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By clicking on the icons below, learn how to use the Records Disposal Certification to understand how the Records Retention Schedule impacts your school or department's records.
The Division of Archives and Records has three locations open to the public: the State Archives of North Carolina in Raleigh, the Outer Banks History Center in Manteo, and the Western Regional Archives in Asheville. Simple and easy to use professional employee tour and training management utility that is capable to generate tour training passes during employee visits.
Provide data connectivity option to fetch records from different machine within LAN network. Generate various reports including Company Reports, Employee Reports, Tour and Training Reports. 21 CFR Part 211 Current Good Manufacturing Practice for Finished Pharmaceuticals states that training in standard operations for each employee must be provided to ensure all employees are properly qualified to complete their assigned work tasks. PharmaReady TRMS is designed specifically for management of training related to SOPs, Work Instructions, and other Specifications documents within business areas regulated by the FDA.
Email notifications to both Employees and Supervisors about any upcoming training that may be required. Customizable, on-line assessments with results automatically reported to the Supervisor and stored in the Employee's training record.
Employee tour and training management software creates tour and training records for HR representative and business leaders at one place. Proficient Employee tour and training management tool maintains employee’s tour and training records with Tour Type, Training Course and Training Provider information. Tour and training management software automatically maintains Company Tour and Training records in simplified way. Employee tour management utility easily creates computerized report of Tour, Training Course and Training Provider information etc.
Vivaldi Training Manager enables you to list and control all data on training and skills, fully conform to the regulations of the ISO, FDA & other standard.
After completing a training course, participants can evaluate the quality of the training they followed using the Windows client or the Web interface.
The person internally responsible for the training can assess and award scores to the different trainees after they have completed the training course. Our online training record management software not only tracks and manages training records and certificates for courses completed through our LMS but it can also store, track, and report on training completed in the classroom, in the field, or on another system!
Using a convenient Excel upload feature, within minutes you can create hundreds of user accounts and upload thousands of training records. Customize RequirementsOur system has the flexibility to assign required or recommended training to individuals, roles, or locations.
Search FeatureTo enable you to quickly navigate through all of your company’s training records, our system has a robust, built-in search engine. The new training management system built into BIStrainer is breaking-edge technology for managing training records.
What Paradigm 3 can do is … record staff training against procedures, SOPs or work instructions. The training records are organized in an easily viewable tree structure, while the competences are stored in a skill matrix that gives you full insight into the competences and competence gaps of your staff. With the optional Vivaldi Exams module, you can even design an exam with rotating questions to test the knowledge of the trainees after a training session.

With just one quick click of a button, you can run a training gap analysis report to determine which individuals are behind in their training. This Microsoft Excel formatted report provides details of the individuals’ first and last name, their company location, and the training topic(s) that needs to be completed. Lived the excellent life face of it, quite training how to records manage compelling: just as the probability of you winning especially created.
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To learn how to prepare student records for permanent retention please email Nadeen Duhaney or dial PX 47373 to set up training. One of the Division’s primary roles is to provide and administer records management services to state agencies, local governments, and state-supported institutions of higher education. Facilitate print setting option to print generated reports of employees’ tour and training details. The volume, velocity, and variety of information is overwhelming traditional methods of identifying and creating electronic records.
The management of technical training and maintenance of a comprehensive and accurate training records file for each employee is a daunting task.
Employee training scheduling software offers password protection features which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the records. If you have both Vivaldi Document Control and Vivaldi Training Manager, you can register your training sessions of a document in Training Manager for all the members of the distribution list. Our advanced training matrix feature allows you to quickly and easily customize training for each role and location in your company. Centrally Manage and Maintain All Training RecordsStop wasting valuable time, money, and energy manually tracking employee training records in Excel.
BIS Training Solutions is a leading provider of learning management technology and coursedevelopment services with extensive experience working with companies in the safety industry. Once uploaded, you can sort the records by first name, last name, course title, training provider, completion date, or expiry date. Centrally manage and maintain all records using the advanced cloud-based Training Record Management System. Assign approved courses to each job description and location, then have the system automatically provide all employees with access to their own required training, if online, or contact details if the training is classroom based.
If you do not want your email addresses released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. The Division of Archives and Records has a vast collection of primary resource materials which can be used in education. Training Record Management System specifically designed for Life Science organizations where ease of installation, ease of use, regulatory compliance, and affordability are the primary business drivers.
The first role is handled primarily by the Government Records Section, while the second is the focus of several specialized sections, which are collectively called the “State Archives of North Carolina. Easy, simple and cost-effective software supports to manage company employee tour and training scheduling activities in simplified way all at one place. Vivaldi Software can help you with your software validation when you roll out Vivaldi Training Manager: we can offer standard templates for validation and even assist you with the validation process. Our cloud-based software will also automate notifications for expiring courses to workers, managers, and system administrators.

This way, everyone knows where each department, region, or location stands in terms of compliance for their training requirements. When major document rewrites occur, automated notifications are triggered and reopen linked records for re-training.
As Requirements are achieved, track their progress, and when all Requirements are completed, the record becomes complete. The Division of Archives and Records is part of the Office of Archives and History and the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Useful and simple to use program for mid to large business organization supervise complex tour and training activities in computerized format with easy data accessible facility.
Vivaldi Software has been developing Quality Management software and software for Regulatory compliance since 1995. Once you have assigned required training to all employees, it’s important to follow up to ensure that training is completed. Each training registration can be individually approved or rejected by the direct manager of the user or the training session owner. So even if, for instance, drivers in one location need long haul training but drivers in other locations don’t, our system can handle it.
Maintains training details of staff with Training Course and Training Provider information. More than 75,000 users in different industries spread across more than 20 countries use our Quality Management Software on a daily basis. Our system allows you to drill down into your company to customize training requirements by location in addition to role.
Our system will use this information to automatically generate a training matrix for your company. Maintains complete employee tour and training records with option to generate tour and training pass. To further increase ease and efficiency, use your mobile device to access records and receive email notifications when your employees’ training is about to expire so you don’t find out when they arrive on the job where delays can be costly.
Free trial available to evaluate tour and training management software features and working capabilities. Best featured software generates Company Reports, Employee Reports, Tour and Training Reports in best possible way. Highest standard program manage complete employee tour and training activities in less time and minimal efforts required. Travel planner program generates different types of reports including employee reports, trip report, training report and other types of company reports in simple way.
Tour and training management software is flexibly structured that is relied upon by all organizations worldwide to bring into practice the most convenient and time saving way to manage employee tour and training activities. Using tour-training scheduling tool you can easily view and print organization tour and training reports etc.

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