will look at your hot bar, and fill any backpacks from left to right.
24 players will fight to success or die trying, each player working their way around the map; unlocking secrets in which will reward them in great supplies. This map, in particular is significantly different to the other maps; more modernised than the rest of them. Almost the entire map has been filled, to what seems to be the maximum capacity with buildings and supply dumps. Chests should be, and are usually a player’s first objective; so it is often advised to locate and obtain materials from these chests as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if running the map on a single-player you may find that the map is not as effective then when using it with a group of players. All cooked meats (not raw), bread, mushroom soup, apples, forestry honey pots, and if you have Industrialcraft 2, it can hold full and empty food cans, and if you have Thaumcraft 3 it can hold meat nuggets and the triple meat treat. So if your hot bar has a miners and a redstone backpack, it will put any redstone into the left-most.
Players can work together, slaying their enemies and progressing until the very end until only that alliance remains. If your hot bar has no backpack space, it will go to the top row of your inventory and fill from left to right, and then down to the next row and so on.
In saying this; even alliances must be broken, and only one player may be claimed the winner. Simply by using these features, the map creator will often already have a definite chance on obtaining a great many people. You will then be pushed up and can choose whether to loot the center pile of supplies, or run for the exit. There will always be the maps in which are good, even great; but there aren’t many extraordinary maps available. Maps take time to create, and when an experienced creator decides to take up the job, and make an amazing map; it will often take a long time.

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