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08.01.2015 admin
In keeping with the recent posts of 10 things that make me happy (you can read mine HERE), I thought I would do a different kind of 10 things! This is actually one that I WOULD like to do, I just really don’t know if I could actually go through with it! Yes this one might seem strange, but I was walking down the street the other day and there was this dude just sitting on the footpath strumming his guitar and singing away, and the first thing I thought was, god that would take some guts!
I know that probably sounds, well, weird, but as much as I love food I’m pretty well stuck in my comfort zone and tend not to try a lot of new things. Not long before I started going out with Hubby I joined a job agency in Dubai and was seriously contemplating moving there. It doesn’t matter how many times your staffing agency has been recognized as a great place to work, there are still going to be those who have issues with how you run the business.
Here are 10 things your temp workers may not be comfortable sharing with you about the way you run your business that you may need to address.
Yes I would like to do it, but once again not sure if it came to do it I would have the guts to do it!
Thankfully I usually only have to drive it home from dinner, or friends places when Hubby has had a little too much lolly water. I will get thinking and am sure to come up with 10 things… actually, it will probably be hard to narrow it down!
On the contrary, it could simply be something that falls out of your line of sight that, if addressed, could really make your business better.

They provide great fodder for gossip at happy hour, but they don’t do much for team morale.
The last thing employees want to do when working hard for you is to sit through a meeting about temporary agency finance that has nothing to do with them and wastes their time. If an employee is struggling with a recent assignment but doesn’t know it because either you or your supervisor hasn’t told them, you’re just asking for trouble. If your employees do charity work or regularly get together outside of work, and you’ve expressed an interest in what they’re doing, follow through by taking part.
If you have a recurring problem in your office such as a troublesome server or a printer that belongs in a museum, don’t just laugh along with your employees when it breaks down. Don’t assume that someone will show new hires where the bathroom is and how to use the phone.
Get as much information as you can about an assignment and make sure your employees have it before they go to work. If you often find yourself scrambling to fill the needs of a client, you may need to assess the skills of your staffing agency team.
On the odd chance I have had to drive it somewhere by myself I have driven around looking for ‘easy’ parks because hell would freeze over before I would even think about trying to reverse park the sucker! Anyway, when, or more like if we ever go to the beach you won’t get me in there past my knees.
I honestly and seriously would never have the guts to do it, even though I know it’s for a wonderful cause.

It’s even worse if you start talking about how much new staffing agency business is coming in. If you’re falling short, figure out what areas you’re most often missing on and fill in the gaps.
After doing that a couple of times, I refuse to go back… I’m sure you can understand why!
Just stay away from activities that feel too much like work, as it makes you look out of touch. There was a possibility that we could have ended up moving there for 2 or so years, but it never came off. I’ve had a pathology referral since October to go get a blood test to check my rubella immunity is up to date. Oooh that could be a number 11, I don’t have the guts to stop caring about that other people think. Well I guess that’s something we’ll never know, and if it had have came down it could I have gone myself?

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