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Using your Matter Manipulator or a building block will default to a 2 x 2 square in the world. Your choice of race determines what you can eat, the appearance of your starting ship, your starting crafting recipes, and a bit of lore.
A and D on your keyboard are used for moving left and right, Space is your Jump key, and S makes your character kneel. C is your crafting menu, which can be used anywhere to craft basic goods like Torches or Bandages . To use an item you can either drag it up to your hotbar or grab it in your inventory with Mouse Button 1 (left-click), move it out of your inventory and click mouse button 1 again.
Using the teleport pad on your ship or clicking the Teleport Button (the halo with a down or up arrow) on the right side menu will teleport you to the planet. The Matter Manipulator, which you'll find on your ship, is your basic method of interacting with the world. You can also place building blocks in the foreground or background by using left-click or right-click respectively. The Matter Manipulator might be your starting pickaxe or axe, but you don't want to use it for very long.
You'll start with a two-handed weapon, which you will want to put in your hotbar quickslot. The Hunting Bow is crafted using the Wooden Crafting Table with 1 Plant Fibre and 10 Unrefined Wood. Worry about the Stone Pickaxe and Stone Axe first, because you'll need to build shelter before night comes. As you play Starbound, a bar on the bottom middle of your screen will deal with your hunger.
To cook raw meat and make it edible, you just need to interact with your camp fire, drag the meat into the lefthand slot and click 'Cook'. In the farming section it'd be helpful to add the most important tip of all: Mouse over the crop and press E to harvest. A nice guide, I think it would be good to mention the fuel situation somewhere in here and how one 'fuels' the ship. Independent security researcher Evan Booth wondered if it was possible for terrorists to craft deadly weapons using only items for sale at the duty free shops and newsstands beyond the TSA checkpoints.
No special tools are required—all of these implements were crafted with an innocuous, TSA approved multi-tool. After enduring a particularly invasive trip through airport security, white-hat hacker Evan Booth wondered if it was possible for terrorists to craft deadly weapons using only items for sale at the duty free shops and newsstands beyond the TSA checkpoints. This quirky quartermaster has cracked coconuts using nunchucks made from dental floss, copies of US Weekly, and souvenir magnets purchased at Hudson News. Booth’s creations have a Mujahideen meets MacGyver vibe, but the design choices are carefully considered. Magazines, Scotch tape, and batteries make up the bulk of Booth’s materials, but he believes the most interesting elements come from regional gift shops.
Terminal Cornucopia is especially impressive, or alarming, considering Booth limited himself to items that could be purchased at stores. Over the last nine months, he has shared four reports detailing his destructive designs with the TSA prior to posting the videos online. There’s simply no way other way to begin this story: The future for Africa’s forest elephant (Loxodonata cyclotis) is exceedingly dire. The battle to protect this “hidden elephant” from unremitting slaughter is being lost to a more aggressive and merciless demand for the animals’ ivory. Still, despite the data and the carnage, Ruggiero—and some other conservationists—believes that there is a way for the trajectory to be slowly reversed.
If you compare the landmasses of Gabon and DRC, the latter should be the forest elephants’ stronghold by a wide margin. Lee White, as the Executive Secretary of the Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN), oversees Gabon’s thirteen national parks and two other protected areas. According to White, the battle for the survival of the forest elephant will be won or lost in Gabon.
Their study, recently updated, shows that 65 percent of Africa’s forest elephants have been killed. One of the most significant long-term massacres of forest elephants has taken place in Minkebe National Park in northeast Gabon. He emphasized that the problem was that there wasn’t a coordinated, active engagement between the NGOs and the Gabon government—there was money, but no effective presence. Exacerbating the problem, between 2002 and 2011 a gold mining camp grew rapidly inside the 2,920-square-park, bringing in 6,000 people.
The mining population was trafficking in ivory, as well as “illegally panning for gold…[trafficking in] bush meat, drugs, arms, prostitutes, and, although the evidence is sketchy, children who were forced to work in the mines,” White says.
