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I ran across this on Entertainment Weekly of actress Danai Gurira a the much anticipated Michonne who showed up in the final moments of the season 2 finale.
The question of  "Where can I sell my comic books," should have been determined with what you have in Part One. Comic Link - This shop has a consignment program as well if you have some great comics from the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and even some Modern. You can also sell to them direct, but like I said in Part One, selling directly to any dealer will give you less money for your comics. Okay, well you do have to ship the comics to the place for them to consign it, but you don't have to worry about shipping it to the customer who buys it. I would still be very wary, and have a detailed list of every comic issue and grade in my collection. Once again, selling your collection directly to a dealer should only be done if you need cash fast and do not have the time to sell your comics for the best value of what your comics are really worth. This is not a good deal, considering you'll get about the same amount for your comics as selling quickly to a comic dealer.
If you really don't care about maximizing the return on the comics in your collection, go sell on ebay.
Craigslist - You can try selling your comics on craigslist, but if you want just quick cash then make sure you sell your comics at reasonable prices. Know the market and what comics are in demand and selling if you want to get the best value for them. Your Local Comic Shop - I do not like selling directly to my local comic dealer or any dealer, as you already know. However, if you don't care about getting the most cash out of your collection and need quick cash right away, your local comic dealer is the quickest way to get fast needed money for your books. The first thing I can credit Game of Thrones for is inspiring me to read the monumental A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Like many notable adaptations, Game of Thrones works best when its source material is strongest, unpredictable and funny and complex.
With some of the unusual choices in the books — a filtered perspective of kings, very little Dany story in Book 2, sexuality of minors, etc. The depiction of iconic locales like The Wall and the Iron Throne and The Dothraki Sea has almost always lived up to the book. It would have been infeasible for the show to portray all of the epic battles described by the book, but the workarounds have generally been satisfying.
The show’s depiction of magic has been compelling, generally matching the eerie, impenetrable feeling of the magic in the book. Arya is, at first, an exceedingly fun character, a rebellious little girl who wants to play with her direwolf and learn to swordfight.
The character of Ned Stark is sometimes ridiculed, but he’s a favorite of mine and one of the most important characters in the series.
Emilia Clarke (shown at the top of the post) is absolutely riveting as Daenerys Targaryen, displaying both the “inner dragon” and the tenderness of the banished queen.

You’d have trouble coming up with any person more perfectly suited for any role than Peter Dinklage is for Tyrion Lannister, aka The Imp, aka The Pimp. The fifth thing I can say about the show is that it takes the time to craft compelling, tight episodes most of the time.
Instead, we’ve received brilliant individual episodes that tell great little and big stories. The second season is the show’s weakest of the three so far (and, not surprisingly, Clash of Kings is the weakest book of the first three), but the season’s penultimate hour serves as a high point by focusing in on the bloody, fiery battle at the gates of Kings Landing. This is my gut reaction pick for the best episode of the series so far — thanks in part to the epic, climactic, explosive final minutes where Daenerys pulls off her long con. The sixth thing I can say about the show is that it has my third favorite TV theme song ever behind Cheers and The OC. Don’t worry… I served more than fruit but I wanted to spare you the pictures of chips, salad, pizza boxes and bread sticks! I love the expression on the one Walker’s face at the moment his melon is sliced open lol.
Because selling comic books for cash directly to a dealer or collector or investor is very different from actually how to sell comic books for cash in a business venture, this will need it's own post.
If you haven't read the first post, you will need to so click the link to learn more about what you need to determine before you sell comic books for cash. What's great about consigning is that if you don't know how to grade, they'll do it for you once you send your comics in. However, they do have limits to what they'll accept as consignments, but if you have valuable key issues, this should be no problem. They are very selective about what they'll allow you to consign, so don't try to sell junk comics on their site.
They also have an auction system, but you must register with them and provide a detailed list of what you have that's worth selling on there.
Once a comic or comics sell, a consignment fee will be taken out of the final buying price, and they will send you a check each pay period.
You'll have better luck selling a collection with a lot of Silver Age, Bronze Age or Golden Age comics than Copper or Modern Age books directly, but if you have valuable comics like that, why sell it directly to people like this. Try to sell your entire collection, and showcase your best comics in the title and the auction. Most listings on there are ridiculous, and a lot of sellers on there are trying to sell unwanted 90s comics for way too much.
However, also know that many comics aren't in demand and don't waste your time trying to sell them at a price NOBODY is gonna pay for them. Sure they take out a 30% consignment fee, but it's a lot better than only getting 30% of what your comics are valued. The show has invented a few winners, though: Arya’s relationship with Tywin was a highlight of the second season, and Osha has become a much more engaging character on screen than she was in print.
From the heart-pounding intro of the first episode onwards, this show has absolutely nailed the look and cinematic feel required to match the story.

In a funny note in the first season, Tyrion is knocked unconscious by friendly fire and wakes up with the battle complete.
I actually felt like I was watching a fiery siege of Kings Landing as I watched the episode.
In a now-legendary article, the great Myles McNutt coined the term “sexposition” for the show’s use of nudity while revealing important plot or character points.
Then, she’s an exceedingly tragic character as the ones she loves are taken from her one at a time, until it’s just her and Needle.
It’s the kind of role that would be Oscar-nominated and described as “fearless” if it was in a movie — but to sustain that over years and hours of TV is astonishing.
As an adaptation of a sprawling series of novels, it would have been easy (and somewhat understandable) for each episode to represent a chunk of pages from the book. Nearly as important is a bloody fight at Craster’s Keep, as some worn out members of the Black decide they’ve had enough. Thankfully, the episode lives up to the dread of its title song and the great, bloody twist of the book. The signs I made said, “Let’s go swimming”, “I’m hungry let’s eat, “I’m thirsty, let’s get a drink.” I made them look like the speech bubbles in a text message complete with emojis and all.
For drinks I made blue raspberry lemonade, pink lemonade, and water with watermelon and mint. I hired my friend from Sweet Tooth Cravings and More to make the poop cupcakes, emoji cake pops, and my daughter’s emoji birthday cake. Depending on what you have, I think these guys who advertise all over the place about buying comic collections probably pay lower than 50% of guide value. However, the worst part is that you have to spend a lot of time taking pictures, listing auctions, and shipping out the comics.
I put a lot of time and money to track down certain comic issues and research which comics would be most profitable. You 75% hate him, but 25% sympathize with him, and the fact that Allen can so perfectly depict that (and look exactly how you imagine him when you read the book) is a marvel. In the ensuing fallout, Ned tries to out Joffrey’s true paternity but is one (or ten) steps behind the Kings Landing game of thrones.
Few scenes have been more painful to watch than the wedding reception of Roslin and Edmure. I had the intention of “going big” this year with decorations, but it snuck up on me so fast with summer being quite busy. All you do is pay a consignment fee (usually around 10% or 13%) for each book sold and wait for your check. The central betrayal may have been heavily forecast, but its fallout is nothing short of traumatizing.

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