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It’s really entertaining to see people’s reactions to their “big win.” Especially, if you give them a fake winning ticket! Well, being the kind of person I am, I probably wouldn't buy a lottery ticket in the first place. At that point I could buy whatever I want so I would get a really fast car and buy a couple mansions in some Caribbean places and do what I want when I want for the rest of my life. However, after watching the shows on TLC explaining the negatives and the consequences of hitting it big in the lottery, I'm sure sure if I would risk everything that I have now to win. It definitely would be amazing to win however, everyone will start coming after you saying you owe them money and next thing you know, all your winnings are gone. I think I would be much happier knowing that the money was helping save lives, then I would be spending it. I would definitely give some away to show I'm not that heartless of a person but I still need to save some for myself since it won't last forever. A customer holds a stack of Mega Millions lottery tickets which he purchased for his office pool at a convenience store on December 17, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

I would start a Utopian apartment complex chain with more beautiful architecture than normal made from natural sustainable materials 100Xcheaper and 500X stronger than normal construction. If I won then lottery the first thing I would do was drop out of school and then go buy a house in Florida and then retire.
If I won the lottery I think I would keep enough to pay for college and then donate the rest to charity. I have seen plenty of TLC's "The Lottery Changed My Life" and I guess I would be pretty skeptical as well. The way you use the money tells a lot about who you are as a person and what you value.I would probably finish high school and college and then travel the world.
You could (1) dramatically faint, (2) scream and start celebrating, (3) become speechless, or (4) refuse to believe that you’ve won. I would definitely start off with going to college, then I think I would take a nice trip around the world. Of that money I would only donate about 50 million dollars of that to charity and then keep the rest for myself.

However, if I actually did win, I would just end up hoarding all that money somewhere until me or somebody else really needed it. I'd probably donate to several charities, because there are a lot of great causes out there, but I would probably give the most to a Children's hospital. I would hope to believe that I would donate a large amount of my lottery winnings if I won. After that I would just live a very expensive lifestyle without blowing all my money of course.

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