In 2011 Richard Ruggiero and WCS scientist and then National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence J.
The information galvanized ANPN—in conjunction with the army—to close the gold mining camps, and later that year all 6,000 people were summarily moved out of the park and buffer zone. In June 2012 Gabon burned its ivory stockpile to signal its zero-tolerance policy for wildlife crime.
Furthermore, Wasser says, the majority of the tusks were “very small, which suggests they were poached from young elephants. More than half the poachers, he says, are Cameroonians illegally crossing into the country, often armed with .458s. Fiona Maisels explains that part of the challenge of protecting forest elephants is that “you can’t see what is going on. Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba spoke at the conference, vowing that upon his return home he would “sign a new law making elephant poaching and trafficking a crime, raising the minimum sentence for convicted poachers to three years, and requiring a life sentence in cases involving organized crime.” (As of now, the new law has not been signed). In a speech at the accompanying International Wildlife Trafficking Symposium at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), White detailed ANPN’s progress. White works hard to foster what he calls an “esprit de corps” for the wardens (“If your staff aren’t motivated, you’re not going to win”) by increasing salaries, offering retirement policies, and providing medical insurance for families.
Perhaps most important, White continues to work closely with Gabon’s president Ali Bongo Ondimba, whom he calls his greatest ally. Gabon has worked so proactively in the past few years, White said in his ZLS speech, that the country is now considered a model for wildlife conservation in Africa. But there’s more to be done: “We’re far from getting to the level of performance that we need to be at to deal with the problem. Writing from the frontlines in Gabon, Richard Ruggiero made an impassioned plea: “I have had the good fortune to have lived with elephants for many years, and I think I have a fairly good grip on what they are, and maybe even how they think and feel. They will take everything we stood back when ghex invaded Tibet time for the West to show its teeth.To protect these species. I do like the idea of relocation, just not tampering with another ecosystem in the process. Please please tell me that there will be a full program or video on the elephants of Samburu – this video was such a tease, I would really like to see more, more, more!!!
The US should get tough with China and at the very least threaten to stop importing their junk until they stop marketing products in not just elephants, but all the species that are endangered because of China — tigers, sun bears, turtles, snow leopards, the list is endless.
A Voice for ElephantsElephants may be large, heavy and thick-skinned, but they are being threatened with extinction in the wild by poaching for their ivory, and by human impact on their habitats. Mushara Elephant ProjectCaitlin O'Connell and her husband, Tim Rodwell, started the Mushara Elephant Project in Namibia 24 years ago to better understand elephant social structure, communication and health in order to apply this knowledge to improved care in captivity and ultimately to elephant conservation in the wild. Related Posts DIY Aquaponics Projects For Beginners Anthony • Len Wenzlick Could ya elaborate on long term Egg Preservation? The main task of fashion houses is to find that fine line, when created by them things still do not get overly extravagant, but already beyond the scope of commonness.
Fashion clothes for teen girls 2016 brings unusual images, but all or most of them, nevertheless fit into worldviews of new generation.

Cuts, scrapes and even real holes are mandatory for collections of recent years will not disappear. Teen girls clothing trends 2016 will bring unusual dresses, which must be captured in others memory. Designers widely use jacquard fabrics and imitation of it in prints and collections for teenagers. Monotonous clothes that designers are paying more and more attention is becoming as new trend. This entry was posted in GIRLS CLOTHING, HOME, KID DRESSES, TRENDS and tagged BEST DRESS TRENDS 2015-16, Dress trends 2016, Kids clothing by admin. Left-click on the corresponding ore and then right-click on the pickaxe add one bar of durability to it! Your character will always face towards the direction of your mouse cursor, which is important to remember when you get into combat.
