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In April 2012, Norton Middle School students joined Wheaton students on campus for a leadership summit that included team building activities. Collect personally identifiable info, such as your name, date of birth, postal leadership Academy will. Envision helps equip, empower and inspire students to discover their passion and make an impact in a changing world. Throughout autumn of 2015, we’ll present a series of ideas for leadership activities for all ages. In preparation for this exercise, write a variety of inspiring quotes by leaders or about leadership on large pieces of construction paper.
Ask your students to read the quotes and then go stand by the one that best fits their own personal views on what makes a good leader. As the students provide their explanations, capture some of their key ideas on the board, and use these points to launch further class discussion.
This activity starts with your students contributing a list of qualities or characteristics they think are important in leadership.

Each group must then devise a scenario in which their selected leadership quality is displayed, and act out that scenario (skit) before the whole class. The groups create their own scenarios, and determine which roles each group member will play. As the groups take turn acting out their leadership scenarios, the rest of the class will guess which characteristic they’re portraying.
Envision is a leading experiential education organization dedicated to enabling students of all ages to explore their interests and gain learning experiences beyond the classroom. My daughter got to taste all aspects of the law from crime scene to courtroom and she figured out which area she wants to pursue. I feel wonderful, and I really feel this program helped me learn to make a difference in the world. The opportunity to travel to Australia with Envision was one of the best experiences I've ever had. While working as interns, we were tasked with the project of collecting different leadership games to be used for a leadership camp of high school students.

Norton educators open their classrooms to Wheaton students, teach education courses at the college and model current best practices. I could go on about how much I learned about international business and culture because the speakers were great and the places we got to see were amazing. Afterward, the Wheaton students visited the classrooms to help the students write letters to students in Tanzania. Envision, Envision Experience, and the Envision E Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Envision EMI.

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