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Upon receiving your results, we will be in touch with you to discuss how you may proceed to take our coach training and become a successful coach.
The coaching profession is a multi-disciplinary field that bridges careers in many industries. Coaching skills are essential, whether you are looking for a promotion, to be more marketable or to own your own coaching business. I was so impressed after the introductory course that I enrolled in the life coaching program. Begin your coach training today!A Give them a call, you too can make your dreams come true. The Wellness Improvement SystemA® (WIS) works because it embraces all areas of a person’s life.
Basketball coach Ray Evans, the athletic director at Life Christian Academy in Ottawa, Canada, is pictured with the senior boys basketball squad at the school. Evans, who served as the basketball coach of the Teleos Christian Cherubims before jetting for Canada, is hoping to recruit another six or seven Bahamians this September. In the summer of 2010, he was trying to get some of his players at Teleos off to schools in the United States when a school called Life Christian Academy in North Carolina was brought to his attention. He searched for the institution online, and ended up calling Life Christian in Canada as opposed to Life Christian in North Carolina. Choosing to become an iPEC Certified Coach will change your perspective, alter your way of thinking, and shift how others see you. May 25th through June 1st for the NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnosis certification training.

Kevin Cole is an international recognized NLP, Life Coach, EFT & Hypnosis Trainer who is licensed by Dr. Mentioned Associate Dean of how to become a certified life coach in canada Students Greg Clement may possibly function together to advise spirituality-based theories, models and. Complete the coach training assessment above, learn how coaching can improve your skills and career options. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.A [The coach training program] has taught me the value of becoming an active listener, the incredible power of self-reflection, and has caused me to realign the way I communicate with myself and others. I’m having a blast in coach training, the classes are fun and Ia€™m learning so much. Coach Ray Evans, who accepted the Athletic Director’s job at Life Christian Academy in Ottawa, Canada last semester, currently has nine Bahamians under his wing – eight young men and one young lady.
Be that as it may, the principal of the Canadian private high school expressed interest; they developed a good rapport, and a few months later, Evans was offered the Athletic Director’s position.
Our trademarked Core Energy Coaching™ process is the most dynamic and transformational coaching process available anywhere for unlocking human potential.
May 24th will be a day off between the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner certification training. This coach training has been instrumental in building my confidence and transforming the way I think. Coach Evans said that the transition has been a difficult one, but they are all adjusting very well. Cole also shares that it is optional whether or not a student takes both NLP training programs together and that if someone simply cannot get that much time away, they will still gain a very powerful education and be ready to start working with clients immediately after their training (although additional after class practice time is required before Cole will approve certification).

Download our FREE guide, The 9 Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Coach Training School for You. In addition to the above certifications, after satisfactory completion of your NLP trainings, you will also qualify for Life Coach & Hypnosis certification with numerous certifying bodies. From my perspective, Joyce is one of the most talented Coaches in the coaching businesses today. Cole is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Trainer, along with being a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her immense knowledge and attention to detail combined with her contagious passion for people makes WIS the best coaching program in the province.
This course should be taken by all people as it does and will change your life if you stay open to the process.
Kevin Cole & Empowerment Quest International is coming to the world class city, Vancouver, BC, Canada!
May 17th through May 23rd for the life changing 7 day NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Training.

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