If you want to craft better items, you'll need to build crafting stations like a Stone Furnace, Iron Anvil, or Spinning Wheel. If you have a stack of items in your inventory, right-clicking on the stack will pick up half of that stack. Your number keys choose items on the hotbar directly or you can use the mousewheel to scroll between them. Pressing X will equip the item in the first of these two slots and pressing Z swaps what items are in the L and R slots. When you first start, it will be your pickaxe and your axe, helping you break down the world into usable materials. Not everything in Starbound wants to kill you, but you'll be able to tell what does rather quickly.
You'll swing in the direction of your mouse cursor, so you can use this fact to attack and run at the same time.
Torches and camp fires are starting heat sources and can be built in your basic crafting menu.
I kept clicking on the crops, which simply destroys them and returns the seed you started with. Photo: Evan Booth"It feels a bit like the net effect of my work thus far has been a violent, fiery step backwards," says Booth. After fashioning a fully functional shotgun with Axe body spray, Red Bull cans, and nine volt batteries, the answer turns out to be a decisive, anus-clenching, yes. The large, lithium-ion batteries in laptops are basically useless for destructive purposes, but tiny amounts of elemental lithium scraped from the inside coin cells can create huge fires and toxic gases when mixed with water. Geodes for sale in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport are both heavy and sharp while Statue of Liberty tchotchkes from LaGuardia make excellent spikes and shrapnel. He ignored the readily available, and wildly dangerous, high-voltage cardiac defibrillators hanging on walls and toxic cleaning chemicals left unattended on janitor’s carts, figuring removing them might draw attention.
According to Booth, family restrooms at the airport are even better workshops for terrorists to tinker in since they offer a private space equipped with a full size sink, power supply, and a handy workbench in the form of an infant changing table. A device called Airplane Mode turns the rotors of an RC car and a Bic lighter into a remote detonation device. Booth says his prototype took one and a half extinguishers to put out and wonders if three or four rolled onboard, would there be enough extinguishers on board to put the fires out? They were happy to accept his info and sent a couple FBI agents to his home for a short discussion, but haven’t yet provided any feedback addressing the vulnerabilities that his research has identified. This might come as a surprise, since Gabon is a relatively small country, about the size of the United Kingdom.
The most comprehensive report on their current numbers was a paper coauthored by Fiona Maisels, of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), and biostatistician Samantha Strindberg, also with WCS; the study was published last year in PLOS ONE (“Devastating Decline of Forest Elephants in Central Africa”). Minkebe is considered one of, if not the most, important forest park for elephants in Africa.
Michael Fay assessed the situation in Minkebe, estimating that 50 to 100 elephants were being killed daily inside the park and the buffer zone.
A rotating detachment of 120 soldiers is now based, semi-permanently, in the park to protect the remaining elephants. According to Samuel Wasser—head of the Center for Conservation Biology, University of Washington, whose goal is to identify poaching hot spots in Africa by conducting DNA tests on officially seized ivory—some of those tusks originated in the Minkebe park region in northeast Gabon. The poachers go into the forest, kill the elephants, hide the ivory until nighttime, and sneakily go down the river and pay off authority figures as they go. Ruggiero says he “sensed a significant increase in the state of awareness and will to address the poaching and trafficking crises.
If we’re cited as a model, that’s because the other agencies around central Africa are so weak—and that’s why we have 58 percent of the [forest] elephants where we should have only 10 percent.
Regional agreements throughout Central Africa to adopt and to enforce similar wildlife policies adopted and enforced throughout Southern Africa where elephants are, in fact, largely thriving. We have seen throughout history how tampering with nature in such a way upsets the natural balance.
I too, think like Doug Williams that to put them into other parks around the world is a great idea. Tagging all the elephants is not an impossible task and when this is done it will greatly reduce poaching. Talking about anything else other than pointing the finger directly at China’s carving factories accomplishes nothing to help these hapless animals.
Bloggers and commenters are required to observe National Geographic's community rules and other terms of service.
