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Native American Symbols Postcard - Legends of America Custom Original Postcard: Native American Symbols postcard.
Mathematics is one subject that can best explain harmonies of the micro and macro universe. To some people, it is surprising to discover that the very people who make us laugh and feel good are not constantly giggling their way through life.
I found this post is a major consciousness raiser, thank you and keep up the briliant work.
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Text on back: Native Americans left their mark all over the United States in petroglyphs, pottery, jewelry, and more. Magic numbers are a lot like mirrors that either reflect a universal rule of the nature or present before us a partly solved mystery. Gia Allemand, Lee Thompson Young, Cory Monteith (not technically a suicide, but he’d been killing himself slowly for years). I did use humor though in middle school and late elementary to take away from my serious nature.
Please enable JavaScript on your browser and refresh (press the F5 key) this page to view and use the site as it was intended. The symbols in their art often had particular meanings, to themselves, and those that might view it later.

Configuration of a unit as small as an atom a€“ invisible to our eyes a€“ is no less complex than the mind, which most of us fail to comprehend in our lifetime. Many scientistsA  have,A in the past, compared prime numbers in the number theory to hydrogen and helium in the periodic table.
Many symbols represent specific ideas or things, which are often related to their culture or religious beliefs. Through evolution and annihilation, some numbers indicate a natural order or, should we say, a higher being; a universal consciousness a€?in-chargea€™ of all activities. Survival of many species of the planet and even their life is in the order of prime numbers. I have heard from several introverts who say that their struggle with depression was likely caused by the overwhelming pressure to be more extroverted. After, that is when things actually went down for me, I didn’t know I was introvert back then just different and sometimes a contradiction.
So I felt I had to make a choice, I actually became quite depressed ended up being bullied, had my hair cut by some girl, went even deeper into the sadness because I tried to fit in with some wild extroverts, forgetting my need for time alone.
Fibonacci Numbers: Fibonacci is a series of numbers that reveals organic properties of a large number of species and their body organs. Of course, but I don’t know if that was me or just a face I used to cover up my sensitivity and serious nature?
Even if there are multiple layers of petals, theya€™re generally Fibonacci numbers, in a sequence that anyone can easily recognize.

The mystic 108: Besides being the oldest in the world, the Eastern religions are rich in philosophy and scientific texts other than routine mythical characters and stories. There are 108 feelings in Buddhism, 108 Gopis in Vrindavan and 108 names of various Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. According to many researchers, the number 108 represents the ratio between the Sun-Earth distance and Suna€™s diameter.
Five, Eight and Twenty Four: According to Baez, a scientist working on the famous String Theory, the combination of 5, 8 and 24 are the strangest numbers in the universe.
It has fascinated spiritualists, artists, scientists, mathematicians for hundreds of years.
Infinity is real: Contrary to what most people believe (including those whoa€™ve mathematics honors), Infinity is actually a number and not a symbol that students use in calculus or trigonometry to prove or disprove mathematical statements or theorems.
Veins in leaves, spirals in living things, stems in plants, human genome DNA, the divine ratio is found everywhere. Back in the 20th century, a large number of creative architects and artists used the proportion in their creations. While it helps mathematicians and researchers to solve problems with great ease, it also indicates the sublime reality that the universe indeed is infinite, at least because there is no way we can ever explore all of it in a single lifetime.

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