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The SkillPath Corporate Strategies’ Time and Task Management training course will equip your employees with the tools, knowledge, insights and skills to make them more effective and productive.
We find that people really benefit from this course.In this course you receive 1 time management lesson each week.
Moreover, this course will enable you to adopt a legally defensible performance management system through proper documentation and fair people management practices. These may seem like simple tasks but combined they add up to a great improvement in efficiency and time management in the workplace.
Marley is truly an inspirational woman, and I’m excited for her to share some tips that really anyone can use to maximize their time and efficiency every day.

Take control of your time: The first step is to really look at how you are spending your time each day. It’s not always the best use of your time for you to tackle a to-do right when it comes in. Commit a chunk of time on a specific day to each item on your list and you will be amazed at how quickly you get it all done.
Some people have a hard time staying focused because the piles and stacks distract them from the task at hand. Loaded with gorgeous tips and takes on invitations, fashion, parties, weddings, decor, gifts and more, CeciStyle is free and full of trusted, time-saving advice.

By having a regularly scheduled time and system, you eliminate the constant checking of email, which hurts focus and the ability to get important tasks completed.
Set aside specific times for employee issues and empower them to resolve issues on their own. You may think that you’re being efficient by responding the second a new communication comes in but many times, the reverse is true.

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