August 4, 2016 Guest BloggerSupport National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work. O’Connell is on the faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine and CEO of the elephant-focused nonprofit, Utopia Scientific.
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E or the Middle Mouse button allows you to interact with stationary objects or pick up items around the world. J brings up your Quest Journal, so you can see your current quests, and L is the Starbound Codex, which includes all documents in the game. You can use these quickslots to equip your weapons or flashlight while you're out exploring the world.
Move your cursor over an item and left-click to break down objects in the foreground like trees, the ground, equipment, and walls. It'll take a long while, but you'll know it's working when you hear a chopping sound and the tree shakes. Using the Wooden Crafting Table you can then make a Stone Pickaxe (10 Cobblestone, 20 Wood Planks), a Stone Axe (10 Cobblestone, 15 Wood Planks), a Stone Hoe (10 Cobblestone, 25 Wood Planks), and a Stone Furnace (25 Cobblestone, 1 Camp Fire). Your swing timing is important, because you'll knock monsters back a bit when you attack and you want to be able to have enough time to swing again before they get to you. If you die, you'll return to your ship and teleporting down to the planet returns you here.
You can flatten land with a pickaxe or your Matter Manipulator, so all you need to build is the Stone Hoe. Photo: Evan BoothThis spike was made by melting a souvenir spoon with an ignited can or aerosols into a mold made from a Red Bull can.
And while he has yet to figure out how to weaponize a Cinnabon, his arsenal of deadly weapons and step-by-step building instructions, collectively titled Terminal Cornucopia, should strike fear in the hearts of frequent flyers.

Whiskey is theoretically flammable; however, travel-sized cans of Barbasol pack more punch.
Paired with a suitcase filled with travel-size aerosol cans, wooden stirring sticks from Starbucks, and toilet paper snatched from the men’s room, and you have a surprisingly effective improvised explosive device. Nearly 90 percent of the nation consists of rain forest, and though Gabon’s rain forests constitute only a fraction of the continent’s, they shelter close to a remarkable 60 percent of Africa’s remaining forest elephants. Today—almost unimaginably—the number has fallen to roughly 12,000, and it’s still dropping. To save them from ourselves is not only biologically essential, it should be one of humankind’s greatest endeavors—an effort that would require a heroic and selfless mission. Interesting that in the Chobe area of Botswana, the issue is too many elephants within the fragile environment.
A grantee of the National Geographic Society, she is also an award-winning author of six books about elephants. Read Caitlin's dispatches from Mushara. Backyard chickens are becoming more popular, even in the suburbs, as people discover just how easy and convenient it is to raise chickens. In this sense, there is no equal to jeans transformers, ready to turn into anything you want.
Jeans, as well as tops, will be actively decorated with letters, numbers, inscriptions and lace.
Surviving will take some courage and cunning, but more importantly, surviving will take this guide. By default, your character will try to interact with the closest useful object, but you can use the mouse cursor to chose a different object.
Hitting Q throws the currently equipped item, which will be indicated by a colored outline and one or two gloved hands below the item. The Matter Manipulator or a building block will default to a 2 x 2 square when you use them. You'll need these for mining, collecting wood and plant fibre, farming, and refining ore respectively.
You are not safe from the monsters in a tent, so take some dirt and build a small structure to protect yourself from the night. You can kill monsters and hope they drop meat, you can find fruit randomly in the world, or you can farm. Photo: Evan BoothHe designed a fully functional, breech loading shotgun with Axe body spray, Red Bull cans, and nine volt batteries.
Photo: Evan BoothTaken separately, none of the components are that dangerous, but when laid in series trained eyes can spot the beginnings of a bomb.
His devices are refined in a terrifying process of trial and error to maximize their ability to injure passengers, breach the cockpit, or destroy the plane.
Being able to collect eggs everyday without worrying about how the chickens are being treated is really quite nice.You also know you are getting fresh eggs. In the case of the first two actions, the pickaxe and axe will be considerably faster than your Matter Manipulator. Killing them with the second weapon you'll get, the Hunting Bow, will drop meat and leather. Second, the strength of your bow shot is determined by how long you hold down the the mouse button before releasing. You'll need the camp fire for the heat and for cooking, which is the last aspect of surviving your first night in Starbound. Photo: Evan BoothOver the past nine months, Booth has shared four reports detailing his destructive designs with the TSA prior to posting the videos online, but has received little feedback from the agency regarding fixes to the gaping holes in security.
Photo: Evan BoothA suitcase filled with travel-size aerosol cans, wooden stirring sticks from Starbucks, and toilet paper snatched from the men's room becomes a surprisingly effective improvised explosive device.
Significantly, the government of Gabon has increased ANPN’s budget from one million dollars to 18 million annually. China changed its culture and demand when it made foot binding and poaching pandas illegal. Eggs that are purchased in the stores are several weeks old by the time you get them in your refrigerator.
It takes longer to dismantle than dirt, but you need it to build a Stone Pickaxe, Stone Axe, and Stone Hoe (in that order).
It's harder to kill monsters with the bow at times, but it's necessary for getting meat and leather for cooking and crafting.
Tip: Don't go with wheat, it grows quick, but you can't eat the resulting wheat without recipes. Photo: Evan Booth"Maybe my expectations are too high, but I don't think it should be that easy to build an explosive device out of items purchased in an airport," says Booth.
Photo: Evan BoothAmazingly, Booth has suffered almost no injuries as a result of his experimention, aside from the occasionally cutting his fingers opening RedBull cans. Plus, you have to worry about what the chicken was fed and whether or not the chicken was healthy.
Try corn or the other seeds you received in the beginning: these will result in something you cat eat. Photo: Evan BoothThis quirky quartermaster has cracked coconuts using nunchucks made from dental floss, copies of US Weekly, and souvenir magnets purchased at Hudson News. If you have never had a farm-fresh egg, you don’t know what you are missing!Eggs you collect from your own chickens do not look the same inside or outside as the eggs you buy in the store. To collect your harvest once it's ready, interact with the crops using the E key or Middle Mouse button. Photo: Evan BoothBooth believes the most interesting elements come from regional gift shops, like this Statue of Liberty tchotchke from LaGuardia, which makes excellent spikes and shrapnel.
Photo: Evan BoothIn less than eight minutes, Booth was able to turn this coffee tumbler into a fragmentary grenade.
You will discover your eggs will have a rich, deep yellow and even orange yolks if you allow the chickens to roam outside.
Photo: Evan BoothThe Constitutionally-themed club called 'Murica looks as much like an editorial cartoon as an implement of destruction. Photo: Evan BoothBooth's devices are refined in a terrifying process of trial and error to maximize their ability to injure passengers, breach the cockpit, or destroy the plane.
Photo: Evan BoothAfter watching the videos, it's all too easy to imagine a ne'er-do-well assembling these weapons in the loo at 30,000 feet. The eggs you collect from your backyard chicken flock will also be bigger and depending on what chicken breed you have, could be brown.
Photo: Evan BoothA hair dryer, umbrella, and braided rope made from condoms became a makeshift dart gun. Brown eggs are technically no different than white eggs, but many people have this idea that brown eggs are better. Photo: Evan BoothFamily restrooms at the airport are ideal workshops for terrorists to tinker in since they offer a private space equipped with a full size sink, power supply, and a handy workbench in the form of an infant changing table.
Maybe that is because brown eggs are typically associated with farm-fresh or backyard eggs, which are better.Now that you know why you need your own backyard flock, what kind of chickens should you get?The following are the top five best chicken breeds for raising on your farm or in your own backyard.
If you are looking to raise chickens with the intent of butchering them for meat, you will want to choose different breeds.
The hens on this list are less likely to become broody, which means the hens want to sit on a clutch of eggs to hatch them.

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